noun animate
boil, abscess, carbuncle
Plural : anqotuwak
Possessed : 'tanqotuwamol
Locative : anqotuwawok
Diminutive : anqotuwahsis

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Tamahc anqotuwa 'sakhapskessit skitap hokek. A boil will come up on a man's body in different places.
Nisalokosit anqotuwa eywuk. I have a boil with two pockets (of pus) in it.
Cuwi-tusa weci-kisi-nutecokonut anqotuwa. The abscess has to be lanced so it can be squeezed out.
Mali 'kisi-kikehla eywacihi Simu anqotuwa. Mary healed the boils that Simon had.
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