Pretty Soon It'll Be Time for Sweetgrass

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00:00 Temonu-te na suwitokolasol. Pretty soon it'll be time for sweetgrass.
00:01 Nsukahtem. I spilled them.
00:03 Aha, elinaqsihtit. Yes, there are a lot of them.
00:06 Nsuwitokolaskan. I pick sweetgrass.
00:07 Nil kahk, iyey... I, um...
00:09 Ma-te 'kmoskuwawiyik? Didn't you find any?
00:10 Cu. Yes, I did.
00:11 Wen-na ankumot suwitokolasol? Whom do you sell the sweetgrass to?
00:12 Tan tehpu wen... Anyone...
00:13 Ipa wot etutapskosit! Look at this fat one!
00:14 ...wen puwatok. ...whoever wants it.
00:16 You know, etoli-qetatokoniki... You know, when I'm trying to braid...
00:19 - Ipa wot. - Look at this one.
00:19 kisessiw. doesn't work.
00:21 Keq mehsi? Why?
00:22 Ma-te, iyey, I don't know how
00:24 nihtawa... to braid.
00:25 Tama nomiyuk, nit-tehc etoli-masqolamessi. If I see one somewhere, that's when I'll scream.
00:29 Ma nihtawa...Nihtawatokehtuwon. Nihtawatokonikew. I don't know how to braid it. I don't know how to braid.
00:31 Ma-te nihtawatokehtuwon I don't know how to braid it
00:33 weci-wolinaqahk latokonikon so that the braid will look
00:35 tahalu nmamam. as nice as my mother's.
00:36 Ktahcuwi iyey... You have to...
00:38 Nekom cel etolintuwewik suwitokolas. When she does it, her sweetgrass sings.
00:42 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:44 Not-ona, iya, And your
00:45 kuhkomoss. grandmother's, too.
00:46 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:47 Kcuwi-ihin patience. You have to have patience.
00:49 Well, nit kahk. Well, that, too.


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