If You Can't Read You Get Beaten

Start Time Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English
00:02 Nit-ona... kenuk mecimiw... And when... but I used to...
00:05 ntahqeltomon. I hated doing it.
00:07 Nil ma nkisehtakewon. They couldn't make me.
00:10 Nkihtmatomon naci-witokehkimken. I really didn't like going to school,
00:15 Cel ste ntolitahas wen And I kind of thought someone will
00:18 cu nmalikimoq ckuwi-aluwokisiyan. make fun of me if it turns out I can't read.
00:21 A, ntahcuwi... I think, nil ntapenk. Ah, I have to... I think I have to pay.
00:25 Coqahk-al. Of course.
00:29 Nila. Me.
00:31 Kamahcin kehsinsk. Sixteen.
00:32 Nit cel-ote nahaht etoli-skuhutomek nahaht, And about what we were talking about
00:40 Naka wen naci-witokehkiman. And then you go to school.
00:41 Ma wen 'sotomu. No one understands.
00:43 Iya. That's right.
00:44 Naka 'tahcuwi wen okisin. And you have to read.
00:45 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:46 Iya. Yes.
00:47 Skat wen okisihq, If you can't read,
00:48 on wen matonan. you get hit.
00:49 Puwekihpulan. They shake you.
00:50 Nit ehta. That, too.
00:51 Nusami ehta aqtaqs I sounded too
00:52 neke ikolisomanatuwi, awkward speaking English,
00:54 ma-te nkisehtakewon, iyey, natokisin. so they didn't make me go read.
00:58 Iya. Yes.
00:59 Kenuk nkisi-wihqehtun wikhikon But I took the book and read.
01:01 naka ntokisin. Nokkakitomon-ote, I read the whole thing.
01:03 iyey, nit. Ma tahk nkisewestu. But I couldn't talk.
01:09 Tepot ntaqtaqsin So I still sounded awkward
01:11 'somakonossuwihkuk eliyay. when I went into the service.
01:13 Coqahk-al, ma nit wen, iyey, Of course,
01:15 kilun wen ikolisomanatuwew. none of us could speak English.
01:17 Naka sehta-punan wen te-na, iyey, skat kisi... And you were put back a grade if you
01:21 woli-kisi-ikolisomanatuwehq. couldn't speak English well.
01:23 Skat ikolisomanatuwewon. If you couldn't speak English.
01:24 Iya, iya. Yes, yes.
01:27 Tan op-al wen 'toli-nihpatomon wen How would anyone feel like going to
01:29 natokehkiman wen totoli-ktomakiyut? school if they were always abused?
01:31 Iya, I think weckuwi-macekultiyoq I think that when we were growing up,
01:34 wen natokehkimut, I think, and you went to school,
01:35 te kotomakiyukepon. I think, we really were abused.