verb ai 10, 9
s/he comes back walking; (sun) s/he rises farther to the north each day (i.e., days are getting longer)
Plural : apatapasuwok (Pesk-Wol); apacuhsahtuwok (Wol)
Verb Stem : -apacuhse-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Kisuhs koti-apacuhse. It is winter solstice.
Skitap macewse Muselenk naka apc-ote cuwi-apacuhse. The man walked to Eastport and then he had to walk back.
Skinuhsis 'kotha, cuwi-apacuhse. The boy missed his ride, so he had to walk back.
Nekom-ote apacuhse welaqik. He walked back by himself last night.
Notes :

(see also 'cicokawse, ksewse, nahtokawse; compare milawuhse, wesuwewse; see apatkawotuwok; for 'kotha in first example, see nokothal)

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