I worked all around

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00:00 Ntali-wikuwamkoman. I'd go around visiting them.
00:03 Ntoluhkewan, I did chores for them,
00:05 nsukayewotahsuwewan, took out the garbage for them,
00:06 nkospahtahsuwewan, ... washed floors for them, ...
00:09 ...natapilomewan, ...fetched water for them,
00:11 nkossenikewan. brought in firewood for them.
00:13 Nwikuwaci-wikuwamkomaponik nikk. I loved visiting them.
00:16 Kulapenkakuk? Did they pay you well?
00:17 Well, iya, yat Well,
00:22 Maliyansis, Maliyansis
00:24 cikoniyil. [gave me] an apple.
00:27 Ntahcuwi-naci-sukayahkan tuwiskut, I had to go empty the chamber pot
00:31 ntolapilomewan, and get water for her,
00:32 cikoniyil-oc milit. for the apple she'd give me.
00:33 Iya, iya. Yes, yes.
00:35 Apc yet ntoliyan Lisihk. Then I'd go to Lizzie's.
00:38 Not-ona ntali-kospahtahsuwewan. washed her floors, too.
00:40 Nekom kahk-oc mahqan. She'd give me sweets.
00:43 Kisopanke. She made bread.
00:44 Iya. On yet, iyey, Yes, and
00:46 metessik ntotoli-pqahtun ihik I was earning change, at,
00:48 tahalu nkelonosk mihtaqsol, for example, my godmother's father's --
00:50 Poteytu, Poteytuhk. Potato, at Potato's.
00:52 I was going to say, Poteytu. I was going to say, Potato.
00:53 Tan eci koti-kostokoniket Komelaw, When Camilla was going to
00:57 ntahcuwi-psonehla barrel naka psi do laundry, I had to fill the barrel and all
01:00 ehta elinaqahk ehcuwi-psonehtu. ...and I had to fill a whole lot of containers.
01:02 Epahsakisuwok. Fifty cents each time.
01:04 Metiyamkiyak, iya. Money, yes.
01:05 Noqtalokittiyaha-te Frensisk. I'd go straight to Frances's.
01:08 Natankuwan. I'd go shopping.
01:12 Iya natonuhmuwewan, I'd go buy her
01:14 ihik, sikoretsok, two cents. cigarettes, two cents.
01:19 Oh dear. Oh dear.
01:20 Naka mecimiw... And I used to...
01:22 Well, niponiw naci-suwitokolaskewa, Well, in the summer I'd go pick sweetgrass for her,
01:25 iya, Aunt Liz, ...for Aunt Liz,
01:27 on-oc nekom nmaceptuwan and take it to her
01:31 weci-kisqepi nit naka ntopostuwan. so that I could sit and listen to her.
01:34 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
01:35 Naka Mali Susehp. And Mary Josephine.
01:37 Nakahc etutsomat wenil, And she'd feed you so well,
01:39 elinaqahk-oc micuwakon. so much, so much food.
01:41 Well, npossoni ehta-te yaliyan nita. Well, I went all over.
01:44 Ntiyali-wikuwamkan. I went all over visiting.
01:46 Wikuwaceyuhpon nit, init? It was fun, wasn't it?
01:46 Iya. Yes.
01:47 Ntalluhkan. I worked all around.
01:48 Nil-ote-na. I did, too.
01:49 Nit-te-na nil mecimiw, iya. I used to, too.
01:50 Psi kal-ote nit elluhkiyiq We all did that
01:51 weckuwi-macekiyiq. when we were growing up.
01:52 Nil-ona nwewitahama, iya, Suliyan. I remember Julianne, too.


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