Passamaquoddy Last Rites

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00:02 Iya nit ehta ntatat kisi-mehcinet... Well, then my father died...
00:06 Ihil 'kolonikonol ktatatol. Your father was his godchild.
00:10 On-oc ehsontek solahkiw And on Sunday
00:12 naci-wikuwamkoman. he happened to go visit him.
00:13 Kis neke ntatat lossinuhpon. My father was already confined to his bed then.
00:16 Komotu itom ktatat, itom, Suddenly your father said,
00:20 "Ma-te ktiywawiyik imiyakonok?" "Don't you have a rosary?"
00:24 Itom, "Stehpal wot etolimiyat." He said, "He seems to be praying."
00:26 Ntatat tahalu lossin kuhutik. My father was just lying there in the bed.
00:28 Ma-te keqsey kolonomu. He wasn't holding anything.
00:30 Cel ste imiyakon kelonat. But he looked as if he were holding a rosary.
00:34 On ntapi-kiluwahan, And I went to look for one,
00:35 nkisi-milan iya and I gave it
00:37 Fen. to Fan.
00:38 Fen not neket 'totoli iyey... Fan was the one at that time who...
00:40 "'Totoli-nkahsenal" eliwihtasik. "put out his light," as it was called.
00:42 Iya, iya cel wot itom, Yes, and she said,
00:45 "Ma-te apc wen, nil tehpu." "There's no one else here, just me."
00:47 Naka ktatat-ona nit 'topin. And your father was sitting there, too.
00:51 Itom Fen, Fan said,
00:54 "Coke tett oloqapek wiwoniw elossit." "Here, get yourself over there around his bed."
00:57 Kis 'kisi... She'd already...
00:58 Nit-al olkihqon kenotols, The candle was about that big,
00:59 cel 'kisi-psqolenomon. and she'd lit it.
01:01 'Kisi-punomuwan candle ntatat She put the candle in
01:04 tett oloqiw, my father's hand this way,
01:06 'kisi-psqolenomon, she lit it,
01:10 nit-te macemiyan. and she started to pray.
01:12 Skicinuwimiye, iya. She prayed in Passamaquoddy.
01:16 Solahki-tehc yut-tehc 'toli iyey... Suddenly she...
01:19 'Toli-qilunal, She felt on his chest,
01:22 apc-oc 'ciksotuwan. and then she listened to his breathing.
01:24 Itom, "Keka-te, keka-te." She said, "Almost, almost."
01:27 Nutomon te yut etoli-ahtolessit, wen... I heard him keep moving...
01:29 ketuwinet wen, iya. when someone is about to die...
01:32 On komotu solahkiw-ote itom, And suddenly she said,
01:34 "Keka-te," apc macemiyan. "Almost," and she started praying again.
01:37 Peciw yut... She even...
01:39 Solahki-te yuhtol 'tolomi-wihqonal iyey... Suddenly she took out
01:42 kensisol pqopossut, iyey this little can...
01:46 pqeyu nit, nit ochre... red ochre. It was ochre, red ochre.
01:49 Nita. Well.
01:51 'Toli-iywan, naka She did that to him, and
01:52 yut-te 'toli-sunhomuwan. she put it on him here.
02:06 On apc kisi-sunhat, on iyey ... And then, when she had anointed him,
02:12 'tolintuwewal. she sang to him.
02:15 Peci-te uskicinuwintuwewal. She even sang in Passamaquoddy.
02:18 Itom, "Nit-te sunhomuwan nita." She said, "Anoint him there."
02:21 Itom, "Keka-te." She said, "Almost."
02:26 Stehpal nit etolessit, Then it was as if something was happening to him,
02:28 piluwessu, a change came over him,
02:29 stehpal yut siskul apuckolessik. his eyes kind of rolled back.
02:34 Itom, "Iya, mehciniya." She said, "Yes, he has died."
02:46 Amsqahs-ote wen nomiyan wen That was the first time I saw someone
02:47 piluwessit. go through the change that happens when you die.


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