Our Life is Different Now

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00:01 Motuweyu en ci mawehlut wasisok. It's hard when children are brought together.
00:05 Mecimiw psi-te pesqon keq wen eyyit. It used to be that what one person had,
00:09 Tepot ma-te wen... everyone had. That's why no one...
00:11 'Tankeyutomoniya. ...takes care of it.
00:12 Tetpeyultitpon. Everyone was equal.
00:14 Psi-te wen Everyone
00:15 yaluwisu en ci went berry-picking
00:18 tayimuwik 'toluwisin. when it was time to go berry-picking.
00:21 Natayyawlotipon sitomok We went to play on the shore
00:23 'sami psi-te nit wen elluhket. because everyone did.
00:25 Naka psi-te wen 'toliyan, And everyone went,
00:27 psi-te wen tpinuwa. everyone was watched out for.
00:28 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:30 Psi-te wen tpinuwa, Everyone was watched out for,
00:31 tepot eci-miyawhukhotiyiq. That's why we had so much fun. But now
00:32 Toke-olu wasisok en ci when children go around together,
00:35 mawiyahtihtit, when they go to school,
00:36 en ci natokehkimut piluwopultuwok. they're in a different situation.
00:40 Iya. Yes.
00:40 Piluwopultuwok. Nit-te wen 'sakhiyan Their situation is different.
00:43 naka wen 'titomon, Someone shows up
00:44 "Nit wot eyit, nit wot and then one says,
00:46 etoli-olluhket. "He has that, he does that.
00:47 Nil-ona nit npawatomon." I want that too."
00:49 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:49 "Nil-ona nit npawatomon." "I want it, too."
00:50 Nit-te kilun Then we go get it for them.
00:53 Nit-te kilun iyey knaciptuwanen. "I want it, too."
00:56 Nit-te kilun iyey knaciptuwanen. Then we go get it for them.
00:56 Nit weci nit lamikuwam iyultihtit That's why they're indoors and doing that.
00:59 naka nit 'tollukhotiniya. Because that's entirely the way
01:01 'Sami nit-te eleyik psi wikultiyiq. it is in our community.
01:04 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
01:05 Iya, nit-te eleyik. Yes, that's how it is.
01:07 Tokec pawatomoq piluwehtasu, If we want it to be different,
01:09 kilun nit ktahcuwi-piluwehtunen. we have to make it different.
01:11 Psi-te kcuwi-mawi-piluwehtunen. We have to make it different together.
01:15 On-oc-al-lu tan? How else can we?
01:19 I know it, Gee. How else can we?
01:22 Eli ehta ikolisomanokehkimkahtiyiq toke. We're taught the white man's way now.
01:29 Olokehkima wen, You're taught:
01:32 "Kila. Kila. Kila. "You. You. You.
01:34 Kil keti-olluhkiyin kil eli-pawatomon. You're going to do what you want to do.
01:37 Kila. Kila. Kila." You. You. You."
01:39 Mecimiw elokehkimkahtiyiq, What we used to be taught was,
01:42 "Mawiw. Mawiw. Mawiw psi-te kilun." "Together. All of us together."
01:46 Ma-te wen No one had to go around
01:49 cuwi-yali-kinessiw No one had to go around
01:50 keqsey wen naciptaq. scrambling for a living.
01:54 Kosona ma wen nokasiw skat mosonomuwon. No one was afraid of going without.
01:57 'Sami cu wot knaciptakun, Because this one would go get
01:59 cu wot ksepomuwihtakun. it for you, would save it for you.
02:02 On toke ma-te nit leyiw. And it's not like that anymore.
02:04 Skat nit tomk ihiwon If you don't have it first,
02:06 ma-tehc kmosoliqenomuwon. you're not going to get it.
02:08 Mm, hmm. Mm, hmm.
02:09 So, piluwahte-te toke ktolawsuwakonon. So our life is different now.
02:12 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
02:13 Aqami-motuweyu Life today is more difficult
02:16 kilun skat nit eli-macekultiwohq. than ours was.
02:20 Nil kahk-ote nkotomakitahatomon lawsuwakon toke, I feel sorry for people's life today,
02:25 sami piluwahte, because it's different,
02:29 piluwahte-te, very different,
02:34 Komac piluwahte. Really different.
02:41 Nit weci-kakawi-ktomakopultihtit That's why our children
02:45 knicannuk. are in such hard straits.
02:51 Ma wewawsultiwiyik. They don't know how to live.
02:53 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
02:55 'Sami nit-te etoli-mecimessultihtit Because that's where we're
02:58 kilun elawsultiyiqpon, stuck in our lives,
03:00 naka yukk toke elawsultihtit piluweyak. and the way other people live now.
03:04 Nit etoli-mecimessultihtit knicannuk. That's where our children are stuck.
03:10 Ktahcuwi keq olluhkhotipon piluwey. We must do something different.
03:15 Ktokehkimaniya. Teach them.
03:16 Ktahcuwi. We have to.
03:18 Natuwisin, naci-suwitokolaskan wen. To go pick berries, to gather sweetgrass.
03:21 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
03:22 Macephan wen wasisol. To take a child with you.
03:24 Mm- hmm. Mm- hmm.
03:26 Naka ktokehkiman. And to teach him.
03:27 Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm,
03:30 iya. yes.
03:32 'Talamkuhstahsin wen. To take a group with you, the way we always did.
03:37 Aha. Yes.
03:38 Nit mecimiw. That's how it was.
03:39 Etuci wen 'tawessit, You knew how to do things,
03:41 ansa wen 'toluhkewakon. as if it was your work.
03:43 Nit-te wen elluhket naka Then you went on to lead others
03:45 'tolomamkustahsin is right. in what you did - that's right.


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