Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:05 Neket kesinuhkat, When he was sick he came here,
00:08 komotu yut sakhiyat and the trunk of his
00:09 cel apqotehte trunk. car was open.
00:13 Ma-te nkociciyaw eli-ksinuhkat... I didn't know then that he was sick...
00:15 On And
00:18 elinaqahk 'pisunol ehtek there were a lot of medicines
00:21 lamiw yut atomupilok, inside the car,
00:24 on 'totolahkikatomon yuta. and he planted them here.
00:27 On about, oh, And, oh,
00:32 about a month-al-ote, it was about a month later
00:36 on itom, "Mace-wiciyemin ihik when he said, "Come with me
00:39 Bangor." On nmacahanen, to Bangor." So we went,
00:42 on taktal ntotoli... and the doctor told us...
00:44 Nekom-ote weckuhqepit, While he was sitting there,
00:45 on taktal ntotoli-yuhukunen the doctor told us that
00:47 eli-ksinuhkat, eli-iywat cancer. he was sick, that he had cancer.
00:49 Ah! Ah!
00:50 Holy! Holy!
00:53 Nit weci-peci-naci-milit 'pisun. That's why he came to give me the medicine.
00:58 Ya. Yes.
01:00 Yet ehta, Over there
01:02 yet-olu ntahkihkanok in my garden the cow parsnip
01:04 paqolus nit 'totolikin. is still growing.
01:06 'Totolikin? It's growing there?
01:07 Iya, naka nit minsossuwimahtek. Yes, and that elecampane.
01:11 Nit-ona nit 'kisi-punomon. He put that there, too.
01:13 Iya! Wow!
01:14 Yet-olu nihkaniw kisi-punokpon, Where he put some in the front,
01:16 psi-te nokkasomon Andrew. Andrew cut them all down.
01:18 Gee. Gee.
01:19 Ali-lanomuhhiket. When he was mowing the lawn.
01:23 Gee, eci-psahkeyi, Gee, I was very sad about that,
01:26 you know. you know.
01:28 Kenoq But
01:31 mehcinet elinaqahk when he died,
01:33 'pisun eyik there was a lot of medicine
01:35 wikuwak. at his house.
01:39 Yet-te... Veronie... There... Veronie...
01:40 psi ehta nilun well, all of us
01:41 nokka-epahsonomawotultinen 'pisun. divided the medicine.
01:45 Cel mec-ote ntihin-na nil. And I still have some of it.
01:50 Naka nit ponapsqey. And the rock-fern.
01:52 Eci-wolikok ponapsqey. Rock fern is so good.
01:56 Naka keq-al apc nit And there is something else
01:58 wawikehtuhtit. they mix it with.
02:00 Nil ntatat kisokehkimit, iyey, What my father taught me
02:03 mesq mehcinehq... before he died was...
02:04 Waht ntapi-macepha I took him way out where
02:06 nit-olu New Lands, the New Lands are,
02:08 nit-olu and on
02:09 ponapskuk the rocks
02:11 ntapi-nutiyatokehtunennul, ihil... there we pulled out roots
02:13 Nekom 'toliwihtomonol goldenrods. that he called "goldenrods."
02:18 Ihik on top of the rocks They were on top of the rocks
02:19 cel ansa moss. with what looked like moss.
02:21 Golden thread. Golden thread.
02:23 Pittokotul nihtol. The roots are long.
02:25 Ntapi-kotuntunennul. We went to pick them.
02:27 Naka wen kosinuhket 'qotakonol. And if you have a sore throat.
02:29 Kosona eci keqsey baby... Or when a baby has...
02:32 Ansa Basil neke nicansis Just like Basil's babies, when they
02:33 psi-te blisters inside. had blisters in their mouths.
02:36 Thrush. Thrush.
02:36 Cel ma, iyey, They couldn't
02:38 kisihpultiwiyik. even eat.
02:39 Nkisihtuwan nihtol goldenrod. So I made them some of the goldenrod.
02:40 Ntapiptuwan naka ntiyahpon, I went and got it and told him
02:42 "Kospahtuwan their mouth to wash their mouths
02:44 three times." three times.
02:46 On next day And the next day
02:47 sakhi-calluwit. Itom, "Hey, Sis," he called me and said, "Hey, Sis,
02:49 itom, "you old witch." -- you old witch." --
02:51 "What did I do?" -- "What did I do?" --
02:52 Itom, "Kisi-kikahak my babies." He said, "You cured my babies."
02:53 Itom, "Ma-te keq ihiwi lamiw 'tunuwak." He said, "They don't have anything inside their mouths."
02:56 Nkikehtuwan nit, I had cured it,
02:59 on ntoliwiyukun "old witch"! and he called me an old witch!
03:01 On ktoliwiyukun. And he called you that.
03:02 Awonehe. Instead.
03:04 Awonehe wapolahte. Instead, he had it wrong.
03:05 I know, I know,
03:07 kenuk nkikehtuwan. but I cured it.
03:08 Etucitposit wen nehtawi-kikehtasit. It is very honorable when you can heal someone.
03:14 Iya. Yes.
03:17 kecicihtu I will teach
03:19 ntokehkima wen koti-kcicihtaq. what I know if someone wants to learn.
03:22 Naka And
03:24 yat, iya, Vince, not ahtoli, iyey...Ntahtoli-puwiya etolokehkimuk I keep dreaming about teaching Vince
03:31 kcihkuk naka iya Kuhas. and Kuhas in the woods.
03:35 Ktahcuwihc kehkimak. You will have to teach them.
03:39 Nakahc wot npuwiyan wot ehpit, And I dream about this woman,
03:41 ehpitsis, etoli-'sotuhmuwit 'pisun. a small woman, telling me about medicine.
03:45 Naka nit-te 'kani-skicin And also this old Indian
03:49 naka nikk nisuwok skitapiyik, and these two men,
03:50 nikk-olu, iyey, 'ciw and with them it is about
03:51 lungs. lungs.
03:58 But ma-te anqoc wen But sometimes
04:00 'kotuwuwehkawon skicinuwey. people don't want to use the Indian medicines.
04:03 Nil kahk-ote npiyemi-wehkan I would rather use Indian medicine
04:04 skicinuwey katok toke milkiyoq. than what they give us now.
04:09 Eci-'sanaqahk toke 'pisun milkiyoq. The medicine they give us now is harmful.
04:11 I know. I know.
04:13 Eci-mili-milut wen. They give you so many kinds.
04:16 Tokkiw wen enuwiyat, Until, when you come to,
04:18 ma-te kocicihtuwon you don't know
04:19 which one goes with what. which one goes with what.
04:21 Ntama. No.
04:24 Cuwitpotuhpon ehta ktuwehkanen nit skicinuwi-npisun; We should use Indian medicine;
04:31 eci-wolikok. it's so good.
04:33 ... kcicihtuwansopon ... If only I knew...
04:34 Nmuhsums not, iyey, My grandfather
04:36 'kisihtun, iyey, 'pisun, wolikon 'pisun made some medicine, good medicine
04:39 for arthritis. for arthritis.
04:42 Ntuwasisuwihpon tahk, I was very young,
04:43 on-oc ntoliyan spomsoq and I would go upstairs
04:44 etoli-keepomuwihtaq psiw where he kept
04:46 micuwakon naka keq. food and other things.
04:47 Eci-milikok nihtol pesqahsuweskil. He had many kinds of flowers.
04:49 On-ote pesqon wewitahatom. I just remember one.
04:52 Yut petutiyan When I moved here
04:53 pahkak nikonuk cel tolikonul. they grew in my back yard.
04:55 Nit-al olkihqon; ansa velvet, They were this big; they were like velvet
04:57 nit-al qoneyu, red olocihtetul. and about this long, red in color.
04:59 Mesq-ote knomihtuwonol? Have you ever seen them?
05:01 It was one of them It was one of them
05:04 nemihtu nit ihik somsoq in a box. that I saw upstairs in a box.
05:07 Nit-oc nit etolihtaq nopisun up there. He would make his medicine up there.
05:10 Iya, ya, kakawankuwe. Yes, I guess he sold a lot.
05:13 It sold. It sold.
05:15 'Kakawankuwehtun He sold a lot of it.
05:17 but 'kisi-komutonatomon, naka 'kisankuwehtun. But someone stole it and sold it.
05:24 Komutonahtuwok They stole it,
05:25 naka 'kisankuwehtuniya. and they sold it.
05:26 Wen kecicihtaq 'pisun skicinuwey, When someone has knowledge about Indian medicine,
05:30 cuwitpotuhpon, iyey, tama wen we should get together
05:34 maqahaniya naka someplace and
05:35 'tesunomawotuhtiniya keq wen kesicihtaq. exchange what we know.


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