It's Your Spot

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00:02 Cel nekom yet oloqiw etoluwisit. And she was picking over there.
00:06 Ipa, ckuwalokittiyews yut oloqiw! Look, get the hell over here!
00:08 Ktosipum? Is it your spot?
00:09 Moskuwa-al-ote naka ma keq 'titomuwon. She found them, I suppose, and didn't say anything.
00:12 Ktosipum? Is it your spot?
00:13 Wicuhkems. Help yourself.
00:14 Iya, wicuhkems. Nokkahtaha. Yeah, help yourself. She's picked them all.


Capture Date 2010-11-01
Video Length 00:15
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