Entry Definition
boil, abscess, carbuncle
s/he has abscess(es), has boil(s), has piles or hemorrhoids
s/he boils salt out of h/ (dried fish)
waterfall, falls; rocky river bed with rocks exposed so that the water is "boiling"
s/he wants to boil it, is going to boil it
s/he, it boils
s/he, it starts to boil; s/he babbles, s/he "gets going" when talking
s/he, it boils slowly, simmers
s/he simmers it, boils it slowly
s/he, it boils off (e.g., water in making maple syrup)
s/he boils h/ off (e.g., milk)
s/he boils it off, removes it by boiling, decocts it
s/he boils off something belonging to h/
s/he boils it down, boils water out of it, evaporates it by boiling; s/he boils it (fat, etc.) out of something
s/he cooks it out (e.g., cooks flavor out of something, boils salt out of salt fish)
s/he boils h/
s/he boils it
s/he boils something belonging to h/
(cooking) s/he boils it
(liquid) s/he, it boils over
(underwater spring) it bubbles up shaking sand and pebbles
(cooking) s/he boils h/ until hardened
s/he boils it until it turns hard
(cooking) s/he boils h/ until burned and hardened (after water has evaporated)
s/he boils (something) dry