My Children And I Went There to Pick Blueberries

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:00 Yet nil, iya, nicanok, iyey, My children, now,
00:05 naci, iyey, naciphanen sahtiyik. they go with me to get blueberries.
00:09 Apaciyayan When I get back,
00:11 nit-tehc-ona ntusis, iyey, then my daughter
00:13 naka nqossis, iyey, elihpusihtit etoli-wolehlahtit nihiht. and my son rush around to clean them.
00:18 On-oc nil nsuksahqan. And I cook.
00:19 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:21 Iya, on, iyey, Yes,
00:24 tan eci, iyey, olokehkimut and when they've learned,
00:27 'toqecimulaniya, people ask them,
00:30 "Keq-olu nil kisi-olluhk?" "What did you do?"
00:33 On-oc nekomaw, iyey, 'tiyaniya And they'll tell them
00:35 eli-kisihtuhtit sunap, they made jam,
00:40 iya. yes.
00:42 Kenuk But
00:43 peskuwok wasisok, iyey, some children
00:45 ma-te nit 'tihiwoniya tokec. don't have that now.
00:47 Nama. No.
00:49 Cel peskuwok qecimulot wasisok, And if you ask some children that,
00:51 tehpukc ktolapomokuk. they'll just look at you.
00:52 Naka elapomosk wasis. And they look at you as if
00:54 Ansa "Kunatomin kil?" you're crazy.
00:55 Iya. Yes.
00:57 Eli-qecimulot, When you ask them,
00:58 "Kil-ona koti-naci-wici-natuwis?" "Do you want to join us to go berry-picking?"
01:02 Aha. Yes.
01:04 Nama ma-te wen toke koti-olluhkew. No, no one wants to do that kind of work now.
01:06 Nama. No.


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