They Brought Medicine Here

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:04 Eci-wolomomqahk yut. It feels so good being here.
00:06 Eci-wolalokittiyemomqahk, gee! It feels so darn good, gee!
00:10 Yut mecimiw ihtoli-tkahsomultiyiq, Ti. This is where we used to swim, Dee.
00:12 Mecimiw. Used to.
00:15 On ta etoli-'komaseyik yut oloqiw, Okay, over here it's easy
00:21 etoli-ewepatuwet. for her to climb up.
00:26 Nita, Okay,
00:28 yuta. right here.
00:31 Yut ehta, monihkuhsisok... Well this, little island...
00:35 1976, neke In 1976,
00:38 peciyawolotihtit skicinuwok, that time when the native people
00:40 kisi-maqahapon. came; we all gathered.
00:43 Ipa, on yut neke Listen, they brought
00:45 'peciptuniya 'pisun. medicine here that time.
00:46 Itomuk, "On ta, yut toke wen They said, "Okay, now if someone
00:50 kotuwi-nacimiyat, oliyac, wants to go pray, they can go there,
00:53 weci-kisankeyasultiyeq." so you can take care of yourselves."
00:55 Naka kmihqitahatomonen nit, iyey, And we remember
00:58 'pisun peciptuhtit. the medicine they brought.
01:02 Weci skat unitahatomuwonewin So we don't forget
01:05 eli-peciptakiyiq. what was brought to us.
01:43 Psiw-ote nmuhsumsok, kiluwaw yut. All of my grandfathers, this is yours.
02:00 Kihci-kikuwosson skitkomiq Our mother the earth
02:04 naka psi-te knicanok, and all your children,
02:08 Kmilloniya yut psi-te keq. I give you all this.
02:47 Psi-te npomawsuwinumok, All my people,
02:52 kiluwaw yut. this is for you.
02:56 - Psi-te npomawsuwinumok, - All my people,
03:01 kiluwaw yut. this is for you.
03:05 Kihci-kikuwosson skitkomiq Our mother the earth
03:09 naka psi-te nican, and all her children,
03:13 Kmilloniya yut psi-keq. I give you all this.
03:20 Eci-wolihtaqahk. That sounds so good.
03:21 A, wolihtaqot, ey, Tahnol? Ah, it sounds good, right, Donald?
03:22 Yes, sir! Yes, sir!


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