The Nun Would Always Tell Me, 'Don't Speak Passamaquoddy'

Start Time Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English
00:00 So, tan ktolehloken tan eci So how were you treated when you
00:02 skicinuwatuwiyin etolokehkimiyin? spoke Passamaquoddy at school?
00:04 Aha! Yes!
00:05 Tan ntolehloken? How was I treated?
00:09 Mecimi-te sistoss ntiyoq, iyey... The nun would always tell me,
00:12 "Mus nit lewest..." "Don't talk that way."
00:14 "Skicinuwewestuhkoc"? "Don't speak Passamaquoddy"?
00:15 Iya, iya. Yes, yes.
00:20 Gee. Gee.
00:21 Naka motuweyu. And that's hard.
00:22 Motuweyu. It's hard.
00:23 Iya. Yes.
00:24 'Cause we'll be talking 'Cause we'll be talking
00:25 amongst ourselves... amongst ourselves...
00:26 Nuliqehtuhuken, iyey, ruler. She hit me good and hard with a ruler.
00:29 Ruler? A ruler?
00:30 Aha. Yes.
00:31 Tama ktuttohoq? Where did she hit you?
00:32 Elkilok not. It was a big one.
00:39 Nil neke keti-tokomit Sister Reparata, When Sister Reparata was going
00:41 nit ruler keka-te pisessik npihtinok. to hit me, that ruler almost went into
00:44 Tehpu qeni-wihqiptinessi, my hand. I just pulled it away,
00:45 cel whack! pemsokhasik. and whack! on the floor.
00:49 Miyawtuhusu. She hit herself.
00:50 Aha, etuciluwahat. Yes, she was so mad!
00:52 Apc-al aqamotu. Even more so after that, I would think.
00:54 Tehpu qeni-pkikatok, iyey, reysa, She just grabbed an eraser,
00:56 nihtol-olu erasers, square ones, one of those square ones,
00:59 qeni-pkikatok naka ntokomokun. grabbed it and hit me with it.
01:02 Knuhsuwi-tokomokun-ote? Did it hit you right on?
01:06 Nit pekossok nsiskuk. It hit me in the face.
01:08 Iya. Wow.
01:12 Nuci-nutahan. I went right out of the classroom.
01:15 Cel neke neqt sistoss And once a nun
01:18 nkoti-natekhuloq ihik was going to hang me up,
01:22 nit-olu old school... nihtol, where you in that old school... on those,
01:25 ekhulot kcehkitomok. Nit ehta where you hung your jackets. That's
01:27 keti-natekhulit, where she was going to hang me up,
01:30 iya. yes.
01:32 Nuci-nut... back seat epi, nit weci, iyey... I was sitting in a back seat, that's why...
01:38 keqsey cel nit neke. It was something at that time.
01:43 U, Oh,
01:45 neket nit I wanted
01:48 nkoti-macahan. to leave.
01:50 On ntiyukun, "Ma kisi-macahaw." And she told me, "You can't leave."
01:55 Neket nit It was
01:57 amsqahs, iyey, u, the first time, oh,
02:05 ntehpituwiyan. that I had my period.
02:07 Nit-te ma nkotuwamihkiwon. And I didn't want to stand up.
02:09 - Iya. Well,
02:12 On 'puwatomon, and she wanted me,
02:16 you know, nutahan ihik hallway. you know, to go out into the hallway.
02:18 Ma-te nkoti-nutahaw. I didn't want to go out.
02:20 On neke npokkikalkun, on nit So she grabbed me, and began to
02:23 mace-puwekihpulkun naka shake me and was going to
02:26 nkotuwekhulokun ihik nihtol, hang me up where those
02:31 ihil, hooks eyik. hooks were.
02:33 Cokahk! Oh my God!
02:35 Twenty-nine, twenty-nine. Twenty-nine, twenty-nine.
02:37 Eluwe-te npokkikala... I almost grabbed her...
02:40 Nmonahkewan, iyey... I pulled off her...
02:43 Kil toke. Your turn now.
02:44 Ma-te ntoluhkawon. I didn't do it.
02:46 I think that she... I think that she...
02:48 Aha, nit-te kisi-kcoskessi, woli-te Yes, and as soon as I got away from her, I went
02:51 noqci-nutaha. Ma-te-na nwesuwessiw. straight out, right away. And I didn't go back.
02:54 You just dealt that. You just dealt that.
02:55 Aha. Yes.
02:55 Naka nuskiw nmosimkun. And on top of that I got told on.
02:57 Iya. Wow.
02:58 - Iya. Yes.
02:59 Not nit Reparata? That was Reparata?
03:00 Iya, minuwiwuhpon not. Wow, she was a mean one.
03:00 Aha. Yes.
03:04 Keq liwisu? What was her name?
03:05 Reparata. Reparata.
03:06 Not yaka mecahkomiksitpon. She was nasty, that one.
03:09 It might be her, then. It might be her, then.
03:10 Cipotu-te. Maybe.
03:11 It could be. It could be.
03:14 There were only two, naka pahtoliyas. There were only two, and the priest.
03:16 Aha. Yes.
03:16 Tomlinson, right? Tomlinson, right?
03:19 Eluwehk-al. I guess so.
03:24 Nilun kahk Father Rice. We had Father Rice down here.
03:25 U, okay. Oh, okay.
03:32 I think way back then I think way back then
03:34 komac sistossok the nuns
03:37 sikomtuhtuwok. were really rigid.
03:39 Iya. That's right.
03:46 Sister Beatrice-ote piyemi-miyawomahtaqpon. Sister Beatrice was the nicest.
03:48 Iya, not-te piyemi-miyawomahtaq, Yes, she was the nicest one, and also...
03:52 Wen not? Who was that?
03:52 Sister Beatrice. Sister Beatrice.
03:56 Not-te piyemi-miyawomahtaqpon. She was the nicest one of all.
04:00 Nkoti-motehtihikehpon. I was going to knock.


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