toward here; recently

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Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Ckuwiw yuta, iyey, nkisi-qecimulan tan wen 'tolihtun? Ma-te nostuhmakuwon. Recently I asked him how to make it. He wouldn't tell me. (GP)
Muste nil neke ckuwiw kis ehta nkisoluhk yet-olu iyik Wahsakom Mountain; natoluhkewanen Nason; nkisihcuyukepon dollar-and-a-half a day 'ci-maciw cehqahk tokkiw piskiyak, naka ntahsomokepon. Just like me, that time I had already worked at Wahsakom Mountain; we were hired to go work for Nason; we got paid a dollar-and-a-half a day, from daybreak to dusk, and we were fed. (LS)
(diminutive) Ckuwiwoss. Quite close to here. Very recently.
Kwewitahatomon, init? Naka yut-olu wikitpon Tuhti naka Gold-dust, ckuwiwoss Mali 'Silihk. Kwewitahatomon nit wikuwam? You remember it, don't you? And this is where Dodi lived and Gold-dust, a little ways this side of Mali Sili's. Do you remember that house? (LB)
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