When I first came here

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00:12 Kenuk mecimi-te eci-musqitahatom But I always hated it here
00:14 yut amsqahs yut peciyay, 'sami eli... when I first came, because
00:15 ma-te wen nenuwuk. I didn't know anyone.
00:16 Ma-te wen knonuwaw? You didn't know anyone?
00:17 Tehpu nonuwahpon nikuwoss, I just knew my mother,
00:18 ma tahk qin nonuwaw. and I didn't even know her very well.
00:20 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:21 Tehpu nomiyahpon I just saw her sometimes when
00:22 anqoc sakhi-ksahat nuhkomossok. she'd show up at my grandmother's.
00:25 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:26 Apc macahan. Then she'd go away again.
00:27 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:27 Cel neket nwewitahatomon amsqahs And I remember the time when I
00:30 nmihtaqs kisi-nonuwuk, first got to know my father,
00:33 on npeciptakun, sakhi-milit kaltoluhk. I... and he brought me a quarter. Wow...
00:36 nit-te nil ntolomi-qasqin Mehkok. I ran right away. To Mack's store.
00:42 Ntapiptuwan nmuhsums sokas. I went and got my grandfather a cigar.
00:45 'Sami nkocicihtun eci-wikuwaci-sokasi- Because I knew that he loved to
00:47 wtomat tan eci-peciyat. smoke cigars when he got home.
00:49 On ntolitahasin eluwehk-otehc And I thought, I guess
00:51 nmonuhmuwewan sokas, naka iyey I'll buy him a cigar, and when
00:53 peciyat kotuwahsontek nmilan. he comes on Saturday I'll give it to him.
00:55 I... nil elomiyay nikonuk naka Well... When I got back to my house and
00:57 weckuwi-paliphuk not sokas, came in carrying that cigar so proudly,
00:59 tehpu qeni-wihqehtuwit ntatat. my father just took it away from me.
01:02 Elapomuk, on nkossahan, I looked at him, and I went in
01:04 ntiyahpon nuhkomoss, ntiyahpon, and said to my grandmother,
01:06 "Tehpu not qeni-wihqehtuwit "He just took Gramp's cigar
01:09 Gramp 'sokasomol." away from me."
01:11 Itom, "Litahasu kal kotuwiwtom." She said, "He must think you're going to smoke."
01:13 Itom, "Kmihtaqs not." She said, "That's your father."
01:16 Ipa, nit-ona apc ma-te nkociciyaw Hey, and I didn't know what that meant,
01:20 eli-minuwik nil not nmihtaqs. that he was my "father."
01:23 'Sami nil nikihkuk nmuhsums Because my parents were my
01:26 naka nuhkomoss. grandfather and my grandmother.
01:27 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
01:29 Nit-te meciwiw That's how it used to be,
01:32 eleyikpon kakawiw. very much so.
01:36 Kmuhsums naka kuhkomoss niktok Your grandfather and grandmother were
01:40 ankeyask nikk tepinask, ahsomosk. the ones who took care of you and looked out for you, fed you.
01:46 Iya. Yes.
01:48 Nakahc kmihtaqsonnuk naci, iyey, And our fathers would go
01:50 yalayyawolotiniya. play around.
01:54 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
01:56 Iya, mecimiw. Yes, that's the way it was.


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