Let's Go Check Our Traps Part 1

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00:51 Etutahqahk nihtol tuhpiyil Those alders are so big.
00:53 Ya, nokosakonul. Yes, they grow fast.
00:59 Wetaptaq not pqapit, That's where the beaver left tracks,
01:02 weci-kisi-kisihpit. from where he's already eaten.
01:04 Tan yut, iyey... Yes, where (the water)
01:06 pihcetu olhuke. extends for a long way.
01:08 Ya, yet oloqiw. Yes, over that way.
01:10 U ya. Oh, yes.
01:17 Wolinaqot. It's beautiful.
01:35 Mecimiw ntatat ihtoli-punawetpon My father used to trap
01:37 yut oloqiw. up this way.
01:39 Kiwhosu? Muskrats?
01:40 Aha. Yes.
01:44 Pihce. A long time ago.
02:07 Yet ihtolihpit pqapit. There's where a beaver's been eating.
02:09 Ipa nihtol nit oposiyil. Look at those sticks.
02:15 Waht, ihik, Way up at
02:16 Perry Brook aqamkihqon nit eyik. Perry Brook there's a bigger one.
02:18 Ya? . Ya, Yes? . Ya.
02:20 mec-al dozen nit wikihtit. With about a dozen living in it.
02:24 We'll probably see them We'll probably see them
02:25 somewhere out here. somewhere out here.
02:51 Wolinaqot. It's beautiful.
02:58 Pqapit! There's a beaver!
03:02 Kelotamit. Holding something in his teeth.
03:16 Nita, nkolhikonol yet-te nihkaniw. Okay now, my traps are up ahead.
03:18 Kolhikonol nihkaniw? Your traps are up ahead?
03:22 Wahte sehtayiw ktoliyapon pol, Yes. We have to go behind here first,
03:24 naka knute-sukinen ... and paddle out ...
03:25 nute-suk ehta: on-ote pesqon I mean, I'll paddle out: I brought only
03:27 'tahakon peciptu. one paddle.
03:30 Wahtehc asit ntoli, I go way in back there,
03:33 naka, iyey... and then...
03:33 Asit naka nutew. Behind and out.
03:39 Apc yut ntoloqiyan. Then I go this way.
03:48 Kolhikon. There's your trap.
03:49 Kolhikon ehtek. That's where a trap is.
04:03 Musa wihqahkehkoc, ktomahkanc nit. Don't pull on it, you'll break it off.
04:05 Ya, Yes,
04:06 ma-te mattew. . Ma-te mattew. it hasn't moved. . It hasn't moved.
04:08 Nkoti-cikihtomon. I'm going to leave it alone.
04:10 All right, All right,
04:12 ma mattew. since it hasn't moved.
04:38 Yut ehta eci-wolikok. This one is a good one.
04:40 Cipotuhpon nit 'tihin. Maybe one'll be in there.
04:54 Ya, tehpu ya... Ya, only a
04:55 toenail. toenail.
04:57 Toenail? Toenail?
04:59 Mocihpuksu toenail. A toenail doesn't taste good!
05:05 Wolinaqot kenoq. But it's a good-looking spot.
05:07 Ipa, ihtoli-pishok yet lamiw. Look, this is where he swims in.
05:08 Ya? Oh, yes?
05:12 Ma-te tama yut It's not windy
05:14 tollamsonu toke? here now.
05:21 Tama yut kotok ote? Where is this other one?
05:28 Yut wikuwam ote. Here's the lodge.
05:29 U, ya. Oh, ya.
05:30 Kulopiw nit, iyey, kolhikon iyu. Around there, there's a trap.
05:33 Ya. Ma-na nkoti-punomuwon Yes, I don't want to put it
05:35 wecuwaw. too close.
05:36 No. No.
05:48 Eci-petpek yuhtol yut lihputiyil. The water comes up to these feeding platforms.
05:51 Ma-te maceqahtuhukew. They won't float away.
05:55 Iya, mec, iyey...Psi yuhtol lihputiyil mecimiw. Yes, it's still...These used to be all feeding platforms, at one time.
05:59 Nokka, iyey, nukcokessonul? Have they all gotten mushy?
06:03 Iya, akiyan yata! Wow, look at that one!
06:06 Kiwhos, A muskrat,
06:08 pomawsu. alive.
06:15 Eloqi-opokekok. (Use) the flat part.
06:20 Nmecimtaha-ote. I killed him.
06:29 Peci-te 'peciptun lihputoss. He's brought stuff to the feeding platform.
06:49 Ntomahqiskipena. I break his neck.
06:56 Another five minutes, he'd be gone. Another five minutes, he'd be gone.
07:00 Well, woliku. Well, he's a good one.
07:03 Toliqqohom tahk. He's bleeding, though.
07:19 Sakolakiyetul nihtol? Are those hard to open?
07:21 Woli-te sakolakiye. Really hard to open.
07:23 One-and-one-half nit. That one's a one-and-one-half.
07:27 Ipa yut ihtolihpit. Aki yuta. Look, this is where he's been eating. Look at this.
07:30 Ya. Yes.
07:36 Nkatun yut. I'm hiding this.
07:39 Wehsehte. It's set.
07:40 Nita. Okay.
07:42 Yut ihtoloqassit, ihik, waht. Here's where he comes ashore, over there.
07:47 On-oc npunomon pskihqisol anqoc. And then I put pieces of grass on it sometimes.
07:51 Nita, Okay now,
07:52 waht nmace-sukin. I'm paddling over there.
07:53 Yet nit? Is that where it is?
08:00 Yut-tahk kmacelamsukanen. But the wind is starting to push us along.
08:33 Ma-te mattew. It hasn't moved.
08:35 Ma mattew? . No. It hasn't moved? . No.
08:39 Kamot-te npunomonehpon yut. Aki. I should have put it here. Look.
08:42 Nit lihputoss. That's the feeding platform.
08:45 Kcuwihc punomon apc, iyey, You have to put others,
08:47 apc kotokil so it can
08:49 weci-kisoqohok. float.
08:56 Yut ehta etutolamsok mec. But here it's still very windy.
08:58 Iya. Yet nutew Yes. Over there going out,
09:05 ksokayiw kotok. there's another one across the river.
09:08 Kotok ksokayiw. Another one over across.
09:12 Lihputoss. Lihputoss, nit wen nihtawi-kolha kiwhosu. The feeding platform is how one knows how to trap muskrats.
09:19 Nit-te wen 'punomon 'kolhikon. It's where one puts one's trap.
09:21 Etolitomek. Where the water's deep.
09:22 Naka yet. And over there.
09:24 Naka yet asit. And behind, over there.
09:25 Yeta? Over there?
09:26 Ktoqtaha-tehp wen. A person could be capsized.
09:28 Yet-ona kotok iyu. And there's the other one.
09:29 Yet-ona kotok lihputoss. There's another feeding platform.
09:31 Yeta. Over there.
09:36 Yuta, aki! Here, look!
09:39 Right here. That.s a good one. Right here. That.s a good one.
09:43 Yet-te-na tett oloqiw. And over there, that way.
09:45 This is where we will get him right here. This is where we will get him right here.
09:46 This is where it.ll go in. This is where it.ll go in.
09:52 Samikotone, init? It's too old, isn't it?
10:00 Kinalokitt! Nokka-te matekonomon nit; Holy cow! He's pulled it all out;
10:03 tomessone. it's broken off.
10:04 This is what they eat. This is what they eat.
10:06 Kiwhosuwasq. Flagroot.
10:07 Ya, yuhtol pesqonul. Yes, here are some.
10:09 Ipa yuta, pesqon. Look, here's one.
10:12 Wahte kolomu motapew. It's stuck way down below.
10:14 Ya, I broke it off, but you can Ya, I broke it off, but you can
10:16 smell it. smell it.
10:19 Ma-te yut, iyey, sikte-wolimahtew. This one doesn't have a strong good smell.
10:21 Wahte yaqa lampeq ote. Because it's way down underwater.
10:26 Kispahte-te yut, iyey, kiwhosuwasq. This flagroot is all dried out.
10:32 I've got a piece of it, anyway. I've got a piece of it, anyway.
10:34 Yut nit, iyey, pesqon apsokihqahk. This is a small piece.
10:40 Tan nit wen 'toli-wolehlokun? What it is good for?
10:42 Toke wen keckuluwit. ... If one catches cold. ...
10:44 Keckuluwit. ... Catches cold. ...
10:45 Naka, iyey, psi kal-ote keq. And, well, anything.
10:47 Psi-te keq wen 'tuwehkaniya yuta. They use it for everything.
10:50 Kosona wen, iyey, Or if one has a
10:52 kespi-'qotakoninet. ... sore throat. ...
10:55 'Qotakoninet wen. ... If one has a sore throat. ...
10:57 Kosona Or
11:00 ucalaminet. a runny nose.
11:09 Yut-ona epahsiw ledge iyu. ... There's a ledge here in the middle. ...
11:11 Yut epahsiw. Here in the middle.


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