We Had a Lot of Visitors

Start Time Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English
00:02 Iya, psiw weckuwi-maceki All the time I was
00:05 nil ntolitahas eci, iya, growing up I thought
00:07 wolelomoqahtihiq eci, iya, how lucky we were that
00:11 kmuhsumson nit-te wiku our grandfather and
00:13 naka kuhkomosson. grandmother lived nearby.
00:14 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:15 Naka And
00:17 tan ci keqsey olonukahk when something was going on,
00:19 nit-tehc eyultihtit. they would be right there.
00:20 Naka elinaqsit mecimiw And we used to have
00:22 mawsuwinuwok wikuwamkominokot. a lot of visitors.
00:24 naka stiti-te 'suksahqan Muhmum. And Grampy was always cooking.
00:27 Stiti-te nekom suksahqe naka, iya, He was always cooking,
00:29 Mamam. and so did Mom.
00:30 Iya. Yes.
00:31 Opanke. He would make bread.
00:32 Tan eci-nipayimiyamok. When it was Christmastime.
00:33 You know, ma-te toke wen wikuwamkew. You know, no one goes visiting anymore.
00:35 Ma-te wen wikuwamkew. No one visits anymore.
00:35 Ma-te-na wen opankew No one makes good bread
00:38 tahalu Muhmum mecimiw 'tawopankehpon the way Grampy knew how to.
00:41 Well, Genevie... Well, Genevie...
00:42 You can tell tan eci Sossil tolopanket. You can tell when Cecilia is baking bread.
00:44 Totolopanket eci-wolalo-- When she's baking bread, it --
00:45 Apqotehte, ihik... When it's open...
00:46 eci-wolimahsit opan etolaqosit. the bread smells so good when it's baking.
00:48 Mec-ote nekom? Does she still do it?
00:50 Every Friday. Every Friday.


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