My Granddaughter Margaret

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00:01 Kenuk tahaluhp, iya, But for example
00:10 Ntahtoli-tpinaq naka She always watched me
00:12 ntahtoli-mili-qecimulkun tayuwek-oc and kept asking me
00:15 nit nekom kisi-olluhkan, tahaluhp when she could do it,
00:17 etoli-koti-suksahkuhusit. like when would she be cooking.
00:21 Ntiyahpon, I said to her, "You have to be
00:23 "Ktahcuwi kekesk ktaqamikoton, a little bit older, because
00:26 'sami yut 'sanaqot papskot." this stove is dangerous."
00:30 On yut-te piliw elomi-nutahay, And just recently, when I go out,
00:32 elomi-koti-naci-suksahqewuk, when I'm going to go cook for her,
00:36 kis cel nekom naka she and my husband
00:38 ntulomenim etoli-suksahqahtit. are already cooking.
00:40 Ntulomenim 'kiseltomuwan My husband lets her cook.
00:42 'suksahqan. Kenuk nit-te nit 'tihin, But there she is,
00:45 eci-kciqahawit. she's such an expert.
00:46 Naka nit wikuwaculkun. And she enjoys it.
00:47 Wikuwaculkun, iya. She enjoys it, yes.
00:51 Naka kihkanok And in the garden,
00:52 nit-tehc ntahtoli-mili-qecimulkun, she keeps asking me,
00:54 "Keq yut npunomon? "What do I put here?
00:55 Tayuwek koti-kihkepon?" When are we going to plant?"
00:57 Apc 'koti-kihkatomon sqocol, She wants to plant squash again,
01:00 'sami 'koti-miluwanol yaq. because she's going to give them away.
01:04 Wikuwaculkun nit. She likes that.
01:05 On yat kotok nqenoss, And that other grandchild of mine,
01:06 not kahk, i... ma-te 'kiyewiwon. she doesn't care about it.
01:08 Nekom kahk 'payosihkolumol, She has her bicycle,
01:09 nit-tehc 'tolomi-kakawiyan tama. and she's rushing off somewhere.


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