They go trapping

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:12 Puniw-olu keq-op wen olluhke? What would people do in the winter?
00:15 Kis kisi-kotunkahtipa, You've done hunting and
00:16 kis kisi-woli-punomoniya you've stored away
00:17 psi-keq micuwakon, nit-oc... all the food, then...
00:19 Punawhotuwok. They go trapping.
00:20 - Punawhotuwok. - They go trapping.
00:24 Macephan wen traps, You take your traps,
00:27 naka winonawtosson yut and where the road goes around,
00:29 knaci-punawan apc yet, apc yet, you place them here and there
00:33 well, tama natomokilok kcihq, in a good sized area of the woods,
00:37 tahaluhp yut camp ehtek, like where this camp is,
00:41 on-oc kmace-punawan tokkiw piskiyak, and you set traps until dark,
00:44 on-oc ktolihtun kotok camp. and then you make another camp.
00:46 Apc tett ktoloqiyan oloqiw Then you go this way
00:48 apc kmace-punawan, and set traps again,
00:50 kiyasqi-te three camps. making three camps.
00:53 The fourth one-op yut, The fourth one would go here,
00:55 tahalu-tehp ball field. just like a ball field.
00:59 Wen apaciyat apc When you come back
01:02 natsoqan, you check the traps,
01:03 see, tan pethok, on-oc see, to see what you've caught,
01:05 'totoliptun nit ihik amsqahsewey, and bring it to the first trap-line
01:08 naka 'possehlan psi-keqsey, and skin all the animals,
01:11 apc minuwi-punawe. then you set the traps again.
01:14 Well, kisi-monehlat weni pethat, Well, after you remove the ones you've caught,
01:15 apc minuwi-punawan. you set them again.
01:17 Apc tett knankomiyan Then you continue on
01:19 tokkiw nisewey, to the second trap-line,
01:21 nit-ona kmacenikan, iyey... then you go on carrying...
01:25 Naka wolawotuss? And did they sell at a good price?
01:27 Aha. Yes.
01:28 Woli-pqahtun wen? You earned a good sum?
01:29 Lehsuwisok mecimi monuhmoniya. Jewish people used to buy the pelts.
01:32 Wahte mecimiw My uncles would go off
01:35 naci-punawiyik ntankolomok 'qocihpun. and set traps all through the winter.
01:41 Naka, on-oc 'tolihtuniya 'tuluwa And, they would build their canoe
01:45 on 'peci-sukiniya nemaht and would paddle to my house
01:47 waht cikcahkiw. down the hill.
01:49 Anqoc psonte-te canoe Sometimes the canoe would be
01:52 nihtol motekonol. filled with the pelts.
01:54 On-oc apc next day Then the next day
01:57 nankomi-sukhotiniya Fredericton. they would paddle on to Fredericton.
02:00 Assokinaqot, iya. That's something, yes.
02:02 Nit etolankuwehtuhtit, iyey, That's where they sold
02:06 pethomuhtit. what they'd trapped.
02:08 Kapi-te 'tuluwal. And also their canoes.
02:09 Assokinaqot. That's something.
02:10 Iya. Yes.
02:12 Mesq nit neke kpihikonol? That was before the dams were there?
02:14 No. No.
02:16 Gee, no, tan-op-al... Gee, no, when would that have been?
02:19 That was in... That was in...
02:21 Well, I was cipotuk-al Well, I was about
02:25 newikotonahpon nit, four years old,
02:27 four or five. four or five.


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