kotuwahsonote, kotuwahsonte

verb ii 21
it is Saturday
Verb Stem : kotuwahsonote-, kotuwahsonte-
Changed Verb Stem : ketuwahsonote-, ketuwahsonte-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Ketuwahsonotek (kotuwahsonotek) nemihqosit Cems. James was born on a Saturday.
Ketuwahsonotek-oc ktoliyapon Kelisk. We'll go to Calais on Saturday.
Ketuwahsontek-oc peciye kcihkuk kisoluhket; 'peciyan kotuwahsontek 'peciptun micuwakon. On Saturday he'd come from the woods, where he worked; he'd come on Saturday to bring food (having stopped at the grocery store on his way home). (MA)
Notes : (literally, it is going to be Sunday; see sonte; ketuwahsontek and kotuwahsontek are both used with the meaning "on Saturday")
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