Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:01 Ckuwhik, ihik, petakiyik. A thunderstorm is coming.
00:03 Petakiyik, aha. A thunderstorm, yes.
00:04 Ckuwakuwok? It's coming this way.
00:05 - Ckuwakinuk. It's on the way.
00:06 Ktahcuwihc, iyey, We'll have to put
00:08 punol, ihik, kuhutik. you under the bed.
00:11 Kuhutik. The bed.
00:12 Emehkew. Under it.
00:12 Nmaciyalokittiyetoqhin. I will jump away from there.
00:13 Ipahk-op nomiyot yut You should see her
00:14 etuci-etutamoqessik, when it's going to storm.
00:17 on wotta She'll
00:19 wahcessuwa wahsiw, 'kisi-kpahmon khakon... vanish into the other room and shut the door...
00:22 naka, iya, Madelyn. along with Madeline.
00:24 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:25 Etoli-kalsit She hides herself under the blankets,
00:26 eci-piskahtek. where it's dark,
00:28 Nit-te lessuwol, ihil, and you can see
00:31 blankets eci-macihpusit. the blankets shaking.
00:33 Nil kahk tehpu ntahcuwi I just have to close the...
00:37 Nita! Uh-oh.
00:38 - Nita! - Uh-oh.
00:38 Aki, siktoliqehpayu kis. See, she is already scared to death.
00:40 Aha. Yes.
00:41 Aha. Yes.
00:42 Kiyasqi-te, iyey, kpahasik, ihil, As long as the windows
00:44 possiyanteskil. are closed.
00:47 Cel ehta ntaluwi... I can't even...
00:50 Kil-ona, iyey, ma, iyey... You also don't...
00:54 Keka-al-ote. It must be almost time.
00:54 Nil kahk ma nokalawiyik. I'm not afraid of thunder
00:55 Ma knokalawiyik? You're not afraid of it?
00:56 Ntama. No.
00:57 Mecimiw, iyey, weckuwi-macekultihtit wasisok, When the children were growing up
00:59 nit-tehc petakiyik, and a thunderstorm was coming,
01:00 nit-tehc ntapqotehtun, iyey, shades, kenuk I'd open the shades,
01:04 ntahcuwi-kpahmon but I had to close
01:08 possiyantehsok. the window.
01:10 Nit-tehc ntiyan eci nit wolinaqahk. Ntotoli, iyey... Then I'd tell them how beautiful it was.
01:17 ntotolapotomonen, iyey, We would watch it
01:19 etoli-petakik naka lightning. thundering and lightning.
01:21 Etolahtuwessik. The lightning.
01:22 - Etolahtuwessik. - The lightning.
01:24 Nil-ona ma nutomeyakuwon. It didn't bother me, either.
01:28 Ntama, nil-ona kotama. No, nor me.
01:29 Kenuk, iya, kwewitahatomon, iya, But do you remember how
01:31 Grammy Dee, iyey, etoli... Grammy Dee
01:35 apqotehte window would open the window
01:37 nit, ihik, nit old house, Iyey... in that old house.
01:43 Itom, nit... She said
01:45 Cel ma 'kocicihtuwon keq lessu... she didn't know what happened to her.
01:47 Iyey, tuhkessit, iyey, She suddenly woke up
01:50 on the other side of the room, on the other side of the room.
01:53 iyey, I think tehpu sunessu, I think it just brushed her,
01:56 'sami tokec-op miyawtehkuwut, because if it really hit her,
02:00 kat-op nit 'tihiwon. she wouldn't have been there.
02:01 Uh-uh. Uh-uh.
02:02 Iya, so... Yes, so...
02:04 Nita. Uh-oh.
02:06 One minute. One minute.
02:07 Ahahci-te. Ahahci-te.
02:09 Keka wot siktehpayu. She is so scared.
02:11 Keka siktehpayu, keka mace-qasku. She's so afraid, she's going to start running.
02:13 Kat-olu ma not iyey... That's right, she's not...
02:15 Kis ehta-te nqatol nit lessonul. My legs are starting to shake.
02:17 Kat-olu. That's right.
02:19 Sikte wot nokala, ihik, petakihi. She is really scared of thunderstorms.
02:22 Nmiyawinuwa tan ci mace qasqit... It's funny when she starts running
02:25 'koppahmon kahkon. and shuts the door.
02:27 Cel-ote ma, iyey, And she
02:29 'kosinuhkawonol, ihil, kotkul. doesn't feel her bad knee.
02:31 Nama. No.
02:32 Ma-te wewitahatomuwonol. She doesn't remember it.
02:33 Wonitahasinol. She forgets it.
02:35 'Tomaki... The poor...
02:37 Well, you know, nil keqsey... Well, you know,
02:39 on-ote pesqon keqsey wisoki, iyey, there's only one thing I'm afraid of,
02:42 nokatom... athusoss. a snake.
02:43 U, nil-ona. Oh, me too.
02:45 Naka kehsit lately. And there are so many lately.
02:48 Naka-te-na, ihik, amushopihk... And spiders
02:49 eluwe nsiktehpawolokuk. almost scare me to death.
02:51 Nil kahk ma nokalawiyik niktok, I'm not afraid of spiders,
02:52 kenuk athusoss. but I am of snakes.
02:53 Elkiluhtit. They are so big.
02:55 Naka wasisok 'taliphaniya yesterday. And the children were carrying some around yesterday.
02:57 A, cokahk! Ah, oh no!
02:58 'Tiyaliphawal, ihil, nit-al-ote They were carrying one,
02:59 qenalokittiyatokosit yaq not. and they said it was this long.
03:00 U, cokahk! Oh, oh no!
03:01 Oh my God! Oh my God!
03:02 'Tapi-yaliphawal. They were carrying it around.
03:02 Well, nit itomuhtit wasisok, Well, that's what the children said,
03:04 siptoki-iyu nekomaw story eyihtit. but they stretch the story.
03:07 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
03:07 Ntiyahpon, "Mus apc, iyey..." I told them, "Don't do that again."
03:08 Ntiyahpon Adrian, "Mus apc, iyey, I told Adrian, "Don’t ever
03:10 aliyahkoc yuta naka not athusoss. come around here with that snake."
03:12 Ntiyahpon psi-te nilun nokalannuk. I told him that we’re all afraid of them.
03:14 Psi-te, kil kahk kotama. Everyone but you.
03:16 Cu. Yes, I am.
03:16 Cu kil-ona? You are? You, too?
03:18 Cu. Yes, I am.
03:19 Cipewokessu tehpu eci… you know. She just gets startled when…you know.
03:21 Iya. Yes.
03:22 Kenuk amushopihk — But a spider —
03:23 naka elkiluhtit this year. and they are so big this year.
03:25 Aha. Yes.
03:26 Nit-al-ote ’tolkiloniya. They are about this big.
03:27 A, cokahk! Ah, oh no!
03:28 Iya, kat-olu. Yes, that’s right.
03:30 Eluwe nsiktehpay wen pokossu, I was scared to death. One fell on me,
03:33 yut pokossu. it fell right here.
03:34 U, cokahk! Oh no!
03:35 Eluwe-te… I almost…
03:36 Hey, ntolitahasihpon nit-te… elossin. Hey, I thought I was going to drop.
03:39 Kil kahk tehpu athusoss? You’re just afraid of snakes?
03:41 Aha. Yes.
03:44 Nil-ona nsikte-nokalak. I’m scared to death of them.
03:45 Etoli-suksahqi keq pokosson. When I was cooking, something fell on me.
03:48 Yut elapi, wot tahk elkilok. I looked and it was a big one.
03:50 Nit ntolehtun, pokossinon sink. I went like that, and it fell into the sink.
03:53 On nmasqolamin. I screamed.
03:55 ’Sakhi-qasqin, iya, Cliv; ntuhkima. Cliv came running in; I’d woken him up.
03:58 Npossoni-kakaluwan nit lamikuwam. I was screaming all around the house.
04:01 Itom, "Nkocicihtun kil elessiyin." He said, "I knew something had happened to you."
04:04 Nit weci nit sakhiyat. That’s why he came running.
04:06 Itom, "Akkatale, elkilok not." He said, "Holy cow, that is a big one!"
04:10 Ntiyahpon, "Ktiyuluhpon." I said, "I told you it was."
04:13 Eluwe nmehcin. I almost died.


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