cocepi (cocep-); cepi (cep-)

separately, apart
Verb Stem : -cocepi (-cocep-), -cepi (-cep-)
Changed Verb Stem : cecepi (cecep-), cepi (cep-)

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Cocepankuwehtasu (cepankuwehtasu). It is sold separately.
'Cocepi-punomonol ('cepi-punomonol) wawonol naka pocetesol Mali. Mary put the eggs and potatoes away separately.
Cocepossin (cepossin). S/he sleeps separately.
Cocepikona (cepikona). He was raised separately (from his siblings).
Cocepinu (cepinu). He lives separately (from his wife, family, etc.)
Cocepiye (cepiye). He is separated from his wife.
Notes : (cocepi, the older form, is now usually shortened to cepi)
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