We Were Put in the Corner

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00:01 Cel-oc anqoc wen etolotemit And sometimes someone would be crying
00:02 wen etoli-aluwokisit. because they couldn't read.
00:04 Aha, iya. Yes, yes.
00:09 On-oc wen mattahan wen. And someone would get hit.
00:12 On-oc wen mattahan wen. And someone would get hit.
00:13 Kil-ona nit ktoli-nomihtun etolokehkimkiyin? Did you see anything like that when you were going to school?
00:14 Kil-ona nit ktoli-nomihtun etolokehkimkiyin? Did you see anything like that when you were going to school?
00:17 Iya. Yes.
00:19 Kosona skat kcicihtuwon, nit-tehc Or if you didn't know it,
00:22 'titomon not, iya, sistoss, then the nun would say,
00:24 "Yet ktoliyan naka ksehkan." "Go over there and stand." And that's why
00:27 Nit-te naka weci psi-te wen 'kisi-malikimkun. everyone would make fun of you.
00:30 Iya, kamot-tehp wen 'titomon nit iyey.. Yes, it would have been better for someone to say...
00:34 Keppuckahasik kpunken. ...for you to be put in the lock-up.
00:35 Aha. Yes.
00:39 Naka wen ekhulan tama. Or to be hung up somewhere.
00:40 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:41 Tehpu nit ntolitahasihpon-al I just thought that it must have
00:43 nit sakhiyak neqt ihik school... come out once at the school...
00:46 ...kakehs kisi-punkehpon keppuckahasik. ...how many time we were locked up.
00:47 Ntolitahasihpon-al niktok wasisok, I thought it must have been those children,
00:52 kisi-ekhula wot skinuhsis, kenuk not nit, this boy who was hung up, but it was the
00:55 iya, sistoss kisi-ekhulal nun who hung him up on the
00:57 coat-rack. coat-rack.
00:58 Nit-ona nil, neke sistoss Me, too, when the nun
01:01 keti-lehlit, yet kisi-kcoskessi, did that to me, when I got away,
01:03 woli-te nuteliqephu, iya. I got the hell out of there, yes.
01:08 Kil tomk. You go first.
01:09 Okay, that's that. Okay, that's that.
01:14 On-oc apc nuskiw... And then, on top of that, when
01:17 sistoss kisi-mattuhusk the nun had spanked you for doing
01:18 eli-wapololuhkiyin to them, something that was wrong to them,
01:23 eli-wapololuhkiyin to them, something that was wrong to them,
01:25 on-oc apc macahayin, well, kmosimken, then when you went home, well, you'd been told on, and you got another
01:27 apc kmatoliqehtuhuken peciyayin kikuwak. beating when you got to your house.
01:31 Iya, I know. Yes, I know.
01:33 Eci-woli-tpostuwahtit sistoss. They were very obedient to the nuns.
01:35 I guess nit nit ehcuwi... I guess that's what they had to...
01:39 Piyemi-wolamsotuwa sistoss. A nun was more believable.
01:42 Nekom-olu psimot, ma-te wen If she told on you, no one was going
01:44 'koti-wolamsotomuwon. to believe otherwise.
01:46 Aha. - Yes.
01:47 Keq cel ktoliwihtomon church? What do you call a church?
01:50 Imiyewikuwam. "Imiyewikuwam" -- church.
01:54 Wot kahk Rib ma-te milehlawi. But Rib here didn't have all those things done to her.
01:57 Nama? No?
02:00 'Sami apsokil. Because she was small.
02:02 No... No...
02:03 Nkisi-monahkewan veil sistoss. I knocked a nun's veil off.
02:05 Cokahk. Oh my God!
02:06 Cu. Yes I did.
02:10 Nit-te-na nuci-nuteliqephuwan skulok. Then I ran like hell out of the school.
02:14 Iya. Wow.
02:15 Nuci-tqonkelicil 'kisi-wihqimaniya. They called the constable.
02:18 Ntiyaliphoqalkun nuci-tqonket ihik He chased me
02:20 pastawok, around the pasture,
02:23 kenuk ma nmosonoku. but he didn't catch me.
02:27 Knihtawiphu. You know how to get away.
02:28 Nihtawiphu. I know how to get away.
02:29 Iya. Wow.
02:31 On-olu tan, apaciyayin? And what happened when you got back?
02:33 Nmatoliqenken. I really got it.
02:35 Peciyayin kikuwak? When you got home?
02:36 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
02:37 Iya. Wow.
02:38 Pehki-te kistetul ipisiyil. The switches were all ready.
02:40 Iya, gee. Yow! Gee.
02:44 Ma-te ktahcuwi-naci- You didn't have to go
02:45 pkonomuwonol kil-ote? pick them yourself?
02:46 Nama, pehki-te kistetul kessahay. No, they were all ready when I came in.
02:52 Nit ehta apc kotok neke: That was another thing back then:
02:54 "Nacipt ktipisimol." "Go get your switches."
02:56 Iya. Yes.
02:56 Mm-hmm. Nil-ote-na. Mm-hmm. Me, too.
02:59 And I'll get the littlest ones, naka And I'll get the littlest ones,
03:02 naciptun. and take them home.
03:04 Joe Socoby. Joe Socoby.
03:07 Nekom neket nuci-tqonket. He was the constable at the time.
03:11 Ernestine mihtaqsol. Ernestine's father.
03:13 Aha. Yes.
03:16 Tan-op-al ntoli-psonkun, Yes. I don't know how he was
03:18 etutoliqahay elomiphuwi, supposed to catch me, going like hell
03:20 naka nekom etutapskosit. when I ran away, and he was so fat.


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