This Person Kept Teasing Me

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00:01 Nil, iyey, I sometimes think about
00:03 anqoc ntopitahatomon how mischievous I was
00:05 eci-amuwiyahsi weckuwi-maceki. growing up.
00:08 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:09 Neket, iya, Long ago,
00:10 Kci-Nanci 'totoli wenil wikuwamkomkul, someone was visiting Aunt Nancy,
00:15 on nil ntolitahasin naci-cikawiyan. so I thought I would go over to tease her.
00:18 On, iyey, So,
00:20 nkisi-motehtihikan... I knocked on the door...
00:25 Nit-te 'sakhiyan, ma-te wen ihiw. and when she came out there was no one there.
00:27 Apc-oc kisopit, When she sat down again,
00:28 apc-oc naci-motehtihikan, apc-oc naci-kalsin. I would knock again and hide.
00:34 Mam-ote Finally,
00:38 apc kisi-olluhki, when I did it again,
00:41 itom, "Kila cu kmosonol." she said, "I am going to get you."
00:45 'Cause I... 'Cause I...
00:47 nsakhap on nomiyukun; looked in the window and she saw me;
00:49 but ma tahk nonaku. but she didn't recognize me.
00:51 On nmace-qasqin. I started running.
00:52 I think npeci I think I ran
00:57 tama Fenihk. as far as Frances's house,
01:01 Mec weckuwi-qasqit. and she was still behind me.
01:03 Etutpayi. Ntolitahas, I was so scared. I thought,
01:05 "Tokec kcicihtaq wen notta!" "If she knows who it was!"
01:08 So, 'totolakonutomuwan Mamamol. So later she was telling Mom about it.
01:10 'Tiyal, She told Mom,
01:12 "Wot wen ahtoli-cikawiyit "Someone keeps teasing me,
01:13 nit elocossilit 'topotanol and she has a coat
01:16 ansa wotta, the same color as hers,
01:18 kenuk," itom, "I don't think wot keq but I don't think
01:20 'tolluhkan." she would do anything like that."
01:23 Ntolitahasin, "Oh my gosh, I thought, "Oh my gosh,
01:24 thank goodness ma nonaku." thank goodness she didn't know who I was."
01:26 Ma knonaku? She didn't know who you were?
01:27 Iya, well, Yes,
01:29 naka, ihik, Feni-Gabrelk... and then over at Fannie Gabriel's...
01:32 Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm,
01:33 nilun mecimiw... We used to...
01:33 ... eci-wolihpuksilit 'cikonesis. ... her apples were so delicious.
01:37 Kat-olu cikonesisok. Yes, the green apples.
01:38 Cikonesisok. Green apples.
01:39 Nkisi nit olluhkan neket with, iya, I did the same thing with Gertrude.
01:41 Gertrude. Gertrude.
01:42 Gertrude? Gertrude?
01:43 Komotu sakhiyat with a, iyey, a All of a sudden she came out with a
01:45 rifle. rifle.
01:46 Peskuwat? A gun?
01:46 Cokahk! Oh my goodness!
01:47 She shot it, too. She shot it, too.
01:48 Peskuwat? A gun?
01:50 I never did that apc. I never did that again.
01:52 I ran home, I ran home,
01:54 etutalokittiyhay elomiyay nikonuk. I ran like hell all the way.
01:57 Iya. Really.
01:58 Nkisi-peskhukun. She took a shot at us.
01:59 Kisi-peskhukuwa, She shot at you.
02:00 wesami-motuweyik. That is awful.
02:01 I never did it apc. I never did it again.
02:03 Nsiwacima. She was tired of hearing me knocking.
02:03 Ksiwacima? She was?
02:04 Iya. Yes.
02:06 Kenuk mecimiw Mamam eci nihtol...iya, Gertrude naka, iya... But Mom and Gertrude and...
02:12 ... Frensis. ... Frances.
02:12 - Frensis. Mecimi-te eci, iyey... - Frances. They were always...
02:15 Woli-witapehtuwok. They were good friends.
02:16 U, woli-witapehtuwok. Oh, they were good friends.
02:19 Tan-ote elluhket wen. Whatever one did.
02:20 Kat-olu. That's right.
02:21 Yat nican kosona yat nican, or her children, If they were your children
02:23 ma-te keq. nothing you did
02:24 Ma-te wen keq kisi-komutoluhkew. You could not do anything in secret.
02:26 No. No.
02:26 'Sami-mecimi-te ktolapomokun. Because they were always watching us.
02:28 Iya. Yes.
02:35 Aha, 'tawi-tpolukemuhtuwok. Yes, they knew how to gossip.
02:37 Kat-olu, on-oc That's right; and when I would be
02:39 ntotoli-ciksotoman, listening they would say,
02:41 "Nehe, nutaha, natay." "Okay, go outside, go play."
02:45 Ma wen kisi-tpostomu. You couldn't listen.
02:47 Auntie not mecimiw nehtawacomitpon. Auntie used to be good at telling stories.
02:49 Kat-olu. That's right.
02:50 Auntie Frensis. Auntie Frances.
02:51 Kat-olu. That's right.
02:52 U, ya. Oh, yes.
02:52 Ntolitahsihpon Auntie Etolet. I thought you meant Auntie Adelaide.
02:54 Nama, Aunt Frensis. No, Aunt Frances.
02:55 U, ya. Oh, yes.
02:57 Etutelomi-tehc. I would laugh so hard.
02:58 I know it. I know it.
03:00 Naka 'tawtaqsu. and she was good with words.
03:02 U, not kahk-ona. Oh, that is so true.
03:04 Tan ci tpitahamuk yuktok, ihik, When I think about,
03:08 I guess, ihik, I guess...
03:12 ktolonapemonuk, our relatives,
03:13 eci-'tawtaqsit, iya, Frensis Frances and Susie
03:17 naka Sutihk, eci, iyey, nokosa... were quick-witted.


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