That Rotten Reparata

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00:00 ...Tan olonukot? What's happening?
00:03 Nilun-ona We had her, too...
00:05 not-olu... Both of us,
00:07 Ntetpeyinen nilun, Antoinette. Antoinette and I.
00:10 Pesqon-ote kisokehkiminokot She disciplined us both the same way,
00:12 not mecahkomiksit Reparata. that rotten Reparata.
00:14 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:14 Keqsey, wen 'samewestaq wen, Whatever,
00:16 kosona keqsey, on-oc, iyey, if you talked too much, or anything,
00:19 'posokewokonal wenil. then she'd pinch you.
00:22 Kosona 'posokaltoqenal, tahalu nil. Or she'd yank your hair, the way she did to me.
00:24 Kosona, iyey, wen tokoma, iyey, Or you'd get hit with
00:28 pointer. the pointer.
00:29 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:30 Pointer. Pointer.
00:32 Nama. No.
00:34 Jo-ann. Jo-ann.
00:37 Kil-lu tan, Lester? Qenokehkimkiyin What about you, Lester? While you were in school
00:47 Anqoc nikk wolomahtuhtuwok peskuwok. Sometimes some of them were nice.
00:50 Yut tahk tehpu wewitahamuk iya But I remember that
00:54 Borromeo. Minuwalokittiyehpon. Borromeo. She was so damn mean.
00:57 Qin-ote? Really?
00:58 Iya, iyey, wiki-mattihike naka, iyey, Really? She liked to give spankings and
01:01 wenil uliqehtahan ihik hit your hands and
01:04 pihtinihkuk. make them hurt.
01:06 Naka yut-te. And right here.
01:07 Kil-ona kisi-tokomoq nit, iyey...? Did she hit you there, on the...?
01:09 Tan kal. Possaq-al nuli-skinuhsisu. I don't know. I must have been a good boy.
01:13 Wen toke? Whose turn is it now?
01:14 Ma-te kmattuhukew? You didn't get beaten?
01:15 Ma-te nmatt... Cu-al-lu kekesk. I didn't... I must have, a little bit.
01:17 Ma tahk... But not...
01:18 Cu-al-lu, ma tahk koti-itomuwon. He must have, but he doesn't want to say it.
01:20 Rebecca, did you put that down? Rebecca, did you put that down?
01:21 Iya. I guess so.
01:22 Tehpu, iya, Cacpicuns wiki-mattuhut. It was just Jike who got beaten a lot.
01:25 Cacpin? Jike?
01:26 Aha. Yes.
01:29 Knutomon nit? Yes. Have you heard that?
01:30 Keq mehsi-mattuhut? Why was he beaten?
01:31 Keq mehsi? Why?
01:32 Iyey, Well,
01:38 keqsey 'tiyawal 'tolluhkan, they would tell him to do something,
01:40 on-oc ma 'toluhkawon. and he wouldn't do it.
01:44 Iyey, kete tan ci ksahat Like one time when he came in
01:48 on-oc tahalu 'tewepahkan 'tahsusuwon he was tossing his hat up and he
01:50 naka tehpuhk 'totolahkan apc-oc nit. just kept tossing it again and again.
01:54 Tehpu weckuwi-ksahat naka menakahcuhsan. He'd just come walking in slowly.
01:56 On-oc sistoss 'tiyan, "Mus nit olluhkekoc." And Sister told him, "Don't do that."
02:00 Sakhi-metsiye? Was he late coming in?
02:01 Aha, naka wisoki-metsiyan. Yes, and really late.
02:06 On-oc nit tahalu 'tokomuwan 'pihtin And she'd hit his hand so
02:10 weci skat nit olluhkehq. he wouldn't do it. But he kept doing it
02:13 Kenuk mec-otehc 'tolluhkan ehtahs-ote ksahat. every time he came in.
02:16 Aha. 'Sami-motuweyu. Yes. Too bad.
02:19 Tehpu eli-lahket 'tahsusuwon. Just for tossing his hat.
02:20 Nisinsk cel new. Twenty-four.
02:22 'Sinsk. Thirty.


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