When My Wife and I Went Moose-hunting

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:19 Yut weci-macahayek miyahsiw, When we left here, it was early,
00:23 tett ntoloqiyanen ihik eliwihtasik and we went by way of what’s called
00:25 Telephone Road. the Telephone Road.
00:27 Ntali-wiwoniyanen nit We went around by
00:30 Tomah Road, the Tomah Road,
00:32 woli-te East-West Road. and right on to the East-West Road.
00:34 Waht kininaqot, iyey… a… In that place there is tall…
00:43 pskihkul etolikok, grass growing,
00:44 naka sipuhsis tuciye. and a brook goes by.
00:49 Apaciyayek, On the way back,
00:50 kempok ntoliyanen. we went to the camp.
00:54 Nit peciyayek, When we got there,
00:57 nkisi-’tutuwatomon papskot. I lit the stove.
01:01 Kistutuwiyek, When we’d lit it,
01:04 on natqahsinen mahkiyew. we went to lie down for a bit.
01:08 Kisqahsinek, nkisi, iyey, After we’d lain down,
01:14 nutahanen apc, menakac. we went out again, driving slowly.
01:16 Utenek ntoliyanen. We went to town.
01:21 Ntapi-meyoluhkanen, We went to get the mail,
01:23 naka-te apc nituwiyek. and other things we needed.
01:28 Cel nkisi-conessipon yet And we stopped
01:30 ihtolihpultimok, at that picnic spot,
01:35 naka, iyey, and
01:36 nkisihpinen. we ate.
01:40 Kisihpiyek, nit weci-macahayek When we’d eaten, we left there
01:42 woli-te apc Telephone Road, and took the Telephone Road again,
01:45 woli-te kempok. right to the camp.
01:48 Nit peciyayek, When we got there,
01:52 nkisapuwanen kahpe. we had some coffee.
01:56 Ntiyahpon, "Nehe, I said to her, "Well,
01:57 motapahane" let’s go down"
01:59 — nilun Frensis. Frances and I.
02:01 Nmotapahanen kempossisok. We went down to the little camp.
02:03 Four-wheeler npomuwehkahan. We used the four-wheeler.
02:06 Waht peciyayek, We arrived
02:08 yut pemcokek, at this muddy area,
02:10 wot tahk pemaptaq mus. and there were moose tracks.
02:12 Nit-al ’tutaptun. The tracks were that big.
02:15 Solahki-te pskehe. All of a sudden the tracks turned.
02:17 Tett oloqi-pskehe oloqiw, tinahkatik. He’d turned to the right.
02:23 On nilun macahanen kempossisok. So we went back to the little camp.
02:27 Nit peciyayek, When we arrived,
02:30 nkisapqotehtunen kempossis. we opened up the camp.
02:35 Yut-olu ntotolapuwepon kahpe, qocomok. We were drinking coffee outside.
02:40 Nit, iyey, It was
02:42 tama-al-ote about
02:47 new aciye, four o’clock,
02:50 kamotu tett metehtaqsit. and suddenly we heard something.
02:54 Itom Frensis, "Wen not?" Ntiyahpon, Frances said, "Who’s that?" I said,
02:57 "Mus not metehtaqsit." "That was the sound of a moose."
03:01 Apc waht, Then again,
03:02 pihcetuhsis, from a little way off,
03:04 apc motehtaqsin. it could be heard.
03:07 Nil-lu tan tuciw sitomok ntoliyan. Every once in a while
03:09 Nwecuwawkomon sitom. I would go down to the shore.
03:11 Nit-te peciyay, ntiyali-qiluwapin, When I got there, I looked around
03:14 pempekek, the water line,
03:18 ma-te keq. Apc natopin. and there was nothing. So I went to sit down.
03:24 Apc nit, iyey, And again
03:27 etolewestuwek, we were talking,
03:29 apc natsakihtun sip. then I went back again to look at the river.
03:33 Peciyay wot tahk waht sehket, When I arrived, there he was standing at a distance;
03:36 etoli-koti-cuwahpessit. he was about to go into the water.
03:38 Ntapiptun peskuwat. I went to get my rifle.
03:40 Nkisi-peskhan, I shot at him,
03:43 cuwahpessin, he went into the water
03:44 ’tolomi-ksokahomon. and swam across.
03:46 Mam-ote nit waleyik olomi-kpiye. Finally in a deep spot he went up onto the shore.
03:51 Ntiyahpon Frensis, "Nehe, I told Frances,
03:53 etqehkuwane. "Okay, let’s go head him off."
03:58 Ntepessinen oqitonuk, nmacahanen. We got into the canoe and took off.
04:01 Waht peciyayek etoli-kinpekek, When we got to where the water widened out,
04:04 tett ntoloqiyanen. we went that way.
04:06 Waht elapi qesaweyik, When I looked way off to that point of land,
04:11 ntolitahasin, I thought,
04:13 nit nankomiyat, waht pihcetu waleyu. "If he keeps going that way, it's deeper over there."
04:17 Yut-olu tehpu milawte kekesk. But here, the shore juts out a little bit.
04:22 Yut-te kisi-nahtokassi, When I had gotten to the shore,
04:25 nkisi-wihqahtun kekesk oqiton. I pulled the canoe up a little.
04:28 Nit-ona ’toli-sakhuhsan. He suddenly appeared walking through there.
04:31 ’Toli-cuwahpuhsan. He stepped into the water.
04:33 Nit-tehna npeskhan. And then I shot him.
04:35 Kulopihteluwuk, When my shot turned him,
04:37 nit-te oloqi-ckuwi-nahtokassin. right off he started coming out of the water this way.
04:39 Nit apc peskhuk, When I shot him again,
04:42 tehpu, iyey, he just…
04:43 ncituwamqehteluwa. The shot made his head go down.
04:45 Tehpu alokuhuke. He was just floating around.
04:47 Nita, nit iyey… Well, that…
04:53 Neket-op wot ’totoluwikhikan Frensis. Meanwhile Frances is taking pictures.
04:56 Ntolitahasihpon camera ma-te ’tihiwon. I thought she didn’t have the camera.
04:58 Itom, "Pol ntuwikhoman, ntuwikhan." She said, "First let me take a picture, take a picture of him."
05:01 Ahtoluwikhiket nekom. She kept taking pictures.
05:05 Apc nkisi-cuwahpehtun I put my canoe in again
05:06 ntoqiton naka ntepessin. and got in.
05:08 Naci, iyey, ntolahqepilanen wot mus We went and tied up the moose
05:10 naka, iyey, and
05:12 life preservers, woniyakonok. put on life preservers, around his head.
05:16 Ntoqeci nahtokayiw ewepehlanen, We tried to get him up onto the shore,
05:18 mam-ote wahkac. and barely got him out of the water.
05:21 Nita, mam-ote Well, finally
05:22 ahpap memhusu tokkiw, ihik, the rope reached as far as
05:25 stahqonuk. the tree.
05:26 Yet ntolahqepilanen. That’s where we tied him.
05:29 On yaka nuckuwi-apaciyanen. Then we started back.
05:32 Mile nit tutson It was about a mile
05:34 ’cimaciw etolihteluwukot from where we shot him
05:36 tokkiw kempossisok. to the little camp.
05:39 Nan aciye nehpuhukot. It was five o’clock when we killed him.
05:43 Nit apaciyayek kempossisok When we got back to the little camp
05:46 ncuwi-wihqahtunen oqiton. we had to pull out the canoe.
05:48 On yaka ntepessinen apc And then we got back on
05:50 four-wheeler. the four-wheeler.
05:51 Apc ntoliyanen kci-kempok. We went back to the big camp.
05:55 Nit peciyayek, When we arrived,
05:56 apc yet ntepessinen truck. we got back in the truck there.
06:00 On yaka nutahanen. And then we came out.
06:03 Peciyayek police station, When we got to the police station,
06:07 ntiyahpon not ntutem, I told my friend,
06:08 "Mec-op-al nkisuwekan your telephone?" "May I use your telephone please?"
06:11 Itom, "Haw." He said "Go ahead."
06:12 Ntiyahpon, "Nehpahan mus. I told him, "We killed a moose.
06:14 Help npeci-naciptunen." We came to get help."
06:19 Nkisi kalomuwyan nqoss. Ntiyahpon, iyey, I called my son. I told him,
06:22 "Nehpaha mus. "I killed a moose.
06:24 Naciphan kotokik kpolatalomok, Go get your other brothers,
06:28 weci-kisi, iyey, nutehlukot." so we can get him out.
06:31 Cel tahk-ote uckuwiptun kininaqahk He even brought
06:33 boat naka motor… a big boat and motor…
06:37 weci-kisi-tepehlukot. so we could load him into the boat.
06:43 Nita, yut peciyat, Well, he came here,
06:46 macahat, he set out,
06:48 with a boat. with a boat.
06:50 On weket, ma wolessiw, ’tapaciptun. But that one didn’t work, so he took it back.
06:55 Apaciptaq on ’peciptun oqiton. What he brought back was a canoe.
07:00 Tokkiw waht peciyat kempok, By the time we got back to the camp,
07:03 kis eight o’clock. it was eight o’clock.
07:07 Nita, nit ehta nulacultinen, Well, we all got ready,
07:10 nmacahawotinen kempossisok. we left for the little camp.
07:13 Mile nit tuton. It was a mile off.
07:17 Nita, nit peciyayek, Well, when we got there,
07:20 pesq nqoss, iyey, mecikatat, nit-te one of my sons, who has a bad leg,
07:23 kempok iyu. he stayed at the camp.
07:25 Tan tuciw ’possahtuwehtun Once in a while
07:26 possaqhenomakon I’d light the torch
07:28 weci-kciciht…. so we’d know…
07:29 Nkocicihtun te tuttek. Yut tahk I knew right where it was.
07:32 weci-kcicihtaq-ona... But this was so
07:33 nikk kotokik. the others would know.
07:36 Nita, nmacahanen. Well, we left.
07:38 Nilun nisuhkomupon, iya, Rodney and I were in one canoe.
07:41 Rodney. Louis-olu ’qotuhkayiw. Rodney and I were in one canoe. Louis, though, was alone.
07:45 Waht peciyayek, When we got over there,
07:49 wot mete-oqimit. he could be heard calling.
07:51 Nit ehta, iyey, Right off,
07:53 nwihqahtunen oqitonul. we pulled the canoes ashore.
07:57 Nit ehta, iyey, Then
07:59 ntoqeci, iyey, we tried
08:01 ewepacqehlanen. Ntama. dragging him up. But no.
08:04 Mam-ote ncuwi, iyey, Finally we had to
08:05 ketoloksehlanen nit-te ’samaqanok, gut him right there in the water,
08:07 waht-ote ntutomipon notqinnuk. standing in it up to our knees.
08:11 Nita, mam-ote wahka nkisehlan. Finally, we just managed to get him done.
08:15 Not mus That moose
08:17 etutkamit. was so big and fat.
08:19 Nit-al tutakon wihk, His fat must have been this round,
08:21 nisonul. Nit-al qoneyuwol. two pieces of it. They were this long.
08:24 Yut lamiw. Here inside.
08:28 Kcicihtuweksopon nuckuwiptunennul. If we had known, we would have brought them.
08:30 Yut tahk nit-te elahkiyek. But they’re where we left them.
08:34 Nita, mam-ote nkisi wolehlan. Well, we finally got him cleaned.
08:36 Wahka-te nkisi-ewepacqehlan, ihik… We could barely get him hauled up…
08:40 yut on the bank. up onto the bank.
08:43 Nita, apc ntoqeci-tepehlanen oqitonuk Well, we tried again to lift him
08:47 peciptaq. into the canoe he’d brought.
08:50 Nit, iyey… That…
08:53 naka eci-ksi-matolukiyak yut oqiton. and this canoe was pretty rickety.
08:56 Mam-ote wahkat nkisi, iyey, We finally barely got him
08:57 woli-punan. in place.
08:59 Ntoqecehtunen. We all tried.
09:02 Naka kis tan-al aqane-tpuhkahk. And it was already completely dark.
09:06 Mam-ote We finally
09:08 nkisi-tepehlan. got him in.
09:12 Louis ’kisi-tepatuwan. Louis climbed in.
09:15 Cipotu kal nit olpehson oqiton. Maybe there was that much freeboard on the canoe.
09:20 Eight-hundred-and-fifty pounds li-pqanok not oqiton. That canoe could hold eight-hundred-fifty pounds.
09:25 So… nit elkilok mus, So… that’s how big the moose was,
09:27 naka nit kehsossok iyey, pcossol. and that’s how little freeboard was left.
09:30 Nit oqiton, nit-tehp ktoqtapehe. That canoe, it could easily have sunk.
09:35 Nekom kisi-tepatuwet. He climbed in.
09:38 On yaka nmacahawotinen kempossisok. Then we all left for the little camp.
09:42 Nit weci-macahawotiyek, From when we left
09:45 tokkiw…. until….
09:47 Welessik ma, iyey, wocawsonu. It’s a good thing it wasn’t... windy.
09:50 Nit kahk-op wocawsok, If it had been windy,
09:51 u, ktapehe-tehp. oh, it would have sunk.
09:56 Nita, mam-ote kempossisok. Finally, we get to the little camp.
09:58 Nita, nkisi-nahtokahlanen. Well, we got him ashore.
10:02 Yut-olu four-wheeler ’tiywal winch. This four-wheeler had a winch.
10:05 Ntahtoli-wihqacqimanen, We kept hauling him in,
10:07 ntahtoli-wihqacqimanen. hauling him in.
10:10 Mam-ote nkisi-tepehlan ihik traila-wok. We finally got him onto the trailer,
10:13 On yaka four-wheeler napicehlanen. then hooked him to the four-wheeler.
10:16 Nit weci-macahawolotiyek, We went from there to
10:18 tokkiw kci-kempok. the big camp.
10:21 Kci-kempok peciyahtiyek, When we got to the big camp,
10:24 on pol, iyey, ntatolahsimultinen, we had a rest first,
10:28 on yaka ntepehlanen truck-ok. and then we loaded him onto the truck.
10:31 On yaka nuckuwyawotinen. And then we came out.
10:35 Peciyawotiyek police station, ihtoli, iyey, When we got to the police station,
10:38 tag-omuwyut musok, where they were tagging moose,
10:43 aqamok two o’clock. it was after two o’clock.
10:46 Tokkiw yut nilun peciyayek Frensis, By the time Frances and I got here,
10:50 aqamok two-thirty. it was after two-thirty.
10:53 Nit-te elopit mus ’qoci-tpuhk. That’s the way the moose stayed for the night.
10:56 Apc yaka kisi-pasqek on yaka ’peciyaniya. They couldn’t get back until the afternoon.
11:04 Nkisekhulanen. We hung him up.
11:07 Kisekhulukot Once we got him hung up,
11:09 apc nekom ’cuwi-natoluhkan, he had to go to work,
11:12 on nilun Frensis posehlanen. so Frances and I skinned him.
11:15 Ntihinennul, ihil, We have
11:18 pictures. those pictures.
11:19 Temonu kmessunomulonul. I’ll show them to you later.
11:22 Nita, Well,
11:25 kisi-psehlukot, once we had skinned him,
11:28 nmace-soqskehlanen. we started cutting him up.
11:33 Miya-te Louie ’peciyan naka, iya, Steve. Just then, Louie and Steve arrived.
11:37 Nekomaw, iyey, ’kisi-psikiksawal They quartered him
11:40 naka nokka-cepiksaniya. and finished cutting him up.
11:42 Nokka-poneqiptuniya lahkapok, They took it all down to the cellar,
11:44 eci-tkeyik. where it’s very cold.
11:47 Nita, aqamok twenty hours So, it took about twenty hours
11:50 on yaka nokkasomoniya wiyuhs. to cut up all the meat.
11:53 Wehqapsomuhtit-ote, As they cut,
11:57 nuli-wissahqekonomonen we wrapped it up well
11:59 naka npunomonen, ihik, freezer. and put it in the freezer.
12:02 Nit psiw welaqek toke. That’s where it’s all stored now.
12:05 Nit… nit nit nulelomoqekhukun, iya, mus. That moose gave us good luck.
12:12 Nit-te msiw. That’s all.


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