They Teased Her

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:03 You know, qenikotonet nmamam You know, as my mother
00:06 wewitahatomon nekomaw, is getting older she remembers
00:09 iyey, etolokehkimut. how they were taught.
00:11 Aha. Yes.
00:12 Ihik Eastport. In Eastport.
00:13 U, Muselenk? Oh, in Eastport?
00:14 Muselenk. Naka In Eastport.
00:15 itom ma kisi-graduate-uwiw, And she says she couldn't graduate,
00:19 'sami stiti-te totoli-malikima, skicinuwok. because she was always being made fun of, and the other Native kids.
00:23 Malikimawal? They made fun of her?
00:24 Malikimawal naka they -- They made fun of her and they --
00:28 keq cel nit word, what's that word for
00:33 teasing, cel? "teasing"?
00:35 'Cikawiyawal. " 'Cikawiyawal" -- they teased her.
00:36 - 'Cikawiyawal They teased her
00:38 because of the color. because of the color.
00:39 You know, wen elocossit. You know, how dark one is.
00:41 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:42 Mamselimawal? Did they bully her?
00:43 Aha. Naka Yes. And
00:45 I think the sadder story back then kilun... I think the sadder story back then for us...
00:51 Kenuk yut wen eyit, But whoever was here,
00:52 te-na, nit-te-na skinuhsisok. also, and also the boys.
00:54 I could remember I could remember
00:56 etoli-tpostom in class, listening in class,
00:59 etuttemit not skinuhsis in the closet, to a boy crying in the closet,
01:02 tama etoli-mattuhut. where he was being spanked.
01:06 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
01:08 Skinuhsisok qin, The boys,
01:10 ma qin pilsehsisok. not really the girls.
01:12 Qin-ote skinuhsisok? Really? The boys?
01:14 Aha, to me, I think mostly skinuhsisok. Yes, to me, I think mostly the boys.
01:17 Stehpal wewitahatoman I seem to remember that
01:19 skinuhsisok mecimiw punak, iyey, the boys were always put at that
01:23 nit-olu desk naka matoliqehtahan. desk and really got hit hard.
01:26 Iya, nita. Yes, that's so.
01:28 Nil-ona nwewitahatomon. I remember it, too.
01:29 Iya. Yes.
01:30 Nit-tehc wen. That's how it was.
01:30 'Qocik wen. On your rear end.
01:31 Tett oloqiw. Like that.
01:32 Ahtoli-tokomut wen 'qocik. You kept getting hit on the rear end.
01:33 Aha, nit-te-na olomi-cituwessu, Yes, then you'd bend over,
01:36 you know. you know.
01:37 Iya, olokiman wen... Yes, you'd be told to go...
01:38 Well, anqoc wen olokima Well, sometimes you'd be sent
01:41 wahte asitewey seat way back to the back seat and
01:44 naka olokiman told to bend over, and
01:47 'cituwessin, naka wen mattahan. someone would hit you.
01:49 Iya, nwewitahatomon nit nil. Yes, I remember that.
01:50 Cel keskimiyay. And I'd get chills up my spine.
01:54 Naka itomuhtuwok ma-te kil And they'd say that neither your
01:57 kmamam kosona ktatat mother nor your father
01:58 kehkimaw, you know. disciplines you, you know.
02:00 Ktokehkimku. He doesn't discipline you.
02:01 Ktokehkimku naka ma kmattuhukewon. Doesn't discipline you, and you don't get spanked.
02:03 Iya. Yes.
02:05 Ma ktokehkitasiw. You don't get disciplined.
02:06 - Ma ktokehkitasiw, iya. Yes, you don't get disciplined.
02:08 Aha. Yes.
02:09 Nit... That's...
02:10 That's the magic word, That's the magic word,
02:11 nit mecimiw: always is:
02:13 ma ktokehkitasiw. you don't get disciplined.
02:17 Psi-te wen siktehpayu, Everyone was afraid
02:19 iyey, wen natokehkimut. to go to school.
02:22 Iya. Yes.
02:22 You know. You know.
02:24 Well, mecimiw itomuk Well, the parents always said
02:26 ma, iyey, mattahawiwa nicanuwa. they didn't hit their children.
02:29 Nit That's how they saw it,
02:31 elinuwahtit, ihi, sistoss eli-mattahahtit wasis. how the nuns spanked the kids.
02:36 "Cuwi yaq mattaha wasis on yaka "A child must be spanked, and then he
02:38 kisokehkiman." Kenuk ma leyiw. can be taught." But that's not true.
02:40 Iya, nitok! Iya, Yes, that's right!
02:42 that's true; That's true;
02:43 nit mecimiw itomuhtit. they used to say that.
02:48 Nilun ntoliwiyukepon, They called us
02:50 "little savages." "little savages."
02:52 Aha. Yes.