Whale calls the porpoises to him

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00:02 'Sami nil ehtahs-ote yut Because, when I came
00:07 mecimi yut etoli-esuwiyay, here regularly,
00:08 cu-oc keqsey ntolelomoq keq welikok. something good would happen to me.
00:12 Tahalu kete nit neke yet Like one time when I was standing
00:13 nomociniw etolintu, over there on the side singing,
00:16 etolintuwatom nit anelsuhkewey lintuwakon. singing to ask for forgiveness.
00:20 Three o'clock nit neket spasuwiw, It was 3:00 in the morning,
00:25 on nkisintuwatomon nita. and I sang that song.
00:27 On nita, elomi-mehcintu And then, as I was coming to
00:31 on ntitomon, "Tahu." the end of the song, I said, "Ta-ho."
00:33 Cel stehp yut-te sehket And it was as if an old man
00:35 kehcikotonet skitap; was standing there;
00:37 itom, "Tahu." he said, "Ta-ho."
00:40 Iya, on nqolopessin. Well, I turned around.
00:42 Ntolitahasihpon-al Reggie I thought it must be Reggie
00:43 ntotoli-cikawiyoq, teasing me,
00:45 kosona keq, yali-kalsu. or doing something, hiding.
00:47 Ma-te tama wen. There was no one there.
00:48 Npossoniyan-ote yuta, I looked all around.
00:49 ma-te tama wen. No one.
00:52 On nkocicihtun eli And I knew it must be
00:56 yut nit wen 'cocahqol someone's soul
00:58 ntotoli-yuhukun eli-nutuwihtit, telling me that they heard me
01:03 naka 'palitahasultiniya and that they were happy that I
01:06 eli-peci-nacintuwewuk, had come to sing to them,
01:08 iya. yes.
01:09 On nit-te nmattoktehmuwan nmossis, And I called my sister as soon as
01:12 yut weci-macahay sepon kolahk I went home, at 7:00
01:14 nit spasuwiw. that morning.
01:18 On ntiyukun, itom, "Gracie." And she said to me, "Gracie,
01:21 Itom, "Kpeci-kinuwehtakuk eli ... they've come to tell you that
01:29 nit totoli-olluhkihin naka they like what you are doing, and
01:32 'puwatomoniya nit-te ktahtoli that you should keep on
01:33 nit olluhkan. doing it.
01:35 'Sami nekomaw-ona Because they, too,
01:36 'koti-nutomoniyal apc want to hear
01:38 ktolintuwakononnul our songs again
01:40 naka ktolatuwewakonon." and our language."
01:42 Naka... Nopal yut ihit Makolit And I wish Margaret were here
01:44 naka 'takonutomon nit cuspesok, and could tell the story of the porpoises,
01:47 Putep eli-petokimat cuspes. how Whale called the porpoises to him.
01:50 Naka 'tiyan Putep cuspes, In the story, Whale tells the porpoises,
01:52 "Oliyawolotiq sonuciw "Go swim along the shore
01:54 Sipayik naka iyey at Sipayik and
01:58 kciksotomoniya mawsuwinuwok. listen to the people.
02:01 Cipotu-te mec Maybe they are still singing
02:02 totoli-skicinuwintuhtuwok, the Passamaquoddy songs,
02:06 naka 'totoluwehkaniya and using
02:07 'tolatuwewakonuwa imiyawolotihtit. their language when they pray.
02:11 Naka kpeci-kinuwehtuwin." Come back and report to me."
02:13 On 'tiyaliyaniya cuspesok sonuciw And the porpoises did swim by
02:17 Sipayik. Sipayik.
02:18 Knutakunen They heard us
02:20 etoli-skicinuwatuwahtiyoq, speaking in Passamaquoddy,
02:21 skicinuwi-imiyawolotiyoq, naka praying in Passamaquoddy, and
02:23 skicinuwi-lintuhtiyoq. singing in Passamaquoddy.
02:26 Wesuwessin. He went back.
02:27 Cuspesok wesuwessiniya Putepiyil, The porpoises went back to Whale
02:30 naka 'tapi-yahaniya. and went back and reported to him.
02:32 Eci-palitahasit yaq Putep! Whale was very happy!
02:34 Itom yaq, "Iya, welitahasiyan. He said, "Well, I am so happy.
02:38 Nit-te mecimi-te eli-pawatom." That is just what I always wanted."


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