I heard thunder rumbling

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:02 On ntotoli-skuweyin ihtoloqsi, I was in my bedroom
00:05 on sesolahki-te ntolitahasin and suddenly I thought about
00:07 nuteptun npokhulakon. taking my drum out.
00:09 On nkisi-nuteptun npokhulakon, And I did take it out,
00:11 'sami nutuwak metiyakihtit petakiyik. because I heard thunder rumbling.
00:14 Eci, iyey, palitahasi, I was so happy,
00:17 on ehta nutahan yuta and I went outside here
00:20 on ntiyaponik, "A, and said to them, "Ah,
00:22 eqanu petakiyik. welcome, thunder beings.
00:24 Eci-palitahasi peciyawolotiyeq. I am so happy you are here.
00:27 Kpeci-naciphawa-al-ote Tili." You must be here to take Tillie home."
00:30 Nit ehta-te ntolintuwatomon Then I started singing
00:32 "Eqanu-te." the Welcome Song.
00:33 Aha. Yes.
00:34 Iya, naka eltaqahk npokhulakon, Yes, and my drum was so loud,
00:37 naka nteweponomon, and I lifted it up
00:39 on-oc eltaqsihtit petakiyik. and the thunder would rumble louder.
00:41 On nkisintuwatomon Then I sang
00:44 ehpituwey lintuwakon the woman's song
00:47 on naka tuhtuwas. and the Pine-Tip Song.
00:49 On yut oloqiw nuckuwyan. So I came over here.
00:51 Nponekuhsan nit latuwakonok, I went down the stairs,
00:52 naka tehpu ntotolihtehmon all the while beating
00:54 npokhulakon. my drum.
00:56 Psi-te yut I went
00:56 npossoni-wiwonihtehmon all around the house beating
00:58 npokhulakonum. my drum.
00:59 Cel ste ntolomols I felt as if
01:00 olotahkewakonok eyyan. I were doing a ceremony.
01:04 Wiciw, ihik, petakiyik. Together with the thunder beings.
01:05 Iya. Gee.
01:06 Aha, eltaqsihtit! Yes, and they were loud!
01:08 On yet oloqiw nsehkan naka, iyey, So I stood over there and
01:11 nkisintuwatomon, "Kcuwi-anelsultipon." sang the Humble Song
01:15 Iya, on mehcintuwatom nit, "Kcuwi-anelsultipon," Yes, and when I finished singing it,
01:18 nit-te ntoltehmon npokhulakon. I beat my drum.
01:22 Iya, on, iyey, Yes, and then
01:23 nit-te-na macelan, on nkossahan, it started raining, so I came inside
01:26 on ntahhin ihtoloqsi. and stayed in my bedroom.
01:28 On nmossis Lorraine Then my sister Lorraine
01:30 nsakhi-kinuwehtakun eli-mehcinehsit. called me to tell me that [Tillie] had just died.
01:33 On ntiyahpon... Itom, iyey, And I said... She said,
01:36 "'Tolomiphawal petakiyik." "The thunder beings came for her."
01:37 Ntiyahpon, "Kat-olu, nit-ona nil I said, "That's right, that's what I
01:39 yuhuk nahaht, Darrell naka Yo." just told Darrell and Yo."
01:41 'Peci-naciphawal petakiyik. The thunder beings came for her.
01:44 Ancestors. Ancestors.
01:45 Aha, ntiyahpon Lorraine -- Yes, I told Lorraine --
01:48 nikk tahk Yo naka Darrell -- I mean Yo and Darrell --
01:51 ntiyaponik, "Eci-wolinaqsit I said, "Tillie looked so
01:54 elomi-ewepiphut not Tili. beautiful as she was taken up!
01:58 Eci wolinaqsit, psi-te wapsewe." She looked so beautiful
02:05 Eci-te palitahasuwewuk, I was so happy for her,
02:08 ansa-te ntolomols wasis, iyey, I felt like a child who
02:10 keq milut piley layyektakon, has been given a new toy,
02:13 elomiyat Tili. when Tillie left.
02:15 Gee. Gee.
02:15 Iya, Yes,
02:16 eci-te palitahasuwewuk, I was so happy for her,
02:19 eci-wolelomoqet. she is so fortunate.
02:22 Ma-tehc apc nomihtuwon She will never again see
02:23 ksinuhkewakon. sickness.
02:25 Psi-te nit nokka-nokotomone. She has left it all behind.
02:29 Iya. Yes.
02:30 - Iya. - Yes.
02:32 Naka eci-wolinaqsit, And she looked so good,
02:33 cel ste ska kisi-sufferuwihq, she looked as if she hadn't suffered,
02:36 init? didn't she?
02:38 Iya. Yes.


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