I was listening all the time

Start Time Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English
00:00 Aha, yut-te tehpu mahkiyew Yes, I was here just for a little while,
00:03 ntihihpon, naka yut natokehkimk yut-te mahkiyew. and I went to school here briefly.
00:14 Kis-al-ote, I think, seven kosona-al six macahayan. I think I was seven, or six, when I left.
00:19 Elikihtit yukk. Oh, these cards look bad.
00:23 Naka, iya... Kenuk stiti-te ntotoli-tpostom And... But I constantly heard people
00:30 wen skicinuwatuwet. speaking Passamaquoddy.
00:34 Kenuk yut ma-te nkiseltomokuwonewin But they didn't allow us to speak
00:37 yut school eyit wen skicinuwatuwan. Passamaquoddy in school.
00:43 'Sami stiti-te totolokehkima wen in English. Because you were being taught in English all the time.
00:50 Kil toke? Your turn now?
00:53 Nil, iyey, stiti-te ntotoli-tpostom. I was listening all the time.
00:57 My mum ma-te kipahpuwiw. My mum didn't give up.
01:02 Nmunsayuwoq, stiti-te even Portland She encouraged me all the time,
01:05 nil eliyay, nit-tehc even when I went to Portland, and
01:08 nuskicinuwi-kolulkun. she spoke to me in Passamaquoddy.
01:14 Nkoskomhik. I'm taking a shortcut -- going out of turn.
01:18 Ktiyali-kskomhik? Do you take shortcuts?
01:20 Ntali-kskomhik. I do take shortcuts.
01:22 Wicuhkemin ehta. Help me, then.
01:23 Mecimi-te kuskicinuwi-koluloq Did your mother always speak to you in
01:25 kikuwoss naka-te kuhkomoss? Passamaquoddy, and your grandmother?
01:26 Aha, iya, stiti-te. Naka summers Yes, all the time.
01:28 npeciyan yut nil, And summers I came here,
01:32 on-oc ntaliyan naka and I played and
01:35 nwikuwamkoman psi-te wen, naka ntoli-tpostomon. visited everyone, and I listened.
01:40 Eci-wikuwaceyik. It was so much fun.
01:42 Eci-woltaqahk. It sounded so good.
01:46 And mesq-te nkisi-skicinuwatuwew, And I couldn't speak Passamaquoddy yet,
01:48 kat-op skicinuwatuwew tokkiw apikotonayan, naka wasisok ntiywak. not until I'd grown up and had the children.
01:54 Psi keqsey etoli-tpostom, Everything I listened to
01:57 nit-te wesuwe-nutehewiw. You know. came back out. You know.
02:01 Aha. Yes.
02:02 Ncikawessin, tan-ote eltaqahk. I forced myself, no matter how it sounded.
02:03 Aha. Yes.
02:06 And ntiyahpon, iya, nil wasisok, And I told my children,
02:09 "Nit-tehc-ona kil, naka apc wasisok" "Now it's up to you, and"
02:12 -- you know -- "weckuwyahtit." -- you know -- "the next generations."
02:14 Qenossok. Your grandchildren.
02:17 So, ma-tehc wen cuwi-kipahpuwiw. So, no one should give up.
02:20 You know. You know.
02:21 Cu-oc yuktok elomikotonahtit tokec, For sure, the ones who are growing up now, for sure
02:26 cu-oc, iyey, most of them-oc 'kocicihtuniya keqsey kilun, you know, most of them will know something of
02:32 ktolewestunen kosona keqsey 'skuhutomeq. what we're saying or talking about.
02:38 'skuhutomeq. what we're saying or talking about.
02:40 Mec-ote nil kenuk, iyey, But I still get things wrong
02:42 ntuwapolehtun, iyey, skicinuwakon. in Passamaquoddy.
02:44 Nama-te. Psi-te wolte keq. Not at all. Everything's just right.
02:45 Kuli-kiseht. You're doing great!
02:47 Aha. Yes.
02:48 Ma-te nkiselomiw. I didn't laugh.
02:50 Nama, ntahcuwihc, iyey... No, I have to...
02:52 Nmotehtihikan. I'm knocking.
02:53 'Tahcuwihc stories, They have to be stories,
02:55 weci-kiselomiyin. for you to laugh.


Capture Date 2010-09-09
Video Length 02:57