Entry Definition
they (two) walk toward here
s/he gathers driftwood toward here
s/he is bent over with rear end or buttocks facing this way
they walk toward here
s/he glances over toward here
h/ tracks come toward here
s/he looks toward here
s/he climbs toward here
on the road toward here
(lake, river) it extends or flows toward here
(motion, extension, orientation) toward here, facing toward here; (time) coming
s/he stands facing this way
(ball, rock) s/he, it rolls toward here
toward here; recently
the wind blows toward here (steadily)
the ice is breaking up and floating toward here
s/he walks toward here
(changing residence) s/he is moving here (is presently on way here)
s/he carries load toward here
it comes toward here
here, let me see that (indicates interest in something near or being held by person spoken to); hmm ... let me think; well, now; let me go by
here and there
(when handing something to someone) here!
(cave, tunnel, mine, etc.) it has mouth facing toward there
s/he sends it here