Let's All Sing

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:01 Nuskicinuwatu. I speak Passamaquoddy.
00:02 Eci-kciqahawiyin. You do very well.
00:04 Nit-te-na itok mecimiw ntatat. That's what my father used to say.
00:07 Itom, "Ktassokitahamol-ote kila, tus." He said, "I'm just amazed at you, daughter."
00:10 Itom, "Eci, iyey, He said,
00:12 'tawi-skicinuwewestuwon naka "You can speak our language and
00:16 pihce kil kmacahan. you've been gone from here a long time.
00:18 Ma-te kisi-wolitahasiwon." You didn't forget it."
00:19 Ma-tehna. And I didn't.
00:25 Wolomolsu wen. It makes you feel good.
00:29 Ya. Yeah.
00:32 Lintultine? Shall we all sing?
00:33 U, lintultine. Oh, let's all sing.
00:34 Lintultine. Let's all sing.
00:36 Ma-te nil nihtawintu. I don't know how to sing.
00:37 Tama otetul nihtol... Where are those...
00:38 U, cu-oc knihtawint! Oh, you'll know how to sing!
00:41 Teach us! Teach us!
00:42 Ya, kcuwihc kehkiminen. Yes, you'll have to teach us.
00:45 Ktopostuwin ehta etolintu, Just listen to me singing
00:46 nit-tehc-ona kil. and you'll be doing it too.
00:46 Ipa ktopinomon, Just watch, you'll be
00:48 ipahk-tehc etucintuwon. singing up a storm.
00:49 Okay. Okay.
00:52 Iyey, yut eliwihtasik This is called the
00:57 "Esunomawotultine"... "Let's Trade"...
01:00 lintuwakon. song.
01:25 Ipa, npeciptun keq. Ikonuhlay. Look, I've brought something...
01:31 Ipa, npeciptun keq. Ikonuhle... ya - Look, I've brought something...
03:04 Wow, that was good. Wow, that was good.
03:05 Nita, tan nit wetonomon? Okay, where did you get that?
03:08 Nutonomonen yut lintuwakon, ihik, We got that song, at,
03:11 nihtol-lu mecimiw... those that used...
03:14 pihce amsqahseweyal nihtol kisihtuhtit long ago when they first made those
03:18 eliwihtasik that are called
03:20 Wekolin or Mechling, the wax tapes. Wechling or Mechling, the wax tapes.
03:23 Wax cylinders. Wax cylinders.
03:24 - Wax cylinders, - Wax cylinders,
03:26 that's where we got that song. that's where we got that song.
03:27 Smithsonian otess? Were they at the Smithsonian?
03:29 Ntama..., No...
03:30 ma-te nkocicihtuwonewin tama otess, We don't know where they were,
03:31 kenoq peciptasu Sistansisk, but it was brought to St. Mary's
03:34 on nilun ntahtoli-tpostomonen. and we kept listening to it.
03:36 Nminuwi-tpostomonen tuci-al... We kept listening to it for so long...
03:39 Ma-te nkocicihtuwonewin tan qoniw, We don't know for how long,
03:42 kenoq mam-ote nutomonen. but finally, we could make it out.
03:45 Wolalokittiyehtaqot, init? It sounded so wonderful, didn't it?
03:47 Ya. Yes.