I Remember How Religious Grampy Was

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00:01 Kenuk mecimi-te nwewitahatom But I always remember
00:03 eci-woli-papahtok, iya, Muhmum. how religious Grampy was.
00:05 U, every morning-ote olomuhse. Oh, every morning he's walking by.
00:07 Peciyat Easter morning, itom, On Easter morning he came over and said,
00:09 "Ma-te nil keqsey man "I don't have any money
00:10 ntihiwon weci-kisi-punom." for the collection."
00:13 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:14 Apc sakhiyat... weci-kisi-tepahket, When he came over again to get money for the collection,
00:17 sakhiyat itom, he said,
00:19 "I think nil wen nkisi-punomakun." "I think someone put money in for me."
00:20 Itom, "I think Keluwosit He said, "I think God
00:22 ntotoli-wicuhkemoq." is helping me."
00:22 Itom, "Yut eli, iyey, He said, "When I
00:25 pisiptinewi, ihik, npitsonakonok... " put my hand in my pocket... "
00:27 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:28 ... itom, "yut tahk, iyey, man." ... he said, "I had money."
00:30 Iya, good. Oh, good.
00:31 Itom, "Nit kisi-tepahki." He said, "That's what I put in the collection."
00:33 Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.
00:34 Nit-te-na kilun mecimiw That's how it was
00:35 weckuwi-macekultihiq... when we were growing up.
00:36 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:37 Mecimi-te 'pawatomon He always wanted us
00:39 kilun knaci-witimiyahtinen. to go to church.
00:40 Aha, iya. Yes, yes.
00:41 I know. I know.
00:42 Eci-te iyey, I know.
00:46 eci-te nekom, iyey, woli-papahtok. He was very religious.
00:48 Mecimi-te sistossok The sisters
00:49 naka pahtoliyasok wikultuwok and the priest lived with him,
00:49 Iya. Yes.
00:51 nekom wikuwak naka 'tankeyuwa. and he would take care of them.
00:53 Nekom 'tankeyuwa, naka He took care of them, and
00:54 tan ci keq olluhkewat when he did something for them
00:55 ma 'pawatomuwon 'tapenkuwaniya. he didn't want payment.
00:58 Nama. No.
00:58 Psi-te nit nekom mecimiw He always kept the church
01:00 nokka-wolehtun imiyewikuwam. in perfect condition.
01:02 Aha. Yes.
01:03 Naka ma 'tawotuhkewawon. And he didn't charge them.
01:04 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
01:04 Ma 'tawotuhkewawi, iya. He didn't charge them, yes.
01:06 Mecimiw eci-wolinaqakpon. It always looked good.
01:07 Kat-olu. That's right.
01:08 Tokec eci-ktomakinaqahk. Now it's in poor condition.
01:09 Ktomakinaqot. It looks really bad.
01:10 Ma ehta-te-na wolihtasiw lamikuwam toke. They don't clean the inside now.
01:13 Nama, ma wen 'pehkihtuwon. No, no one cleans it.
01:14 Nama ma-te... Mecimi ehpicik. No, they don't... The women used to.
01:16 Naka mecimiw wasisok. And the children used to.
01:18 Nilun Veronica. Veronica and I.
01:19 Mecimiw-ote-na ehpicik. The women used to do it.
01:21 Ehpicik mecimiw, iya. Yes, the women used to do it.
01:22 Naci-kospahtahsultinuwok. They would wash the floor.
01:23 Ma-te wen tokec kotuwi-pisuwoluhkew. Now, they don't want to work for nothing.
01:25 Nama, cuwi toke apenkuwak. No, they have to be paid now.
01:27 Iya, iya. Yes, yes.
01:27 Kenuk, iyey... But...
01:29 Naka eci-wolihpukahk micuwakon. And the food used to taste so good.
01:31 Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.
01:32 Naka mecimi-te, iyey, And he used to
01:35 milan kekesk wen ska give food to the ones
01:38 kisonuhmuhk micuwakon. that couldn't afford to buy it.
01:39 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
01:41 'Taqami-milan. He would rather give it away.
01:42 'Taqami-milan, iya. Yes, he would rather give it away.
01:44 Mecimiw yuktok wasisok The children that didn't
01:45 ska wen kisi-spasihpihq, nit-tehc... have breakfast, he would...
01:47 'Kocicihtun-ote-na. And he always knew.
01:48 - 'Kocicihtun-ote nekom. Yes, he knew.
01:50 Nit-tehc 'taqami-milan. He would give them more.
01:53 Kenuk, iya, But
01:55 psi-te keqsey everything I've thought about,
01:56 weckuwi-maceki tepitahatom, about growing up,
02:00 nit tokec nil that's what I remember
02:02 mihqitahatom etucikotoni. now that I'm old.
02:06 Stehpal tan etucikotonihiq. You make it sound as if we're so old.
02:09 Keka kmehtatomultipon kis. We're almost at the end of our lives.
02:11 Mesqa. Not yet.
02:14 Kiluwaw. You are.
02:14 - Kiluwaw. - You are.
02:18 Nilun-oc Lena ktankeyulpon. Lena and I will take care of you.
02:20 Nil kahk ma wen ntankeyaku! No one is taking care of me!
02:24 Mecimi-tehc ntali-qasq. I'll always be running around.


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