It Used to Be So Much Fun

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00:00 Iya, mecimi weckuwi-maceki Yeah. When I was growing up
00:03 tehpu ntalay, I always used to be playing around,
00:05 on-oc npeci-kotuhpin. and I'd start to get hungry.
00:08 Naciphan nikk berries. I'd go get those berries.
00:10 Npossonalokittiye-aliyan nil pasture I'd go over every bit of the
00:12 yali-kiluwuhuk berries. "pasture" looking for berries.
00:15 Aluwehta mecimiw kceyawiwok, Even though there used to be a lot of them,
00:18 anqoc-ona nsiwi-ihin nit, apc sometimes I'd get tired of being there,
00:20 nmaceliqahan sitomok. and then I'd take off for the shore.
00:21 Anqoc eci-miliyay-ona sitomok, Sometimes I'd play all kinds of games
00:23 natayyan house, dollhouse, playhouse. on the shore, too, then go to the dollhouse, the playhouse.
00:26 Cel nit bed kiste. And there'd be a bed already made there.
00:27 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:28 Iya, eci meciwiw wikuwaceyikpon It used to be so much fun
00:29 weckuwi-maceki. when I was growing up.
00:32 Toke wasisok, toke, "I'm bored, Nowadays the children are "I'm bored,
00:33 I'm bored," toke. Ma-te keqsey wen I'm bored." No one wants to make
00:35 koti-winpasiw keq 'tolluhkan toke. any effort to do something now.
00:36 Nama. No.
00:38 No - No.
00:39 Tehpukc lamikuwam They're just indoors and
00:40 naka nit 'tahtolayyektuniya... constantly playing with those...
00:43 Layyektakonol. Toys.


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