When We Spent the Night Here

Start Time Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English
00:02 Nit-te nmihqitahatomon I just remembered when
00:02 yut api-ktoqonultiyeq. we spent the night here.
00:03 U, akonutomuwine! Oh, tell us about it!
00:06 Eci wikuwacalokittiyeyik! It was so much fun!
00:11 On, iyey, npeciptunen pokuhulakonol And we brought the drums
00:14 naka nihtol oltestakonol. and rattles.
00:17 Npeciptunen. We brought them with us.
00:19 On ntolintultinen tomk, And we sang first,
00:21 ntolintultinen tett oloqiw, we sang that way,
00:23 cipenuhk. toward the east.
00:25 U, cel-ona Oh, and also Our Grandmother,
00:27 psonakisu Kuhkomosson... the moon, was full...
00:28 U ya, psonakisu neke. Oh yes, she was full that time.
00:29 Eci-wolinaqsit. She looked so beautiful.
00:30 Eci wolalokittiyenaqsit Kuhkomosson, Our Grandmother looked so beautiful,
00:33 gees. gees.
00:35 Oh my God! Oh my God!
00:37 Yet sakhi-wonakiyat, She rose over there,
00:38 eltutalokittiyapskosit Kuhkomosson. so big and round, Our Grandmother.
00:42 On ntolintuwewanen. And we sang to her,
00:44 Nilun Tiyena, Gracie naka Barbara. Deanna and I, Gracie and Barbara.
00:46 Barbara, ya. Barbara, yes.
00:49 Etucintultiyek. We sang with all our hearts.
00:51 Apc-oc yut oloqiw, Then we'd sing this way,
00:54 sawonehsonuk, toward the south,
00:55 skiyahsonuk, naka apc oloqiw lahtoqehsonuk. the west, and then to the north.
01:00 On ehta nit, yut oloqiw etolintultiyek. And then we were singing over in this direction.
01:04 Kis neke metsiw, init? It was late by then, wasn't it?
01:05 Kis, aha. Kis cel eci... psoni-piskiye. Yes, it was. It was already fully dark.
01:09 Elalokittiyehtaqahk keq There was an unusual sound
01:11 weckuyewik tett oloqiw. coming from over that way.
01:13 Waht oloqiw. Way over there.
01:14 I -- ciptaqot. Right? Eee -- it was eerie sounding.
01:17 Elalokittiyehkihqahk. It was a tremendous sound.
01:19 Cel nil neke kis nkisossin. I was already in bed by then.
01:21 Cel kis kil kisalokittiyehsin, neke. You were already in that darn bed, that time.
01:28 Eltaqahk keq? What was making that sound?
01:29 Elalokittiyehtaqahk olonahqewey. Something iron, making a terrible racket.
01:35 Kat-olu nit, iyey, keq liwihtasuwiw? You know that, what's it called?
01:38 Ferry? Ferry?
01:39 Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
01:40 Kat-olu kci-oqiton, You know, "great canoe,"
01:43 I guess-op 'toliwihtomoniya. I guess, is what they would call it.
01:45 Kci-oqiton, olonahqey. A great steel canoe.
01:46 U gees, elalokittiyehtaqahk! Oh, gees, it was so darn loud!
01:50 On yaka nkosicihtunen And then we knew
01:51 keq yet oloqiw kisi... what it was over there...
01:53 yut oloqiw kisi-tuciyat yat buoy epit. as it came over this way past the buoy.
01:56 Etutalokittiye... It was so completely dark,
01:57 psonalokittiyepiskiye-te nit, and it made such a loud noise
02:00 naka eltaqahk weckuwyewik. as it approached.
02:01 Holy! Holy!
02:02 Naka kis, "Too late girls!" And -- "It's too late girls!"
02:04 Ya, u ya, psonpehe. Yes, oh yes, the tide was in.
02:07 Kis psonpehe. It was high tide by then.
02:08 Espiyak yut 'samaqan! The water was so high here!
02:10 'Sami Kuhkmosson Because Our Grandmother
02:12 eli-psonakisit... being full,
02:13 on, on ewepiyewiw 'samaqan... the water rose...
02:15 ...naka cestehp... ...and it was as if...
02:16 ...wahkat-te nkisuhsawolotipon... ...we could barely walk...
02:17 ...cestehp yut macessik, ...as if it moved,
02:18 macessik ktahkomiq. as if the earth here moved.
02:21 Cel wahkac nkisuhsawolotipon, init? And we could barely walk, right?
02:23 U gee! Oh, gee!
02:25 Apc ntolintultinen. We sang again.
02:26 Kamotu yet, yet oloqiw elapultiyek, All of a sudden we looked over there,
02:28 waht oloqiw okamok, ihik... way over to the Canadian side...
02:31 Etuci-pitiyahtuwek nit Whatever was heading our way
02:32 keq weckuwyewik. was so bright.
02:33 Ntasihpon-al not olonahqi-sips. I thought it was an airplane.
02:35 Etolintultiyek mec nit ehtek. As we were singing, it was still there.
02:37 Aha. Ma-te macessiw. Yes. It didn't move.
02:38 Kamotu sesolahki-te, Suddenly, right in this very spot,
02:41 yut-te-te, yut-te petalokittiyamu. it fell right here.
02:43 Kwewitahatomon nit? Do you remember that?
02:44 Well, yet ntihihpon, nkuwihpon. Well, I was over there, asleep.
02:46 Kisi-tuhkimipa. You woke me up.
02:47 Kis yut petalokittiyamu oloqiw. The darn thing landed over this way.
02:49 Kinalokittiyena! Holy cow!
02:50 Eci-pitiyalokittiyahtuwek Tahnol! Donald, it was so bright!
02:53 On ntolapomotinen Gracie. Gracie and I looked at each other.
02:55 Itom, "Too late. UFO. She said, "Too late. UFO.
03:02 Kmacephukepon-otehc." We're going to be taken."
03:04 Ma-te nkisi-nahtokahawolotihpon. And we couldn't get ashore.
03:05 Oh my God! Oh my God!
03:07 Yali-siktehpayu Gracie? Was Gracie scared?
03:09 Ntiyali-sikehpayultipon. We were all scared.
03:11 Nil etutqahsi. I was sound asleep.
03:12 Nekom etutqahsit. She was sound asleep.
03:15 kis olomi-natqahsu Tiyena. Deanna had already gone to sleep.
03:19 Yut nilun yalintultiyek nilun We were here singing,
03:20 Barbara naka Gracie. Barbara and Gracie and I.
03:22 Tpuhk? Was it very late?
03:23 Ya, 'qoci-tpuhk. Yes, we were there all night.
03:25 Ya, tpuhk. Yes, late at night.
03:26 On ehta yet oloqiw And so we were
03:28 elomi kapuwultiyek apc, standing over there again,
03:29 ntotolintultinen, ntolintultinen. singing, singing.
03:32 Kamotu sesolahkiw-ote keq, All of a sudden something went
03:34 pshhh! pshhh!
03:35 "Barbara, what the hell’s that?" "Barbara, what the hell’s that?"
03:37 Keq iya nit? What was it?
03:39 Ma-te nkocicihtuwonewin nit keq. We didn’t know what it was.
03:41 Eltaqahk. Such a sound.
03:42 - Eltaqahk. Aha. - Such a sound. Yes.
03:44 Mec-al nihi yaka, It must have sounded about three times
03:45 on yaka nkocicihtunen nit keq, before we knew what it was,
03:47 ’sami psiw-ote npuspawolotipon. because it got us all wet.
03:50 Sakhi-putuwat putep. A whale came up blowing.
03:52 U, eci-wolomalokittiyemomqahk. Oh, it felt so good.
03:55 Etucessik pokuhulakon! The drum was just a-going!
03:58 Gracie etucintaq! Gracie sang her heart out.
04:00 "Psiw-ote putepok!" "All the whales!"
04:05 "Kiluwaw yut." "This is yours."
04:07 Elinaqsihtit psiw-ote putepok, There were so many whales
04:09 nwiwonahsekotakunnuk-ote putepok. circling around us,
04:12 Akim sixteen nkisokimannuk. about sixteen we counted.
04:15 Nsakhi-tuhkimkuk yukk. Etuttaqsihtit. They came and woke me. They were so loud.
04:17 "Tiyena, amihkalokittiyay!" "Deanna, get up! Hurry!"
04:20 Alhomultuwok. They were swimming around.
04:22 Yali-putuwahtuwok. They were blowing.
04:24 Yalotokkultihtit. They were jumping.
04:25 Psi-te nit ’tiyalotokkultiniya. They were all jumping.
04:27 Eci-wolalokittiyemomqahk! It felt so darn good!
04:31 Naka eli I think tolintultiyeq, And, I think, the singing you all did,
04:34 totolimiyahtiyeq… the praying you all did…
04:35 "Nulasihkomonen ’samaqan, "I greet the water,
04:37 skitkomiq, monihkul." the earth, the islands."
04:39 Nit-te-na ’peciyawolotiniya putepok. Then the whales came.
04:41 Putep. Whale.
04:42 - Putep. - Whale.
04:44 Lintuwatomone. Let’s sing it.
04:45 Ya! Yes!
05:44 Pihce…pihcetu ktolacqiphukepon We’ve driven a long way
05:46 weci monihkuhsisok kisi-lapasiyiq, to walk to the island,
05:49 naka ma musqotu. and it hasn’t cleared off.
05:50 Nama, nama. No, no.
05:52 Koti yaq wolokiskot today. They say it’s going to be nice today.
05:54 Kenoq eci-wolalokittiyemomqahk But it felt so good
05:55 nit weckuhqepultiyek. where we were sitting.
05:57 Ya. Yes.
05:59 Ntotoli-yahan Suliyan I told Juliann that time.
06:01 neket, ntiyahpon, I told her,
06:04 "Tan ci nil, iyey, "When I go
06:06 koti-skicinuwatuwi, skat, iyey, to speak our language,
06:10 nonomuwon, iyey, latuwakon, if I don’t know the word
06:13 nit-te npiskiqewin naka… I shut my eyes and…
06:16 Cestehp nutuwuk, iya, It’s as if I hear
06:19 nuhkomoss etoli-skicinuwatuwet my grandmother speaking,
06:21 kosona, iya, mecimiw uletisok. or the old ladies.
06:25 Uuu! Ooh!
06:26 Iya. Yeah.
06:28 Kosqehsuhsok? Old ladies?


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