When I'm Teaching the Children

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:00 Iya, nit-ona nilun mecimiw nmuhsums. Yes, like my grandfather and me.
00:03 Iya, nekom-oc etoli-psikhiket on-oc nil He would be splitting the wood
00:07 ntotolayyan and I'd be playing with the --
00:11 not, iyey -- keq nihtol mecimiw, slabs? what were they called? -- slabs.
00:13 Aha. Yes.
00:13 On-oc nil ntotoleksawan slabs. And then I'd be cutting the slabs.
00:16 Naka nit, iyey, handsaw. And it was a handsaw.
00:18 Iya. Yes.
00:19 - Iya, - Yes,
00:20 on iyey, well, nil and, well,
00:22 etolokehkimuk wasisok, when I'm teaching children,
00:25 nit-ona ntoqeci-olluhki, iyey, that's what I try to do,
00:28 nmessunomuwan wasisok wen elahqet. I show them how one cooks.
00:32 Naka ntoqecimulan And
00:38 you know, nekomaw-ona 'tolihtuniya. I asked them to make it.
00:42 On peskuwok wasisok apc macahahtit, And some children went home then,
00:45 on nekomaw 'kisiyaniya tuhmahsis. and they made frybreads.
00:48 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:49 Aha, iya, iya. So, iya, Yes, and so, well,
00:53 yut, iyey, Yes, and so, well,
00:56 wikuwossuwal 'sakhi-wolasuweltomon, their mother suddenly showed up to thank me
01:00 eli-kisokehkimuk not wasis. for teaching her
01:02 eliyat tuhmahsis. child to make frybread.
01:05 Koluwot nit elluhkiyin, Barb. It's so valuable, what you're doing, Barb.
01:08 Koluwot nit wen elluhket etolokehkimut wasis. It's so important, what one does when children are learning.
01:11 Iya. Yes.


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