Entry Definition
s/he walks behind something, walks out of view
s/he tries to walk but cannot, is unable to walk
s/he comes back walking; (sun) s/he rises farther to the north each day (i.e., days are getting longer)
they (two) come back walking, return on foot
s/he is in the act of walking, continues walking; (conjunct forms) while s/he walks
s/he walks forever, is always walking; (sun) s/he is forever moving across the sky, is constantly changing position in the sky as the seasons go by
s/he has strange way of walking
they walk diagonally in lines
s/he walks until dawn
s/he walks back and forth all night holding and soothing h/ (baby)
s/he walks back toward land; (sun) s/he rises farther toward the north each day (i.e., days are getting longer)
s/he walks downhill
s/he takes short steps
s/he walks stiff-legged
s/he walks with head down making noise with feet (e.g., wearing high heels or plodding heavily)
they (two) walk toward here
they walk toward here
s/he walks toward here
s/he walks near or close (to something)
s/he walks h/ into water
s/he stops walking
(man, boy, young girl) s/he walks like woman
they stop walking
they (two) stop walking
s/he walks through (fog, darkness, etc.)