We Decided to Get Married

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:02 Well, nkoti-qecimulahpon Well, I was going to ask
00:03 Tepit naka Maliyan, David and Marion,
00:05 tayuwe amsqahs nenawotiyeq when did you first meet,
00:08 naka eli-kisi-nipuwiyeq? and how did you get married?
00:10 Mesq-ote nonawotihpon. We still don't know each other!
00:13 Mesq-ote? You don't?
00:16 Ma kal-otehc. Not really!
00:17 Mesq knonawotihpa? You don't know each other yet?
00:18 Ma kal-otehc. Not really.
00:20 - Ma kal-otehc. - Not really.
00:22 Kis qoni-nipuwiyek. We've been married for quite a few years.
00:24 Tan kis qoni-nipuwiniya? How long have you been married now?
00:28 Nil etolewestuwamiyin? Are you talking to me?
00:29 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:30 U, coke, Oh, let's see,
00:34 kamacin kehsinsk kehsikoton, nisuwinen. sixty years we've been married.
00:41 Kpuwatomon ntitomon Do you want me to say it
00:43 ntikolisomaniwihtomon? in English?
00:45 Nama. No.
00:47 Nkisi-tehc wikhomonen. We can write it out.
00:51 Tan ktoli amsqahs nonawotiniya? How did you first meet?
00:56 Beatrice-ok nil ntotoli iyey ksonuwikehpon, I was babysitting at Beatrice's,
01:00 on nekom 'totoli-peciyan, and he was coming there,
01:01 'tahtoli-peciyan nit -- right? -- nipayiw. he kept coming there, right? At night.
01:04 On-oc nil nkisacin nutahan. And I would be ready to go out.
01:07 Tan-op-al nenhitahasin? What was I supposed to think of that?
01:10 Ahtoli peciyat. Itom, He kept coming there. He said,
01:12 "Ehtahs peciyayan, "Every time I arrive,
01:15 nit-te wot macahan!" she leaves!"
01:18 Ntolitahasin, I thought,
01:20 next time peciyat, yut-tehc nti. next time he comes, I'll stay right here.
01:25 Nit weci-kisi-nonawotiyek, nit oloqiw. That's so we could get to know each other, that way.
01:34 Kisi iyey yalkawotiyek We walked
01:38 nipayiw psi tama. everywhere in the night.
01:43 Elluhket nit Christiw. It was Christy's doing.
01:45 Christiw? Christy's?
01:47 Yehtol iyey I think-oc iyey... I think it was that ...
01:53 Keq-al-otehp What would I call it
01:54 ntoli-ikolisomaniwihtomon... in English?
01:58 Anyway... Anyway...
02:05 Well, nit-te nmaciyali-wicewtinen Well, then we started to go out together,
02:07 al-ote 'qocikoton. for a year.
02:14 Solahki-te iyey Suddenly,
02:15 anyway somehow anyway somehow
02:16 nkishomawotinen nisuwinen, we decided to get married,
02:18 you know. you know.
02:19 Ntacuwi-te nil liwihtomon, I was the one who had to say it.
02:21 nekom kotama, He wouldn't,
02:22 'sami-tqesuwapiyiw. because he's too shy.
02:30 So, kil kisi-qecimulot? So, you were the one who asked him?
02:31 Ha? What?
02:31 Kil kisi-qecimulot? You asked him?
02:35 Well, Well,
02:37 eluwehk-al. I guess so.
02:39 Nkinhok ehta, tepot ntahcuwi-te. I was pregnant, so I had to.
02:42 Ktahcuwi-qecimula? You had to ask him?
02:43 Ntahcuwi iyey, aha, iya. I had to, yes, yeah.
02:45 Weci-wewisit... So that he'd know...
02:46 Nkelonosk ehta nwewinaq My godmother knew
02:49 eli-kinhokay. I was pregnant.
02:53 On itom, "Ktacuwihc nipuwipa." And she said, "You'll have to get married."
02:55 Ntiyahpon, I told her,
02:57 "Cuwi-nipuwiyek, "If we have to get married,
02:58 ntahcuwihc nipuwipon." we have to get married."
03:02 Neket nit nkisi iyey At that time,
03:03 ksiyutanen ihik -- we moved into that --
03:06 pihce, iya, Wapqat iyey poolroom 'tihinehpon. a long time ago, Wapqat had a poolroom.
03:10 On mehcinan... And he died...
03:12 Ma-te wen... No one...
03:15 Wosokehte. It was empty.
03:17 Ma-te wen wikiwon. No one lived there.
03:20 On ma-te tama wikiyek, And we had nowhere to live,
03:21 on nkossiyutanen nit. so we moved in there.
03:24 Apc tahk puniw. Then it was winter.
03:27 Neket nit iya Kanosi nomihqosin. That was when Gunsy was born.
03:31 Eci-tkeyik nita, It was so cold in there.
03:33 tkikuwamokot u, coqahk-al-ote. Oh, it was a cold house, for sure.
03:36 Nmihqitahama etolotutuwet iyey I remember him kindling the fire
03:39 piyehsuweyal ihil 'toptanol. in his fur coat.
03:45 Nil-ona nit-te eli iyey psihkuwuk... I was wearing one, too...
03:48 ... eci-kisuwekit. ... I was warm right away.
03:48 Espeyicik ihik You had to put on
03:52 nutahat wen nahsonacihi. tall boots to go out.
03:56 'Tolapasom. Boots.
03:57 Aha, 'tolapasom. Yes, boots.
03:59 Nikk ehta yali-psihkuwukik lamikuwam. That's what I wore around inside.
04:02 Naka ntahcuwi-maspahsewan. And I had to wear thick clothing.
04:04 Eci-tkeyik. It was so cold.
04:06 Iya it's a wonder Gee, it's a wonder
04:07 nsapiphanen nicanon. we managed to have our child survive.


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