They Lived on What They Found Along the Shore

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:01 Tett-oc ktoloqiyapon We're heading over to where
00:03 nilun mecimiw Korik my uncle Greg
00:04 eloqihtehkomeq an-ci cuspeskiyeq. and I used to hunt porpoise.
00:06 U, aha. Oh, yes.
00:07 Yut eloqicuwok. It's flowing this way.
00:08 Iya, iya... Yeah, yeah...
00:10 Mesq-ote kil kcuspeskew? Have you ever hunted porpoise?
00:12 Mesqa. Not yet.
00:13 Nokatomon nmociluwuhukan. I'm afraid of getting seasick.
00:17 Mecimi-te en ci cuspeskiyek yut, Whenever we hunted porpoise here,
00:19 tett ntoloqiyapon. we'd go that way.
00:21 Psi ehta-te lamiw kisi... Everything inside could be used...
00:23 Tehpu They just
00:25 woloksiyil qasahkehtit. threw away the intestines.
00:27 Kat-olu. Of course.
00:28 Psi-te keq 'tuwehkaniya. Pikiyik. They used everything. Ribs.
00:29 Psi-te keq. Everything.
00:31 Naka 'kispastuniya. And they dried it.
00:35 Wahte 'peci, iyey, They bring it
00:36 maqehtehmoniya, iyey, all over there and gather it up,
00:39 kispahtek, puniw. in the winter, once it was dried.
00:41 Well, nilun ehta, nilun ehta mecimiw, qeni, Well, we used to...
00:45 itom, "Well, kospastunen." He'd say, "We'll smoke it."
00:47 On-oc, 'salawehtun. And then he'd salt it.
00:52 On-oc wiqqahk, And then at low tide,
00:54 on-oc ntoliptunen yet oloqiw, then we'd take it over there,
00:57 Wahsamkiw, to the cove on the other side,
00:58 on naci-pkotenomonen nit, u, and smoke it,
01:03 tokki-al-ote mesq piskiyanuhk. until just before dark.
01:06 Mesq piskiyanuhk It would be ready before dark.
01:10 kisacuwiw. It would be ready before dark.
01:13 Etoli-peskhuk, itom, When I was shooting, he said,
01:14 "Eci-ckuwessit, mus peskhahkoc." "Don't shoot him when he's coming toward us."
01:18 Itom, "Naka ktaskuwyan, He said, "You wait,
01:23 ktaskuwyan you wait
01:25 psonpewset if he fills up,
01:29 mesq peskhawon." before you shoot him."
01:32 Itom, He said,
01:33 "An ci peskhot, make sure "When you shoot him, make sure
01:34 kmiyawteluwan. you can hit him.
01:37 Skat miyawteluwawon, If you can't hit him,
01:37 musa peskhahkoc." don't shoot."
01:39 Itom, "Musa wekihtuhkoc selsol." He said, "Don't waste the shells."
01:44 On... And...
01:46 on-oc yet and we
01:48 npeciphanen yet cuspesok would bring the porpoise in
01:49 imiyewikuwamok motapew. down behind the church.
01:50 Mecimi-te nit ehtoli-nattokahat. That used to be the landing-place.
01:53 Niktok peciw sistossok, Even the nuns
01:55 pahtoliyasok, natsakiyawal, and priests would come to see him,
01:57 eci-wolihtahsit. when he was cleaning them.
02:00 Itom, "Kil-ona ktahcuwi- He said, "You have to teach yourself
02:02 kehkimsin eli-woliyot." how to clean them."
02:05 Itom, "Woliyan pesq." He said, "Clean one."
02:08 Itom, "Wapololuhkiyin, He said, "I'll tell you
02:09 on-oc nil ktiyulon." if you're doing it wrong."
02:11 So, oqiton-ona. So, the canoe too.
02:14 Itom, "Kis kil He said, "You are
02:15 ktepikotonan asit ktopin." old enough to sit in the back."
02:19 Yut aliyayeq milawiw. We'd be going around out in the middle.
02:21 On-oc..., an ci yaka wolhuket. And... when he was feeling good.
02:25 Mecimi-te 'tahcuwi-yaliphal He always had to carry
02:26 'puhtayamol. his bottle with him.
02:27 Mehsihp-al natsakiyal Harisossisol. He would always go to see Horace.
02:33 Haris, ya. Horace, yes.
02:34 Ya. Yeah.
02:35 Nekom ehta nutankuwatpon. He was the one who used to sell it.
02:40 Mecimiw, iyey... It always...
02:44 It takes a while cuspesol? It takes a while to get the porpoise?
02:48 Stehpal nit peskhut, iyey... It's as if when he's shot...
02:50 cuspes sakhessit, When he comes up,
02:51 stephal nit elessit. it's as if he does this.
02:53 Tehsahqiw iyey stehpal suwwiyat. He kind of idles on the surface.
02:57 You got so many seconds You got so many seconds
02:59 qiltuwan naka ksaptahan. to go after him and harpoon him.
03:02 Ktassu kahk. Otherwise he'll sink.
03:05 Tahcuwi pol psonessu, iyey... First he has to fill with...
03:08 U, ya, wocawson. Oh, yeah, air.
03:11 Ya, wocawson Yeah, he has to take
03:12 tahcuwi pol psonessu, on yaka... a full breath and then...
03:16 Ma-te knituwiw-- You don't need to--
03:17 ma-tehc ktapehew. He won't go down.
03:18 Tehpuhc apuckolhuke. He'll just flip over upside down.
03:22 See, nit kahk peskhot, nit-te... See, if you shoot him right off...
03:25 Skat wocawson ihihq... Without the air inside...
03:26 Nit-te 'kottassin, init? He sinks right away, right?
03:27 Nit-te 'kottassin. He sinks right away.
03:30 Ma-na kisuwehkewon You can't use
03:31 kininaqqil selsol, because, iyey... big shells, because...
03:35 Ktomteluwa tehp! You'd blow him in half.
03:37 No, No,
03:38 knutehtelomuwan wocawson, it's because you'd shoot the air out of him,
03:39 nit-te ktapalokittiyehe. and then he'd sink.
03:41 Oh, that's right, yeah. Oh, that's right, yeah.
03:42 See? See?
03:43 Tepot nihtol That's why those
03:45 number fours wolessuponil. number fours were good.
03:48 Kiyasqi-te eltehsok. They hit just right.
03:53 Cel nit, iyey, And when
03:54 sakhapiyat nit-te 'putuwan. he'd come up he'd blow.
03:58 Nit-tehc apc 'komoqin? Ma-te keq... Then he'd dive again? There was nothing...
04:01 'Totoli-psonehtun, iyey, wocawson. He's filling up with air.
04:04 On yaka, on yaka, And then, and then
04:07 kisi-psonehtaq wocawson, when he is full of air,
04:08 on yaka kpeskoliqewan! then you let him have it!
04:11 Naka eci-'tawi-nipskatuwet. And he really knew how to swear.
04:15 I know it. I know it.
04:17 Kciqeliqaha kenoq, gee. But he was good, gee.
04:18 U kciqalokitti ... out here, Oh, he was...
04:20 kciqalokittiyeha. Out here, he was damn good.
04:22 Itom neket, itom, "Well, He said, "Well,
04:24 kis nil ma nulalokittiyalokiq-al." I can't seem to see very well now."
04:26 Itom, "Kil toke He said, "So you have
04:29 ktolawsikhan kikuwosson." to earn a living for our mother."
04:33 Itom, "Kat-op nil keq nkisi-olluhkew." He said, "I wouldn't be able to do anything."
04:39 On so nil nmace-kotunkan, So I began to hunt
04:43 nmaciyaman. and fish.
04:45 Naka mecimi-te aneqehsuwok And we always used
04:46 ntiyali-saptahannuk. to spear flounder.
04:48 Eci-wolalokittiyehpuksihtit nomehs... The fish -- the flounder --
04:50 aneqehsuwok mecimiw. tasted so darn good.
04:53 Nit al-ote 'koskekiniya. They were about this wide.
04:56 Psi-te... tamahk-oc We would nail them up
04:57 etoli-sitektahat wen. on the side of the house to dry.
05:06 Yut ehta mecimiw etolamahtihtit This is where the people
05:08 skicinuwok, aneqehsuwok. used to fish for flounder.
05:11 Mesq yut ktapamawon? Have you ever gone fishing?
05:13 Mesqa. Not yet.
05:13 Nama? No?
05:14 - Nama. - No.
05:15 Tette ntankolum... Over that way is where my uncle...
05:17 Kci-peskiyak? At Marsh Pond?
05:17 Tette... Over that way.
05:19 Pessikapskiyak? At Split Rock?
05:20 Aha, Yes,
05:22 ledgeihkuk an ci wiqqahk. on the ledges at low tide.
05:25 'Sami psi-te eci-wolamkiyak nit lampeq. Because the bottom there is nice and sandy.
05:28 Nit-te-na yuta ... It is over here, too.
05:29 Same sand. Same sand.
05:30 Ya. Yes.
05:31 Koti yut wolamke. It's really nice and sandy here.
05:32 Wolamke. Nice and sandy.
05:33 Tepot yut aneqehsuwok So, here is where
05:34 ksiyapasuwok -- the flounder come in --
05:36 nit-al 'tolkiloniya, they're about this big,
05:39 naka nit-al 'pahsekiniya. and this thick.
05:41 Eci-wolalokittiyehpuksihtit. They taste really good.
05:43 Eci-wolawsultiyiq kilun, naka We lived well, and
05:46 ikolisomanok, iyey, the white people
05:51 'tali-kotuhpultiniya. went hungry.
05:53 I know it. I know it.
05:55 Nit ehta weci- That's how
05:57 sapawsultiyiq neket we survived back when
05:59 Hoover presidentuwit, President Hoover. Hoover was president, President Hoover.
06:02 Naka nit, iyey, And at that time
06:04 psi-te wen kotuhpuhpon Eastport, everyone was hungry in Eastport,
06:06 yut kilun-ote but here we lived
06:08 kutawsultipon yuta... off all this.
06:11 ... kutawsultipon, ... we lived off --
06:12 essok. clams.
06:13 Essok, psi-te keq. Clams, everything.
06:14 Pukocalahsisok. Periwinkles.
06:18 Pukocalahsisok naka keq-al apc -- Periwinkles, and what else --
06:23 keq liwihtasu? -- what's it called? --
06:25 aneqehsuwok. Flounder.
06:27 Ya. Yes.
06:31 Ponapskul... The rocks...
06:35 Tama cel skicinuwok Where did the people
06:35 Nikk petqapskosossicik? Those little round ones?
06:40 Nomehsuwok? They were fish?
06:41 Nama. No.
06:44 Tama cel skicinuwok Where did the people
06:45 'tali-pkonawa? -- catch them? --
06:47 Pqahsuliyik! Mussels!
06:48 Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
06:48 Wolalokittiyehpuksuwok nikt pqahsuliyik. They tasted so good!
06:51 Mec-otehp toke. Probably still do.
06:52 Oh yeah. Nil Oh yeah. Whenever
06:53 mecimi-te I'm hungry,
06:54 eci-ketupuk nit-te naciphan. I go get some.
06:58 Eci-wolalokittiyehpuksihitit Those mussels still
06:59 pqahsuliyik mec. taste so good.
07:01 Nit-al 'tolkiloniya. They are about this big.
07:03 Ansa Like
07:05 robinsisok nemihqosihtit. baby robins when they're just born.
07:09 Robinsisok. Baby robins.
07:11 Ksi-piyehsuwiwok. They're so fuzzy.
07:14 Kinalokittiyena. Mecimiw You've got that right!
07:20 old man Saktumaw naka, ya, Old man Soctomah and
07:22 nmuhsums my grandfather
07:23 natamaniya yet epastoq, yet oloqiw, used to go fishing out there in the middle, over that way,
07:28 ihik channel nit-al eyik -- about where that channel is.
07:32 ihik cilonasicik, They went after haddock,
07:35 naka nuhkomeqok. and cod.
07:39 Naka apc ... wenik kahk niktok, ihik... And also -- what are those called, those...
07:43 cilonasit, pollock. cilonasit, pollock.
07:46 No - No -
07:48 Cilonasit. The haddock.
07:49 Naka yut mecimiw And you could get
07:50 eci wen moke-ptahat... all you wanted here...
07:52 psi-te yut... all around here...
07:53 Anqoc nataman nil Sometimes I'd go fishing
07:54 naka ntankolum. with my uncle.
07:55 Elalokittiyenaqsit-oc pethukot, We would catch a huge number of them;
07:58 nuhkomeqok nwesuwe-cuwahpahkanennuk. we liked to throw the cod back.
08:01 Tehpu heteksok... Just haddock...
08:02 Well, Well,
08:03 npolatalom, we would trade them
08:05 nit-te ntesunomawotinen naka payisol. with my brother for pie.
08:08 Naka And
08:10 elihpi Stan 'tihinehpon, remember? that place that Stan had, remember?
08:14 Sapatin... Sabattis...
08:15 Sapatis, iya. Sabattis, yes.
08:16 Sapatis. Sabattis.
08:19 Nit ehta mecimiw That's where the
08:21 bridge iyuhpon. bridge used to be.
08:23 Nil ma nwewitahatomuwon I don't remember
08:24 nit soqasuwakon. that bridge.
08:25 Third Bridge ntoliwihtomonen. We called it "Third Bridge."
08:28 Apc Carlow Island-ona nit kotok iyu, Then there was another one to Carlow's Island,
08:30 naka waht Sipayik. and over there to Sipayik.
08:32 Nohonul soqasuwakonol. Three bridges.
08:35 On yut piluwicuwon And the flow of the water
08:38 kisi-kpehtuhtit yuhtol three. changed when they closed up the three passages.
08:40 Nit-te na yet lamiw... And so in there...
08:42 Aha. Yes.
08:43 ...pasiciw. ...over on the other side.
08:44 Psi-te yut piluwicuwon. All of the currents flow differently now.
08:45 Piluwicuwon-ote yut; They flow differently;
08:46 no wonder, nokka-amuwiyahtuniya yut. no wonder, since they screwed it all up.
08:48 Elkihqakkil yuhtol ponapskul. They used such big rocks.
08:50 Yet-ona yaq mecimiw I heard that they used to spear
08:52 kci-wahsiw 'tali-saptahawa saki. lobsters over on the other side,
08:55 Kininaqsuwok yaq sakiyik. Not, iya... great big lobsters.
09:01 Lampeq iyu not, iya, Underwater there was a --
09:03 ntaluwiwiya not... channel... what do you call it? -- a channel,
09:05 naka yut ponapskul, gee, and in the rocks here, gee,
09:07 elalokittiyekilok not sak, mec-al nit. the lobster were so big, this big!
09:08 I know. I know.
09:12 The claws nit olalokittiyekihqon. The claws were just huge!
09:13 Etuciptinawotihtit. They had such big claws.
09:14 Oh boy! Oh boy!
09:16 Naka 'komaseyuwok. And they were easy to catch.
09:18 Tokkiw yut kisi-amuwiyahtuhtit Until they screwed the place up
09:20 yuhtol soqasuwakonol. with these bridges.
09:21 Nit-te ma-te apc, iyey... Then there weren't any more...
09:23 Nit-te ma-te toke... Now there aren't...
09:25 Nokka-nehpahtuniya psi-keq. They killed everything.
09:27 Psi-te psoncokuhsewiw It all gradually filled up
09:28 ososq nit lamiw. with mud inside there.
09:31 Nit-al-ote spocoke, ihik... It's about this deep.
09:32 Nit-al spocoke ososq. The mud is that deep.
09:34 Mecimi-te natonessahtinen nit. We used to go clamming there.
09:37 Tan mecimiw likonuss nit? How did it use to look there?
09:40 Well, saputeyu, Well, the water went through,
09:43 yut-te 'ci-ksehpehe naka 'ci-nutehe. the tide went in from here and came out from there.
09:46 So, So,
09:48 ma-te yet ososq ihiw? and came out from there.then it wasn't muddy in there?
09:50 Wolamke? It was a sandy bottom?
09:51 Ya, wolamke. Yes, sandy.
09:52 Toke kahk elalokittiye... Now it's terrible.
09:55 Naka, iyey, And
09:58 'sami-sipkahte it sits too long
10:02 yuta one place tehpu, in the same place,
10:05 naka mocimahte yut 'samaqan. and the water smells bad.
10:07 Cel mec-ote toke wolpekot. And here the water is still clear.
10:09 Ya. Mec-ona fish ihik... Yes, there were still fish here.
10:13 Ma-te tahk toke nomehsuwok? There aren't any fish now?
10:15 Nama. No.
10:17 Gee, mecimiw elinaqsit. Gee, there used to be so many.
10:18 Aneqehsuwok There used to be
10:19 elalokittiyenaqsit mecimiw. so many flounder.
10:20 Mecimiw. Naka kinkiluk. At one time. And they were big.
10:22 I know. Eci-wolikihtit. I know. They were good fish.
10:23 Neket-ona Did the fish
10:24 nahtokassihtit nomehsuwok? use to run ashore?
10:26 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
10:28 Kci-wahsiw? On the other side of Sipayik?
10:29 No. Yut-olu nomociniw. No. Here on this side.
10:31 U ya. OK. Mm-hmm. Oh, yes. OK. Mm-hmm.
10:33 Peskotomuhkatiyik? Pollock?
10:34 Niktok. Yes, those are the ones.
10:35 Naka skicinuwok And the people
10:36 'tali-nahtokahkaniya? knocked them up onto the shore?
10:39 Kil-lu tan? Did you do that?
10:40 Ya. Yes.
10:43 Wikuwaci wen It's fun to run
10:43 cuwahpi-qasqin ewasisuwitpon. into the water when you're a kid.
10:46 'Sami 'taliphoqalawa ihi herrings, Because the pollock would chase the herrings,
10:49 bunch of herrings; ansa, iyey, siktehpawolut. and they would be frightened
10:57 On sonuciw 'toloqamkessiniya herringsok. and bunch up near the shore.
11:01 Nit-olu pollock 'keskatqiyaniya. The pollock would drive them
11:04 Tehpu nsaptahannuk, to the surface.
11:07 nit-tehc... We would just spear pollock after pollock --
11:10 psi-al-ote wen...pollock, pollock, pollock. everyone would.
11:13 Nit kete eci-wolawsultiyiq That's an example of how we lived
11:14 nikt nomehsuwok. so well off the fish.
11:15 Oh boy! Oh boy!
11:16 Cel-ote, iyey, 'sameluk. And you know, there were too many of them.
11:18 'Sami Because
11:21 ma-te keqsey tehkeyik ktihiwonewin. we didn't have any refrigeration.
11:23 Kristi-na sitomuhkakon 'tihinehpon. Christy had a fish-weir, too.
11:25 Psonoliqehte tehc. It would be completely full.
11:26 Aha. Yes.
11:27 On-oc 'tali nekom miluwan Sipayik. And he would go around Sipayik giving it away.
11:30 Nwewitahatom nit wen kisi-olluhket. I remember when people did that.
11:33 'Tali-pisewolaniya... They'd go around putting them in...
11:34 ...melopaksihkuk. ...the mailboxes.
11:37 Wolomahtuhpon-oc, iyey... He was a good person...
11:40 piskalokittiyehpon. crazier than hell.
11:41 - Piskalokittiyehpon. - Crazier than hell.
11:44 Pirate not Kristiw. That Christy was "Pirate"!
11:46 Ma not 'sikinaqsiw. He wasn't stingy.
11:47 Nama. Ma not 'sikinaqsiw. No, he wasn't.
11:49 Nekom-ote kmilkun: man, He would give you things himself: money,
11:52 elossomiyin skat kisossomiwon. something to drink if you hadn't had any.
11:56 Meqpekahk. Wine.
11:57 Meqpekahk welihpukahk. -- Good wine. --
12:00 Tan, iyey, tan tuci-macemiyan? What time does mass start?
12:06 'Qotanku. Eleven o'clock.
12:17 Ktahcuwi pol, iyey, knaci-cuwihtun... You have to go earn...
12:19 Ntahcuwi-naci-natomesk. I have to go to mass.
12:25 Knaci-cuwihtun eliyayin. You have to earn the place ou're going to.
12:27 Nita! oh no!


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