When the circus came to Eastport

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00:00 Trapeze niktok, iya. Trapeze artists, yes.
00:05 Kete peciyahtit ihik sahkossok Muselenk. ...when the circus was coming to Eastport.
00:08 Aha. Yes.
00:09 Kwewitahatomon? Do you remember it?
00:10 Nwewitahatomon nita. I remember that.
00:11 Yut-te tuciphak. They passed by here.
00:12 Iya. Yeah.
00:13 Ihik li-pomiyik kasok. They went by train.
00:15 Kasok, iya. On the train, yeah.
00:16 Gee, waht-tehc nit... Gee, over there...
00:18 Cuwi-conessu yet mesq it had to stop there
00:19 kesokassihq soqasuwakonok. before it crossed the bridge.
00:21 Aha. Yes.
00:21 Naka elalokittiyenaqsihtit And there were so
00:23 elihponok tepiyahtit. darn many elephants aboard.
00:24 Aha. Yes.
00:25 Akkatale. Oh my goodness!
00:26 Cu, weyossisok psi-al-ote nikk Oh yes, animals,
00:29 animals, 'pomiphawa. all those animals, they carried them.
00:31 Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm.
00:33 nit-te 'tihiniyahpon, nit ihik... They had it there...
00:35 Otehpon nit tama toke It was where
00:37 I.G.A. ehtek. the I.G.A. is now.
00:38 Aha. Yes.
00:42 Tentol etoli-punomuhtit. They'd put up tents.
00:43 Iya, Yes,
00:44 every year-ote nit neke peciyewiwuhpon. it used to come every year.
00:46 Iya, Sparks Brothers liwihtasu. It was called the Sparks Brothers.
00:48 Naka iyey carnival. And a carnival.
00:50 Sparks Brothers. Sparks Brothers.
00:51 Sparks? Sparks?
00:52 Sparks Brothers Circus, Sparks Brothers Circus,
00:53 aha, cel ma nunitahasiwon. yes, and I won't forget it.
00:55 Tan lawotu wen eli-ksahat? How much did it cost to get in?
00:57 Nilun kahk-ote skicinuwok ma-te keq. Nothing for us Indians.
00:59 Ma-te keq? Nothing.
01:01 Natapilomuwannuk yukk elihponok. We would take water to the elephants.
01:02 Aha. Yes.
01:05 Yat-te wen two buckets milucihi. Each one would get two buckets.
01:06 Tokkiw wen apaciyat kis By the time you got back
01:08 nokkalokittiyehtuniya 'samaqan. the water would be gone.
01:11 Apc 'tahcuwi-naciptun. Then you'd have to go get more.
01:14 Wahka-te npoqahtun nit one ticket. I'd barely earn enough for one ticket.
01:19 Wikuwaceyuhpon mecimiw. It used to be fun.
01:22 Aha, all day-ote ntahtoli-tpinuwan Yes, I'd watch them all day,
01:25 iyey tan-al 'toli-eweponomoniya yut... how they put up the tent. Wow!
01:31 alokittiyena! Akim three ring circus. An actual three-ring circus!
01:34 Aha. Yes.
01:35 Naka pihcetu... Holy jumping! And it was really long...Holy jumping!
01:39 Nikk nit pustok kisi-ewepehlahtit. Those posts that they raised.
01:40 Aha. Yes.
01:41 'Toluhkekhawa elihpon. They used the elephants to do the work.
01:44 - Iya. - Yeah.
01:46 Nit-tehc 'toli-ewepehlawal. That's how they got them up.
01:48 Elihpon yut toli-wiqsonu, The elephant pulled,
01:50 mam-otehc they get it straight. and finally they'd get it straight.
01:52 Apc kotokil, apc kotokil. Then another one, then another. Then another one, then another.
01:56 Alokittiye! Spopuwok niktok. Holy cow, they were high!
01:58 Coqahk-al, wahte not Of course, they were high above us,
01:59 ewepiw totoli-amalhessultuwok. doing their acrobatics.
02:01 Aha. Yes.
02:03 Keq nikk liwiyak niktok. What are they called?
02:07 Nuci-amalhessultihtit. Acrobats. Women. - Women.
02:12 Cu, ehpicik. Yes, they were women.
02:13 Keq iyahp. Wouldn't you know it!
02:14 Well, nekomaw kal tehpu nit yet kisitahatomuhtit Well, they just decided to
02:18 nacikapuwultiniya tan elihponok eyultihtit. go stand by the elephants.
02:23 Etoli-skuhutok wot, kis kiste, The one she's talking about, when the tent was ready, the acrobats
02:26 yali-amalhessultihtit ewepiw. were performing up above.
02:28 Kis kiste, kat-olu The tent was all ready, and of course
02:30 nikk tehsahqessultuwok. they were performing up on top.
02:32 Trapeze, trapeze. Trapeze, trapeze -- that's what it's called.
02:35 Lapekessutiyil. Swings.
02:40 Iya. Nakahc ehpit nacikapuwessin Well, and the woman went to
02:42 en ci eweppit, iya, stand on the elephant when he
02:45 elihpon. sat up on his hind end.
02:47 Cel-oc wen... A! And someone would... Ah!
02:50 Wen yalpayit. Someone who was afraid!
02:54 But 'kocicihtun wot elihpon sankewopit. But she knew that the elephant was tame. When he finished
02:56 Kis ektuwit nit-te 'soman pinatsol. his act, he was fed peanuts.
03:00 Somahtuwiw. He was smart.
03:02 Nakamtuhtuwok nikk. They are slow-moving, those elephants.
03:04 Kat-op miciwoniyal pinatsol, They don't really eat peanuts;
03:07 tehpu nit 'titomoniya. people just say that.
03:11 'Sami eli-apsokihqahk pinatsol, Because peanuts are so small,
03:13 naka elkilok elihpon. and an elephant is so big.
03:15 Pskihkul. Hay is what they eat.
03:18 'Tahcuwihp kinkihqon pinats. It would have to be a big peanut.
03:21 Nit kal-ote-lu. I guess so.


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