You're Blonde. So Don't Try to Use the Native Language

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:01 Tan-olu ktoleyakun ihik nikk How did those nuns treat you when
00:04 sistossok etolokehkimkiyin? you were going to school?
00:07 U, eci-wolinaqahk nit! Oh, that looks good!
00:08 Motehtihiket... If she knocks...
00:12 Well, nil... Well, my...
00:14 'sami ma-te nil my hair, because my hair isn't...
00:17 ma-te, iyey... Tan nit wen How do you say
00:19 'toliwihtomon blonde? "blonde"?
00:21 Kwisawaltoq. "Kwisawaltoq" — you have blonde hair.
00:22 Nwisawaltoq, iyey, I'm blonde,
00:25 naka ntoqeci-skicinuwatu. and I'm trying to speak
00:30 Itomultuwok yut oloqiw, itom, Passamaquoddy. Because of that
00:33 "Kat kil skicin." 'Sami, you know... they say, "You're not Native." Because, you know...
00:36 ...kwisawaltoq. have blonde hair.
00:38 "Kwisawaltoq. Mus nit, iyey, "You're blonde.
00:39 mus wehkehkoc So don't use the
00:42 skicinu[watuwe]wakon." Native language."
00:44 Wen nit yuhusk? Who told you that?
00:45 Yeta. Over there.
00:47 Sistossok? The nuns?
00:48 Sistossok. Pihce nit. The nuns. That was a long time ago.
00:50 So, nit-te-na apc wasisok eyultihtit... So then the other kids who were there...
00:54 Naka, iyey, And I understood,
00:57 nostomon on wasisok stiti-te, iyey... and the kids were always...
01:01 Kcikawiyukuk. They teased you.
01:02 Ntoqecehtunen, We tried to speak Passamaquoddy,
01:03 stiti-te, kenuk sistossok nit, iyey, all the time, but the nuns,
01:09 wen, you know, tahaluhp, iyey... they'd
01:14 get mad... Keq wen 'toluwehkan? get mad -- What's the word you use?
01:16 Wisokiluwahat? "Wisokiluwahat"? -- she's mad.