You Feed Everybody

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:00 Nama. No.
00:00 You know, nit nil mecimiw, iyey... You know, that's what I used to...
00:02 Opan. Bread.
00:03 Iya, opan. Yes, bread.
00:04 Naka, ihil, masqositol. And baked beans.
00:07 Nipayimiyamok nit mecimi-mihqitahasi At Christmastime, what I always remember is
00:10 eci-wolimahsihtit payisok etolaqosihtit. the smell of pies cooking.
00:13 On-oc mehcimiyamk When mass got over
00:15 on-oc 'peciphan... he would bring them over...
00:16 Mawsuwinuwok 'peciyahtiniya. People would come to the house,
00:18 Mecimi-te kisopu, iya, ehem. and the roast chicken would always be ready.
00:20 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:22 Pehki-te kisaqosu, It was always ready
00:23 tehpukc wen qeni-monosat. to be sliced up.
00:26 Ma-te walotihik amalhinaqsiwiyik. We didn't have fancy dishes to use.
00:30 Nama. No.
00:31 Tehpu micuwakon nit ehtek. Food would just be there.
00:32 Tehpu wen wicuhkemsu. You just helped yourself.
00:34 Iya, psi-te-lu wen. Yes, everyone had some.
00:36 Nit nil tokec eci... And when I do
00:39 tan ci keqsey olluhki, something now,
00:41 ntopitahatomon nit. I think about that.
00:43 Naka psi-te wen ktahsoman. And you feed everybody.
00:44 Naka psi-te wen ntahsoman. And I feed everybody.
00:46 Iya. Yes.
00:47 Kat-olu. That's right.
00:48 Jane-na nit eleyit naka Frannie. Jane and Frannie are the same way.
00:50 Kat-olu: Jane. That's right: Jane.
00:51 Nil-lu kotama. I'm not like that.
00:51 Ma-te nil ntihiwon micuwakon I don't have any food in the house
00:53 half of the time. half of the time.
00:54 Sikinaqsu not. She is stingy.
00:55 Sikinaqsu? Stingy?
00:56 No, Mike not sikinaqsu. No, Mike is stingy.
00:58 Wen not? Who is that?
00:58 Mike sikinaqsu. Mike is stingy.
01:00 U, iya, Oh, yes,
01:02 kenuk elinaqahk yut but you have a lot
01:03 keq ma-te knituwiwon, iyey... of things that you don't need...
01:06 Mecimi-te ktanaqasu. She always has a lot.
01:08 Ahtoli-milot wen micuwakon, When you keep giving people food,
01:10 mecimi-tehc micuwakon ktihin, you will always have some
01:11 ma-tehc-ona wen sesomi-te kotuhpiw. and you will never go hungry.
01:13 Tan-ote kehsit mawsuwinuwok. It doesn't matter how many people.
01:15 Tan-ote wen peciyat, nit-te nsoman. I feed anyone who comes to the house.
01:17 Tan-ote eci-ktomakeyihin. It doesn't matter how poor you are.
01:18 Mecimi-te ktihin micuwakon. You always have food.
01:19 Nit mecimi itok Mamam. That's what Mom used to say.
01:20 Mecimi-te piyemiye micuwakon. There is always food left over.
01:22 Mecimi-te. All the time.
01:22 Ntiyahpon, iya... I told...
01:23 Peci-te yuktok, ihik, I even feed the
01:24 game wardens ntahsomak. game wardens.
01:25 Ntiyahpon Cliv, ntiyahpon, I told Cliv, I told him,
01:27 I don't think tepiye I don't think there's enough
01:30 psi-wen elahsomuk." to feed them all."
01:32 Ehtahs-ote nit itoman, cel piyemiye. Every time I say that, we have some left over.
01:34 Cel piyemiye. And you did have some left over.
01:34 Aha. Yes.


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