I Really Try to Speak Passamaquoddy

Start Time Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English
00:01 Naka nil wasisok ntoqeci, iyey, And I try to speak Passamaquoddy
00:05 skicinuwatu, kenuk ma kahk tahaluhp nil nmamam. to my children, but not the way
00:10 Peciyay yut eltaqsi, my mother would. The way I've come
00:13 psi-te wen kotuwelomu. to sound, everyone wants to laugh.
00:15 Aha. Yes.
00:16 So... So...
00:18 kenuk mec-ote, iyey, but I still keep at it...
00:22 nmunsayusin... Nit wen keti-itok? Is that what I want to say?
00:25 Ntoqeci-te skicinuwatu. I really try to speak Passamaquoddy.
00:27 Aha. Yes.
00:28 Stiti-te, tan-ote eltaqsi. All the time, no matter what
00:31 Mam-ote nkisehtun. I sound like. Finally I can do it.
00:33 Wahka-te. Just barely.
00:34 Ma-te wen... No one...
00:37 Ma-te nokoloku you know wen memory. Your memory doesn't leave you.
00:43 Ktolitahsuwakon ma knokolokuwon. Your way of thinking doesn't leave you.
00:45 Nkisi-motehtihik nil? Can I knock?
00:46 Kwewitahatomon. You remember the language.
00:49 'Sami ntotolocokewest. Because I'm blathering.
00:51 Kusamcokewest! You blather too much!
00:55 Kenuk nit anyways, nit nit-te tokec nil wasisok, But anyways, my children,
00:58 iyey, nostomon, tahalu ntusis. they understand it, like my daughter.
01:02 Ma kahk skinuhsis, kenuk ntusis Not the boy, but my daughter
01:03 nostomon. Ma tahk... nokatomon... understands. But not... She's afraid to...
01:07 ... 'tolewestun. ... talk.
01:08 'Tolewestun, 'sami itom, iyey, Yes, talk, because she says,
01:10 "Eltaqsi nil." Ntiyahpon ' "I sound awful." But I told her
01:11 cuwi-qecehtun, tahalu-te nil. she has to try, the way I do.
01:15 Nisinsk cel kamahcin. Twenty-six.
01:17 Nisinsk. Twenty.
01:18 - Nisinsk. - Twenty.
01:20 Nananku. Fifteen.
01:21 Kolcoqessu wot aselis. The angel got stuck.
01:23 Cupel. Joe Bailey.
01:25 Mecimtehsin. It got stuck.
01:27 Anyway, wen, iyey, wen...You... Anqoc-ote wen etoli-tpostok Anyway, sometimes when you listen to...
01:34 wasisok, ma-te 'tuwehkawoniya tokkiw... children, they don't use it until they've...
01:38 ...kisikit. ...grown up.


Capture Date 2010-12-15
Video Length 01:40
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