Someone Who Saw a Little Person

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00:02 kwewitahatomon tan ci wen, iyey... do you remember when
00:05 Sakhiye-oc, iya, Grampy would come in
00:07 Muhmum naka 'titomon, and say,
00:08 "Nutuwa welaqik, iya, "Last night I heard
00:11 sqewtomuhs the hag
00:15 kosona mihkomuwehs?" or a little person"?
00:16 No, mihkomuwehs wen nemiyat -- No, when you see a little person --
00:17 Sqewtomuhs. The crying hag.
00:18 Nemiyat wen... When you see it...
00:19 Kotuwine. Someone is going to die.
00:20 Wen ketuwinet. - Someone is going to die.
00:21 Sqewtomuhs not aliyat, ihik... That was the hag...
00:23 ... yalotemit. ... crying.
00:24 Yalotemit, ihik, sitomok. Crying along the shore.
00:25 Iya, sitomok. Yes, down on the shore.
00:27 Well, sakhiyat, iyey... Well, he came over and...
00:29 Elomi-kseskossok. Gleason's Cove.
00:31 - Elomi-kseskossok It came in from
00:32 sakhiyat yut, iya... Gleason's Cove...
00:34 Naka nil mecimi tan ci nit itok, And whenever he said that,
00:36 nit-tehc tan-oc ntolomolsin. I would get an eerie feeling.
00:38 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:39 Nit-te-na nmamam. It was the same way with Mom.
00:43 Mecimiw wikit nemaht, ihik... When she was living at my house,
00:47 on-oc weckuwi-kapuwit sinkok, itom, she'd be standing by the sink, and she'd say,
00:50 "Koti wen mehcine." "Someone is going to die."
00:52 "U, Mam, ehqi nit itomun." "Oh, Mom, don't say that."
00:54 Itom, "Cu." She said, "It's true."
00:55 Itom "Nit-te nwewomols." She said, "I can feel it."
00:58 And two days later-oc wen mehcinan. And two days later someone died.
01:01 Mecimiw eci-siktehpawolit tan ci nit itok. It always scared me when she said that.
01:05 Mecimi-te kilun, iyey, That's what,
01:10 I guess eli-wolamsotomuhtihiq. I guess, we always believed.
01:16 Ma wen piluwey nit 'toli-wolamsotomuwon. Some people don't believe in it.
01:18 Nama. No.
01:19 No, ma tokec. No, not now.
01:20 Ma tokec. Not now.
01:22 I guess ma nkocicihtuwon tan ntoliwihtomon wen... I guess I don't know how to say...
01:27 Cilomotoma. You see or hear spirits.
01:27 - Cilomotoma. - You see or hear spirits.
01:28 Cilomotoma wen. That's when you see or hear spirits.
01:29 Cilomotoma. You see or hear spirits.
01:30 Iya. Yes.
01:30 Iya, that's it. Yes, that's it.
01:31 Cilomotoma wen. You see or hear spirits.
01:32 Iya. Yes.
01:34 Nit-tehc, iyey...Nakahc ntiyan Mamam, And I would tell Mom,
01:36 "U, ehqi nit itom." "Oh, Mom, don't say that."
01:38 Ecihc... 'sami nsiktehpawoloq Because I got scared
01:40 tan ci nit itok. when she'd say that.
01:43 But nit kilun eli-wolamsotomuhtihiq. But that is what we believed.
01:45 Kat-olu, nit-te-na mecimi-te nit leyu. That's right; and it's always true.
01:47 Mec-ote nit leyu ehtahs, It's still true,
01:49 kosona wen kuspawoloq or sometimes they keep you up
01:50 nipayiw wen ketuwinet. at night when someone's going to die.
01:51 Kat-olu. That's right.
01:53 Nit kilun... We...
01:55 I guess nit eli-macekultihiq. I guess that's how we were brought up.
01:56 Iya, iya. Yes, yes.


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