Star People

Start Time Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English
00:02 Yut ehta nil welaqik weckuhqepi. This is where I was sitting last night.
00:06 'Qotuhkayiw? All by yourself?
00:08 Nil tehpu, npeciptunol nisonul qotoputiyil. Just me. I brought two chairs.
00:10 Ntolitahasihpon wen peciyat, I thought that if someone else
00:11 apc-oc wen 'kisqepin. U. came along they could sit down.
00:14 Ntapi-kotuhmahsuwewa Kuhkomosson. I came to drum for Our Grandmother.
00:16 Pihce ntehqi-wikuwamkoman It's been a long time since I
00:17 Kuhkomosson, on welaqik visited Our Grandmother, and
00:20 ansa-te eliwihtasik nituwin last night it seemed as if
00:22 npeciyan naka nwikuwamkoman, iya. I needed to come and visit her.
00:26 Etucintuwewuk I sang for her a lot,
00:28 naka ntahtolewestuwaman. and I kept speaking to her.
00:30 'Qotuhkayiw? Just yourself?
00:31 'Qotuhkayiw. Just me, mm-hmm.
00:33 Eci-wolinaqsit nit ellahsit ihik 'samaqanok. The water was shining so beautifully.
00:37 U. Iya, naka nkisi-psqolenomon lipkotenomakon. Yes, and I lit a smudge.
00:41 Psi-te yet lamiw ntapi-lipkotenomon ponapsq I smudged all inside the rock
00:44 eli-psikapskiyak, where it is split, and
00:46 naka nwiwonuhsan apc tett oloqiw. I walked around it that way.
00:49 Naka nkisewestuwaman And I spoke to the rocks
00:50 ponapskul naka, iyey, and I said,
00:53 ntiyan, "Nmoskeyin "I am sorry that I haven't
00:55 eli pihce ehqi-peciyay naka knacintuwewoloniya." come for so long and sung to you."
01:00 'Sami mecimi-te Because I always used to come
01:02 yut npeciyahpon anqoc seski-wespasahkiwik very early in the morning,
01:07 naka nacintuwewan. and sing to them.
01:09 Aha, Yes,
01:11 naka 'samaqan. and to the water.
01:14 Ma-te niktok knomiyawiyik yekk You didn't see those...
01:17 tahaluhp... nikk neke nomiyukot those things we saw when we
01:22 neket ehta peciyayek? came that time?
01:26 Knomiyak niktok You saw those --
01:27 keq-al possessomi... what do you call them? -- star...
01:29 Possesomuhsisok. Little stars.
01:30 Possesomuhsisok. Ma-te knomiyawiyik? Little stars. You didn't see them?
01:33 Cu. Yes, I did.
01:33 Cu? You did?
01:36 Possesomuwinuwok. Star-people.
01:37 Mecimi-te nikk knomiyak? Do you always see them?
01:38 Mecimi-te nomiyak yut peciyay. Tan-ote ellaqik. I always see them when I come, whatever the night is like.
01:43 Iya. Yes.
01:45 Keq ktoliwiyak? What do you call them?
01:46 Possesomuwinuwok. Star-people.
01:47 - Possesomuwinuwok. - Star-people.
01:49 Possesomuwinuwok. Star-people.
01:50 Aha. Yes.
01:51 Knomiyan niktok neke kilun. You and I saw them that time.
01:52 Aha, iya. Yes, yeah.
01:54 Eci-wolinaqsihtit naka elinaqsihtit. They are so beautiful, and there are so many of them.
01:57 Elinaqsit. There are a lot of them.
01:58 Possahtuwessuwok? Do they sparkle?
01:59 Etutahtuwessihtit, uhkomi. Oh yes! They really sparkled, Grammy.
02:01 Qin-ote? Really?
02:02 Cel, iyey, yet oloqiw And over that way
02:04 nit al-ote tutalokot. there's a deep hole.
02:06 Nit etuttek nit 'samaqan That's where the water is.
02:09 Tehpu qeni-monehluk nmaksonok I just take off my shoes
02:10 naka npisikonawin. and wade into the water.
02:12 Nit-te oli-kolomuhtuwok nqatihkuk. They come and cling to my legs.
02:15 Naka nwihkutomuwan Gee!
02:16 kikehtahsuwakon eli-'tomeyuwit nkatol. And I ask them for healing for the pain in my legs.
02:21 Eci-tehc wolomotom nkatol. My legs feel so good.
02:24 Naka anqoc-ote-na, iyey, nwihqonak. And sometimes I pick them up.
02:27 Nit-tehc etolahtuwessihtit npihtinok, Then they are sparkling in my hand,
02:30 naka ntiyan, iyey, and I tell them,
02:33 "Eci-wolinaqsuhtiyeq, possesomuwinuwok. "You are so beautiful, star people.
02:37 Kpeci-wikuwamkomolopa. I'm coming to visit you.
02:39 Kpeci-kotuwapemolopa I am going to rely on you
02:41 eci-ksinuhki nkatol. to help the pain in my legs.
02:43 Kiluwaw cu kisi- I'm certain that you can make
02:44 kisehtuniya nkatol nulomotomon, my legs feel better,
02:46 kikehtahsuwakon." with your healing power."
02:50 On-oc anqoc ckuwi-pisiye And then sometimes someone
02:52 wen utapakon. will drive up in their car.
02:53 Nit-tehc ntiya, Then I say to them,
02:55 "Kamot-te kwesuwe-punolon 'samaqanok, 'sami ma, iyey, "I'd better put you back in the water,
02:56 npawatomuwon wen piluwey kutomeyakun, because I don't want anyone else
03:00 skat wolamsotomuhtiht to bother you who doesn't believe in
03:02 possesomuwinuwey." the star people."
03:04 Aha. Yes,
03:05 Nit-tehc-ona nwesuwe-punan 'samaqanok. then I put them back in the water.
03:07 Nit-tehc oli-sissessuwok. Then they depart in all directions.
03:13 Tahalu-te itomanpon, As I said, not so long ago
03:14 meste yut pihce ntehqi-peciyan yut, I had stopped coming here,
03:16 naka pihce nteqapektuhusin and I hadn't played my
03:19 na npokuhulakonum. drum for a long time.
03:21 'Sami, iyey, nkisi-ksihkaha, Because I was lost,
03:25 cu-al-lu nkisi-ksihkaha. I must have gotten lost.
03:26 Ma-te keq nkoti-olluhkew. I wasn't going to do anything.
03:28 Kenuk ntotoli-qeci-apaci. But I'm trying to come back.
03:32 Nit kete welaqik Like last night,
03:34 etoli-tuwapi, ntolitahasin, when I was looking into the water, I thought, poor things,
03:36 likew, mesq-ote nil ntoliyawon I haven't been to Split Rock
03:38 Pessikapskiyak askomot-al tayuwe. for I don't know how long.
03:40 Tehpu yut npeciyan naka I just came here
03:42 natewestuwaman yuktok, and went to talk to them,
03:44 naka, iyey,ntolintuwewan. and I sang to them.
03:50 Nmace-apaciyamkun, And it’s starting to come back to me,
03:53 ’sami nkoskaha. because I was lost,
03:56 Iya. yes.
03:57 "Ma-te nit li-minuwiw, iyey, "That doesn’t mean that
03:59 ma koti-wiciyewtomuluwon kil I’m not going to be part of
04:01 elluhkewinuwiyin, what you are doing,
04:03 palitahasuwi etoli-olluhkiyin, tus. so proudly, my daughter.
04:06 Nit-te ktahtoli-wolluhkan." Keep doing good work."
04:08 "Aha. Woliwon." "Yes. Thank you."
04:09 Mace-te-na apaciyetul They’re starting to come back,
04:12 nihtol elomolsiyanpon mecimiw yut the feelings I had when
04:15 etoli-peciyay. I was coming here.
04:16 Kulitahasuwewol, Grace. I’m happy for you, Grace.
04:18 Kci-woliwon. Nil-ona. Thank you so much. Me, too.
04:19 Naka, iyey, npeci-wihkutomuwan And each time I come here,
04:22 Kihci-Niwskumon ehtahs yut npeci, I ask the Great Spirit,
04:24 naka nwihkutomuwan ntokehkimkun naka nostuhmakun And I ask Him to teach me and tell me how
04:28 tan nekom ’toli-puwatomon tan ntolokehkiman wasisok. He wants me to teach the children.
04:32 Nit-oc elluhki, iya. That is what I will do, yes.
04:39 Kcitpot, wisoki-kcitopot yut ponapsq. It’s sacred. This rock is very sacred.
04:44 Peskuhuk itomuk, Some people say
04:45 ma-te kcitpotuwiw, kenuk-olu that it isn’t sacred,
04:48 kcitpot. but it is.