verb ti 27
s/he wants to boil it, is going to boil it
Verb Stem : -kotuwakomitehtu-
Changed Verb Stem : ketuwakomitehtu-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Yut tokec kisi leyu, kenuk-olu not maleyit cilomotok mawiyamkil tahalu ketunolat weyossis, uli-kcicihtun apsi-kinuwehlosuwakon tan ehtek kehceyawik pemiptasik naka wen mahqalsit wapahkuhsisol wen 'kotuwakomitehtun micuwakon. So she does, but that lazy-bones Apistanewc senses feasts like an animal on the prowl. He knows from the least sign that a big load of meat has been brought in, and whoever borrows a cooking-pot will be boiling food. (LM)
Nkotuwakomitehtun samaqan weci-kisihtuwuk wasis molaqsum. I'm going to boil water so I can make the baby's milk.
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