Treat the Pine-Tip Well

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00:01 Ktahcuwi yaq ktolewestuwamannuk They say we have to talk
00:03 knicannuk, to our children,
00:05 you know, naka nekomaw nicanuwa. you know, and they to their children.
00:10 Ktahcuwi-na wikuwamkomtultipon. And we have to be visiting with each other.
00:13 Ya, ya. Yes, yes.
00:14 Naka kuskicinuwatuwawolotinen. And speak our language.
00:17 Nit keti-sikeyik. That's what's going to be hard.
00:18 Tahalu mecimiw, aha. Just like before, yes.
00:19 Nit keti-sikeyik. That's what's going to be hard.
00:21 Etoli-ksonuwiki nit-tehc Whenever I am baby-sitting,
00:22 ntiyali-skicinuwokawolotinen. we will dance all around.
00:24 An ci etoli-ksonuwikiyin nekom wikuwak. So when you baby-sit at her house.
00:28 Ma-te ktolintu, tehpu kotumahs? You don't sing, just drum?
00:31 Aha, ma-te nihtawintu. Yes, I don't know how to sing.
00:32 Nahahte wot mehci-yuhuk. I just finished telling her that.
00:38 Tuhtuwas-olu tan? What about the pine-tip dance?
00:40 Muste nit ma nihtawehtuwon. I don't even know how to do that.
00:41 Nama? No?
01:02 Eci-wihqaceyik, Eliss. It was so much fun, Alice.
01:04 Ya. Yes.
01:05 Eci-wihqaceyik neket It was so much fun that time at the
01:06 Smithsonian apintultiyek. Smithsonian when we went to sing.
01:08 U ya, coqahk-al-ote, wikuwaceyu. Oh yes, of course, it was fun.
01:10 On ehta And so
01:12 nit etolintuwatomek nit tuhtuwas, we sang that pine-tip song,
01:13 on Eliss 'titomon, and Alice said,
01:15 "Nilun-oc ntolintuwatomonen, kil knatk." "We will sing it, you go dance."
01:20 On ehta natkan. And so I danced.
01:21 On ehta, And, well,
01:23 'piluwatokehtun kekesk. she sang it a little differently.
01:24 Nekom? Her?
01:25 Aha. On ntoli-tpitahasin, Yes. And I thought,
01:27 tan ktolalokittiyewoleyuwanen how the heck does one take
01:29 tuhtuwas? good care of a pine-tip?
01:32 On ehta, And so,
01:33 nit etolokay, etolokay nit... as I danced, as I was dancing...
01:35 etolokat, etolokat tuhtuwas... as the pine-tip was dancing...
01:38 on ehta ntitomon, and I said,
01:39 "Ah, ktahcuwi-woleyuwan. "Ah, we have to take good care of it,
01:40 Ah, ktahcuwi-woleyuwanen tuhtuwas." Ah, we have to take good care of the pine-tip."
01:43 On ehtahc nit ntolehtun. And I would do this to it.
01:45 "Ktahcuwi-woleyuwan tuhtuwas." "We have to take care of the pine-tip."
01:48 Etutalokittiyelomit nekom. She was laughing so darn hard.
01:50 Etolintaq? While she was singing?
01:51 Etolintaq etolokay nil. While she was singing, I was dancing.
01:55 Etoli-malikimit. She was laughing at me.
02:00 Siki-Eliss. Alice is such a trickster.
02:04 Wihqaceyu mecimiw It used to be fun
02:05 yaliyawolotiyek, yalintultiyek. going around, singing around.
02:08 Wihqaceyu. It was fun.
02:09 Wihqaceyu nit wen elluhket. It's fun to do that.
02:13 Kil-lu tan, Eliss, kotuwint? What about you Alice, are you going to sing?
02:15 U, ya. Temonu-te. Oh yes. In a little while.
02:18 Temonu-te kisopote? Will the drum be warm soon?
02:19 Kisopote? It's warming up?
02:21 Ktotoli-ksihposomon? Are you warming it up?
02:26 Temonu-te kisessu? Is it almost ready?
02:27 Iya. Yes.
02:29 Temonu-te wolacqessu? Will it slide well in a bit?
02:31 Wolacqessu... Slide ...
02:35 Nehe, ksankewopultinen. Okay, let's sit quietly.
02:36 Aha. Yes.
02:46 Nomocintehkomuhsic tuhtuwas. Dance sideways, pine-tip.
03:01 Qey hayuwanehu, qey hayuwanehu. Qey hayuwanehu, qey hayuwanehu.
03:27 Wiwonihtehkomuhsic tuhtuwas. Dance around, pine-tip.
04:01 Kuleyuwaniya yaq tuhtuwas. Treat the pine-tip well, they say.
04:38 Kulokehkimaniya yaq tuhtuwas. Teach the pine-tip well, they say.
05:14 Kakawtehkomuhsic tuhtuwas. Dance fast, pine-tip.
05:41 Wu! Whoo!
05:43 Beautiful! Beautiful!
05:44 I mean, eci-wolihtaqahk! It sounds so wonderful!
05:48 Eluwe-te... Almost...
05:49 Nit-te nmacentun. I started to sing.
05:50 Kat-olu! Of course!
05:51 Eluwe-te... Almost...
05:52 Etutalokittiyentu! I was singing like crazy!
05:55 Naka ma knihtawintuwon? And you don't know how to sing?
05:56 Naka ma nihtawintuwon. And I don't know how to sing.
06:02 Sesolahki-te totolihtehson nkat. My leg suddenly started moving.
06:04 Etuttehsok 'kat. Her leg was just a-going.
06:06 - Etuttehsok. - Her leg was just a-going.
06:11 Pisessu-te kpokahkonumok? It goes right into your bloodstream.
06:13 Kat-olu, iya. Of course, yes.
06:15 Ktahcuwi. Ktuhkehtunen. We have to ... We will wake it up.
06:17 Nita, iya. Yes, you're right.


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