I've Taught Her to Cook

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:00 Nil kete nqenossis Kristy; Take my granddaughter Kristy;
00:02 nekom-ona nkisokehkiman eli-suksahqet. I've taught her to cook.
00:05 Nihtawiya kete ihi biscuits, For example, she knows how to make biscuits,
00:06 tumahsis. and frybread.
00:08 Naka nkisokehkiman keqsey, And I've taught her [to cook] anything,
00:10 tan tehpu keqsey ketuwaqosok. whatever she wants to cook.
00:11 Nwicuhkema. I help her.
00:12 Iya. Yes.
00:13 Naka iyey elcokinaqsit, And she's so messy,
00:14 kenuk etoli-kiseyit. Etoli... but she's ready to learn.
00:16 Psi-tehc tama flour, There'll be flour everywhere;
00:18 elcokihpusit kitchen. she gets it all over the kitchen.
00:20 On nil ntahcuwi-wisunikan afterwards. And I have to clean up afterwards.
00:21 Kenuk-olu eci-kuttayimsuwit kenuk. But she has such a good time nevertheless.
00:24 Neket qenankeyuwuk When I was taking care of her
00:25 nmilokehkimahpon. I taught her all kinds of things.
00:27 Iya. Yes.
00:28 Iya, not kotok nqenoss, not little one, Well, that other granddaughter of mine, the little one,
00:30 ma koti-skicinuwokew. she doesn't want to dance.
00:33 'Kotuwihtuwanehpon, iya, Viola, iyey, mahkut. Viola was going to make her a dress.
00:36 Mahkut. A dress.
00:38 Ma-te, ntiyahpon; ma-te nituwiw. No, I told her; she doesn't need it.
00:40 Ntiyahpon, "Kat-op 'poskomuwon." I said, "She wouldn't wear it."
00:41 'Poskomon, kenuk kat-op pomokaw. She'd wear it, but she wouldn't dance.
00:43 Ma-te koti-skicinuwiw sesomi-te, She doesn't want to be Native at all,
00:45 my Kendra. my Kendra.
00:46 Tan 'tuceyin? How old is she?
00:48 Eight. Eight.


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