When I was little, I always played on the shore

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00:03 Kil-lu tan, Clara, What about you, Clara,
00:03 keq kil kwewitahatomon what do you remember
00:05 yut-te weckuwi-macekiyin? from growing up here?
00:09 Weckuwi-maceki. When I was growing up.
00:12 Well, pihce apsokilan, Well, long ago, when I was little,
00:14 mecimi ntalay ihik sitomok. I always played on the shore.
00:18 Tehpuhc qeni-monehluk nmaksonok I would just take off my shoes
00:19 naka ntali-qasqin nit ihik sitomok and run around on the beach.
00:22 Cel-oc eci-wolitahasi tan ci iyey... And I would be so happy when
00:25 tan ci macehpahak. the tide went out.
00:27 Etuciluwahay tan ci ckuhpahak. I would be mad when the tide came in,
00:30 Ma-te nkisayyaw nit ihik sitomok. because I couldn't play on the beach.
00:33 Naka yuktok kensisok, And there were these cans,
00:35 cipotu wen 'tahtuwiskutiyil, maybe they'd been used as chamber pots.
00:36 I don't know. I don't know.
00:39 Nit-te cipotuk. Maybe.
00:42 Ayut alalki essok. And I'd even dig clams.
00:46 Cel ehta anqoc nmacepha And sometimes I'd take
00:47 katkuhk naka ntolahqosultinen essok. a pot down and we'd cook them for ourselves.
00:50 Essok naka... Clams and...
00:51 Ma tehpu rinkolsok. Not periwinkles!
00:52 Nusami-cipokitahamak. I was afraid to eat them.
00:54 Qin-ote? Really?
00:56 Naka eci-wolihpuksihtit nikk. But they taste so good.
00:58 Nikk piyemi-wolihpuksihtit. They taste better than clams.
01:00 Nitok. Naka I guess so. And
01:01 toke tepitahatom, when I think about it now, though,
01:02 kat-op nit ntolluhkawon, I wouldn't do that again,
01:04 'sami yet because
01:05 'tahtuwiskutiwa mecimiw people used to empty their
01:07 maciyapilawa ihik sitomok. chamber pots there on the shore.
01:11 Naci-woliyaniya 'tahtuwiskutiwa. They went there to clean them out.
01:15 Tokec-op... Ntopitahatomon Now if... I wonder
01:16 on-al nil nqonawsin! how I've lived so long!
01:19 Puniw kotama tehpu In the winter they just
01:20 'sukayahkan wen naka emptied them and
01:22 wesuwe-qasqin. ran back home.
01:23 Kat-olu, iya. Well, naturally.
01:24 Ma-te kenuk wen ksinuhkaw. But no one got sick.
01:26 Ma-te wen ksinuhkaw. No one got sick.
01:27 Nil kete qenawsi. Like me, I've lived for this long.
01:32 Etolahqosi wen-al, And maybe I was cooking
01:33 cipotu-te wen 'tahtuwiskutiyil! in someone's chamber pot!
01:36 Cipotu. Maybe so.
01:38 Kenuk ma-te nit wen But no one thought
01:39 'topitahatomuwon weckuwi-macekit. about those things growing up.
01:40 Ma-te wen 'topitahatomuwon. No one thought about it.
01:42 Anqoc wen itom, Sometimes you'd say,
01:43 "I, kat-op keq ktolessiw," "Gee, nothing'd happen to you,
01:44 itom, "'sami yut 'samaqan salawehtasu, because this is salt water,
01:48 psi-te nit salaweyp." it's all salt water."
01:55 Naka nit And there was
01:56 kci-ponapsq qihi-te ihik a big rock
01:59 sistossuwihkuk motapew, nit iyey near the convent,
02:04 opokekon-ote nit ponapsq. down below, a big flat rock.
02:07 On-oc yut natokehkimki And when I went to school
02:08 nospekonomon yut iyey I'd take along this...
02:11 yut iyey ahtulhawekon this rag
02:13 naka kostokonikon. and soap.
02:15 On-oc npisehlan npitsonakonok, And I'd put them in my pocket,
02:17 on-oc tan eci recessuwimok and at recess
02:18 on-oc nmotape-qasqin. I'd run down there.
02:20 Wen-oc tomk peci-qasqit nit, Whoever got there first could
02:22 on-oc kespahtaq. wash the rock.
02:23 Ntahtoli-kospahtahsin nit. I would wash it over and over again.
02:25 Qin-ote? Really?
02:26 Aha. Yes.


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