Let's Go Check Our Traps Part 2

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00:12 Well, kis wot toli-pkotenike. Well, he's already got smoke going.
00:15 David 'tolaqosomon kahpe. David's making coffee.
01:12 'Totolihtun nit, iyey, lihputis? Is he making a feeding platform?
01:14 Kosona maceptunol nihtol wikuwak? Or is he taking them to his lodge?
01:16 I think, 'totolihtun nit wikuwak. I think he's making it at his lodge.
01:18 Pqapit not. ... That's a beaver. ...
01:19 No, kiwhos. No, it's a muskrat.
01:22 Ipa, elessik 'soqon. Look, see how his tail is moving.
01:24 U, ya, ya, nomihtuwan 'soqon, ya. Oh, yes, yes, I see his tail. Yes.
01:26 'Totolihtun nit wikuwam. He's making a lodge.
01:28 Aha. ... Kehsiptaq ya. ... Yes. ... He's carrying so much. ...
01:29 Aha, wikuwam 'totolihtun. Yes, he's making a lodge.
01:31 I thought it was, iyey, lihputoss. I thought it was a feeding platform.
01:33 Nama. No
01:34 Lihputoss kahk tehpu, iyey, kekesk... A feeding platform is just a little bit of...
01:37 Kekesk, ya. ... A little bit of...
01:39 Ihtolihpit. It's where he eats.
01:40 Alhom tehpu wot. This one's just swimming around.
01:43 Weckuwhok. He's swimming toward us.
01:44 Yukt kal nit, ihik... These are...
01:46 'Samaqanok nit, ihik... There in the water...
01:48 Keq ntoliwiyak? What do I call them?
01:53 Nikt-olu, ihik... Those...
01:55 Water-bugs. Water-bugs.
01:56 Ya, water-bugs. Yes, water-bugs.
01:59 You thought it was nomehsok. You thought it was fish.
02:01 Nit kotok nomehsok, nit. ... That other one was fish. ...
02:03 Wot kal tehpu alhom. ... This one is just swimming around.
02:05 Elessok 'soqon. The way his tail moves.
02:07 Aloqittu. He's steering himself.
02:11 'Pihtinol-ona 'tuwehkanol, init? He's using his hands, isn't he?
02:13 Psi-te keq, 'qatol. All parts, his feet.
02:15 'Qatol tehpu, naka 'soqon. Just his feet, and his tail.
02:18 U, 'pihtinol sankewtetul. Oh, his hands are at rest.
02:19 Tett oloqahtetul. He's holding them like this.
02:22 Aloqittu. He's steering himself.
02:23 'Soqon ewehket. Using his tail.
02:24 No, 'pihtinsisol-ona. No, his little hands, too.
02:26 U, ya. Oh, yes.
02:28 Ipa yut sankewtek. Look how still they are.
02:30 Kiyahqi-te oliye. He's going straight to it.
02:32 Ansa 'tahakon. It's like a paddle.
02:33 Eci-milonomon 'tahakon, When you hold a paddle different ways,
02:35 nit-te eloqiyayin. then you go like that.
02:37 Nita, he's passing a lot of stuff. Well, he's passing a lot of stuff.
02:41 Cel-al pishom tama, ihik, And it looks like he's swimming in somewhere,
02:44 lihputossok. to his feeding platform.
02:45 Waht-al-ote tama sitomok eyik, It's somewhere over there along the shore,
02:47 tan-al 'pawatomonol. as much as he wants.
02:48 Nit toke. There it is now.
02:50 Neke ntatat yet, ihik, Once my dad and I went trapping
02:52 Boyden's Lake etoli-punawiyek, at Boyden Lake,
02:56 in the afternoon. in the afternoon.
02:58 Keka piskiyak, itom nit, When it was almost dark, he said,
03:00 "Yet kiwhosuwi-wososs ehtek. "There's a muskrat lodge.
03:02 Naci-punomonenc nit kolhikon We'll go put a trap there
03:04 mesq piskiyanuhk." before it gets dark."
03:08 'Kisi, iyey, He opened it,
03:10 'kisi-apqotehtehmon, and he unfolded it
03:12 tett 'toloqekonomon nit. like that.
03:14 Nit 'kisi-punomon kolhikon, Then he placed the trap (inside),
03:15 wesuwe-kpahmon. and he covered it back up.
03:19 Ntoliyanen next morning. We went there the next morning.
03:21 'Talahtuwenikan nita, He was shining a flashlight around.
03:23 "Tama kal yut lamiw 'tihin, "It must be somewhere underneath,
03:25 kosona apc komoqiye." or it's dived down again."
03:27 Nit 'tali-pisiptinewin — eli-wihqehtaq chain He put his hand in there to pull out the chain,
03:29 — naka 'pahkikalan kiwhos! and the muskrat grabbed him!
03:31 Yut-te 'tutomal. It bit him right here.
03:34 Nit-te 'sakhacqiphal He yanked the chain out
03:35 kapi-tehc kolhikon. together with the trap.
03:37 'Pehki-te wolalokittiyehtahal He slammed the damn thing
03:39 nomociniw oqitonuk, against the side of the canoe,
03:41 cel apqotehtehsok nit. and it opened.
03:44 Wahte nokka-monehtuwan-ote yut, iyey, It took his skin off all the way up
03:46 motekon. to here.
03:47 U, ksapite not. Oh, they have really sharp teeth.
03:49 Itom, "Akiyan wot wenatominet elluhket." He said, "Look what this crazy thing did!"
03:53 On pol nwiccickepilan nekom. And I had to bandage him up.
03:55 Ya. U, nit kahk... Yes. That's...
03:57 'Kakawomal nihtol wenil. They really bite one hard.
03:59 Pciliw wen eci-tkeyit. Especially if one is cold.
04:03 Siqoniw nit neket. That was in the spring.
04:09 Oluwi Tumaw. The late Louie Tomah.
04:12 Nil same time nit etoli-punawiyek, ihik, I was trapping there at the same time
04:14 nita. (with my father).
04:17 Pihtalokittiyetu. It was way the hell out there.
04:19 Nkociciya-te nit I knew that it was
04:21 Oluwi Tuma nit eli-pomiyat. Louie Tomah walking along.
04:24 Ntapsoqalkun. He'd been "checking" our traps.
04:27 'Pomiphan nuhu kiwhosu. He was carrying three muskrats.
04:32 Ntat itom, My dad said,
04:33 "Oluwi not." "That's Louie."
04:34 Ntiyahpon, "Peskhalokittiyehlan!" I said, "Shoot the bugger!"
04:37 Naka pqomik pomiye. And he was walking along on the ice.
04:38 Ntat .22 automatic My dad [took his] .22 automatic.
04:42 Cel wot elalokittewahket kiwhosu And he dropped the muskrats
04:43 on olomiyya. and took off.
04:49 That Saturday night, That Saturday night,
04:53 nomiyan, ihik, Eastport. I saw him in Eastport.
04:58 Itom, "Nitap, He said, "My friend,
05:01 eluwe nmoskotpay someone almost scared
05:02 kisi-peskhit wen." the crap out of me, shooting at me."
05:04 Ntiyahpon, "Nil nit." I told him, "That was me."
05:11 Knomiyul pemiphot nkiwhosumok." I saw you carrying my muskrats."
05:13 'Sami nilun tehpu nit etoli-punawiyekpon. Because we were the only ones trapping there.
05:17 Nit eli-kciciyukot. That's how we found him out.
05:22 You know, tokec-op You know, if the young ones
05:24 kcicihtuhtit weckuwi-macekulticik, growing up knew,
05:28 tokec kcicihtuhtit if they knew what
05:29 ellukhotiyiq pihce, we used to do a long time ago,
05:32 cipotu-te skat wenik ulamsotuwawiwa. maybe they wouldn't believe them.
05:34 Kat-op. No, they wouldn't.
05:36 Tokec-op wenil, If (they took) someone,
05:38 tahaluhp kilun etuceyultiyoq, like someone our age,
05:42 wen macephat peskuwol naka took one of them
05:44 'tiyan, iyey, and said to him,
05:45 "Nit pihce eleyikpon," ... "This is how it was back then," ...
05:48 ... nostuhmuwan yut elehtasik, ... showed him how this is done,
05:51 cipotu-tehp kisi-ankuwoskenomoniya maybe they would be able to
05:53 nekomaw. develop it further.
05:54 Cipotu. Maybe.
05:55 Kenoq tokec tama wikhasik But if it's filmed somewhere...
05:58 tahalu yukk ellukhotihtit, what they're doing,
06:01 cipotu-te, iyey, 'topitahatomoniya, then maybe they can think about how,
06:04 nehtaw keqsey if something's wrong
06:06 wapolessik skitkomiq with the earth
06:07 naka ma kisessiw and
06:09 power, kosona keqsey, the electric power isn't working, or something,
06:12 'cuwihp nit olukhotiniya. they would have to do that.
06:13 'Cuwihp. They would have to.
06:20 Ansa ntolinomon otuhkey. It looks like venison.
06:26 Musey. ... – Musey. ... – Musey. It's moosemeat. ... – Moosemeat.
06:31 Tama ktoli-kisteluwa apsokilok? Where did you you shoot a young moose?
06:34 Waht nsipumok. Up at my hunting-place.
06:38 "Nsipumok"! "At my hunting place," he says!
06:43 Wolinaqot. It looks good.
06:47 Wolihpukot-ona. It tastes good, too.
06:54 Nil kahk kis npomkomon seventy-five. I've already passed seventy-five.
06:56 Kis? Already?
07:03 Seventy-five? Seventy-five?
07:04 Ya. Yes.
07:06 I thought I was that elderly. I thought I was that elderly.
07:11 Just a young fellow. Just a young fellow.
07:12 Ya, just a young fellow Yes, just a young fellow.
07:21 Ya, mecimi nit ntali, iyey... Yes, I used to...
07:25 Kilun kehsit, ihik, We have a lot of
07:28 our elderly. elderly people.
07:30 Toke kilun. And now you.
07:31 Kilun toke. Now us.
07:32 Yes. Yes.
07:33 Naka ahaciw kpomi-wahkehsinen. There keep being fewer and fewer of us.
07:35 Aha, ahaciw. Yes, fewer and fewer.
07:41 Kenoq, iyey, kmace yukk But these guys are starting to
07:43 wecuwawkakunnuk. catch up with us.
07:53 Aha, ahaci-te kpomi-wahkehsossipon. Yes, we're getting fewer and fewer.
08:05 Steak-olu tan? Rare? What about the steak? Rare?
08:07 Well done? Well done?
08:09 Tan tehpu. Any way is fine.
08:16 Clayton-olu tan 'tuceyin? And how old is Clayton?
08:18 Clayton would be... Clayton would be...
08:22 sixty-six. sixty-six.
08:24 Sixty-six. – Sixty-six. Sixty-six. – Sixty-six.
08:31 Coke... Ya. Let me see... Yes.
08:33 Seventy, sixty-eight, sixty-six. Seventy, sixty-eight, sixty-six.
08:40 Ma-te toke eluwe skitapiyik There are hardly any men
08:42 Motahkomikuk nit etuceyultihtit. that old at Dana Point now.
08:43 Ntama? No?
08:45 No. No.
08:51 Ehpicik-ona wahkac. And few women.
08:53 Wahka-te kis, ya. Just a few now.
09:01 Kenoq eci-ksi-piluwapewultihtit yukt ... But they look so different, these...
09:04 Pileyak ... – pileyak, New ones. ...
09:07 naka eci-milocossultihtit! And they're so many different colors!
09:12 Milocossultuwok. They're all different colors.
09:13 – Milocossultuwok. – They're all different colors.
09:14 You know, You know,
09:15 kwewitahamass kil nmuhsums? did you remember my grandfather?
09:17 Ya Yes.
09:20 Ntiyahpon... Ntosakiyan Louie wolaku... I was saying to... I saw Louie last night...
09:23 etolewestaq... he was talking, and,
09:25 my God, my God,
09:27 'kecikonal nmuhsumsokol. he's just like my grandfather.
09:29 U ya? – Ya. Oh, yes? – Yes.
09:31 Tahaluhp, iyey, eliqat. He's got the same kind of face.
09:34 'Keciqenal. He looks just like him.
09:36 Ya. Yes.


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